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As we enter the New Year, we look back at 19 of our most popular 2023 blog topics.


This is the stuff that really drew everyone’s attention among our visitors this year.


So, if you missed out on one or two of these articles along the road, here’s your chance to catch up.


Thank you for being so gracious in reading and sharing our 2023 blog topics this year, and we hope to continue to delight and inform with more content in 2024 and beyond.


Top 19 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2023


1: 5x Magnification Mirror vs 10X: Which One is Best?

Are you struggling to determine the appropriate magnification for their makeup mirror? Then this article is for you. Get insights into the various magnification levels, from 2x to 10x and beyond. Learn how to enhance your makeup routine by choosing the right magnification mirror, taking into account personal preferences and practical considerations.


2: UK Beauty Statistics 2023

Are you a beauty enthusiast who is curious about the state of the beauty industry? No need to look further.

Get up to date statistics on makeup, skincare, cosmetic and UK beauty industry.


3: Best Makeup Tips for Red Dresses

Achieve a polished and glamorous look when pairing makeup with a red dress for events like weddings, proms, date nights, or award shows. The article provides 10 makeup tips for complementing a red dress. Red, described as a versatile and attention-grabbing color, is recommended for various occasions. In this guide, you will learn makeup tips focussed on achieving a flawless base, with skin preparation including cleansing, moisturizing, and priming.



4: How to Hang A Dressing Table Mirror

Looking for the ideal spot to hang your mirror over your dressing table? Ideally you want to hang your mirror around 5-6 inches above a dressing table. However, the optimal position for a mirror should take into consideration factors like lighting and conviences.


5: How to Choose The Best Makeup Mirror

Get insights into the best magnification levels based on makeup needs, eyesight, and lighting conditions and key factors to consider when purchasing a makeup mirror, including positioning, lighting, magnification, design, and budget and much more.


6: Walk in Wardrobe Ideas

We curated a list of the best wardrobe ideas from interior décor design expert. They share their best tips for furnishing your walk in wardrobe. From mirror positioning, lighting and space management, you will definitely find a tip or two you can use today.



7: Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Im sure you love Halloween just as much as we do.  This article presents 19 spine-chilling makeup ideas for Halloween that even beginners can master.


Explore creative and iconic options such as Shuri from Black Panther, God is a Woman by Ariana Grande, a mermaid, Morticia Addams, an Ouija board, Instagram, the Unicorn, and a melting skull. We also included detailed instructions to create the Halloween looks.


8: Makeup Glossary and Terminologies

Know your makeup terms. A definitely curation of top makeup terms everyone should know.


9: How to Clean A Mirrors The Right Way


Learning to clean a mirror without streaks might seem like a simple thing. However, if you’ve ever had to scrub a smudge from a piece of glass before, you’ll know how complicated the process can be. Somehow, you need to find a way to apply the right amount of pressure without damaging your mirror or its signature shine.



10: How to Brighten A Room With Mirror

Mirrors are like magic. Even small mirrors have the power to add more light and more space to a dark room in an instant.

The trick to capturing all the natural light from outside and welcoming it into your room, though, is knowing how to use mirrors in the right way.



11:  How Much Does It Cost to Look Beautiful in UK

In the UK, the average woman spends over £100,000 on her appearance in her lifetime. That's a lot of money!  In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the cost of beauty in the UK and what that means for women and society as a whole. Check out this infographic to learn more!


12: Why You Need A Makeup Mirror

Makeup mirrors are specially designed to give you a better quality of light, combined with the perfect angle for putting on your makeup. You can even get magnifying mirrors that help you to see each individual pore perfectly or apply even the most expert strip of winged eyeliner.


13: How to Apply Makeup Flawlessly. A Beginners’ Guide

For many of us, makeup is a form of self-expression and can make us feel confident and beautiful.

However, it can be overwhelming to navigate the world of makeup, especially if you're new to it. From choosing the right products to applying them correctly, there's a lot to consider. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to apply makeup that will leave you feeling confident and looking your best. Whether you're a beginner or a professional makeup artist, this guide will teach you everything you need to know.


14: 32 Furniture Industry Statistics for 2023

Are you curious about the state of the furniture industry in the UK? We have curated and vetted the top furniture statistics you should know.



15: Chest of Drawers Vs Dressing Table: What's The Difference

A chest drawer or dressing table is a must-have. They're both storage units and come in different designs that add beauty to your room.




Read on to learn more about these two pieces of furniture, their differences, and similarities, and how to decide which one is best for your personal needs.


16: Natural vs LED Lighting: What is the Best Lighting for Makeup?

It’s easy to assume that natural light is always the better choice over artificial light when it comes to applying makeup. However, a makeup artist doesn’t always have access to natural sunlight when they’re applying foundation, eyeliner, and other essential products to their models.

Does this mean there’s a place for natural light sources in the makeup routine, or do you simply need to make sure you’re choosing the right kind of LED lights for your dressing room or vanity table?  Discover the different kinds of visible light can influence the appearance of your skin, and help you when you apply makeup.


17: How to Buy A Makeup Mirror: Makeup Mirror Buying Guide

Knowing what to look for when buying a makeup mirror is important. After all, makeup mirrors aren’t the same as your standard wall-mounted mirror or portable mirror. These products are specially designed to help you make the most of your makeup routine.


A lighted makeup mirror, magnifying mirror, or vanity mirror as they’re sometimes called, comes with a host of additional features you wouldn’t typically see on standard mirrors. Most commonly, they’re designed to give you a boost of natural light, as well as improved magnification, so you can see every detail of your face when applying your makeup.


18: Best Dressing Table Mirrors for Your Dressing Room: A Curated Guide

What is the best kind of mirrors for a dressing room, and how do you make sure you’re choosing the right option? When it comes to building the perfect dressing room experience, there are a few things more important than selecting the ideal mirror.

Of course, choosing the ideal mirror is easier said than done. You have endless styles to choose from, including a wall mirror, freestanding mirrors, wall mounted extendable mirrors, arch mirrors, Hailey Black Arch Mirror, portable mirrors, and dressing table mirrors built into your vanity.


19: Makeup Tools: A Must Have Essential Makeup Kit for Makeup Artist

To avoid splurging money on tools and products you don't need and will regret buying, you need to stick to the basics, which is why we've come up with a list of essential makeup tools that you'll need as a professional makeup artist. But before we get to that, let's take a look at some things to keep in mind when shopping for makeup tools.


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