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Figuring out how to apply makeup flawlessly can be a surprisingly tough challenge for anyone. If you’ve ever struggled with achieving the perfect winged eyeliner look or finding a concealer that perfectly matches your skin tone, makeup can be trickier than it seems.

There’s a reason why the average makeup artist spends years honing their craft, after all.

Flawless Makeup Artist Prevent Dark Circles

The good news is that while you may never become the ultimate makeup artist, you can at least perfect your own makeup application process. Whether it’s banishing dark circles from underneath your eyes, or ensuring you get the perfect flawless finish whenever you apply foundation, there are some simple tips you can follow to boost your chances of success.

Today, we’re going to provide a full step-by-step guide on how to apply your makeup like a pro.

Step 1: Prep Your Skin

As any true artist will tell you, a great masterpiece will usually start with the right canvas. While you can’t necessarily eliminate all of the skin problems that might make applying your makeup trickier (like dry skin or oily skin), you can ensure your face is in the best possible condition.

Start by cleansing your skin care with gentle soap and warm water. Ideally, you’ll want a cleanser specially designed for your skin type. If you have oily skin, this might be a cleaning solution specially designed to cut through some excess oil.

If you have a lot of dry skin and dead skin cells, it’s worth exfoliating too, as makeup will often stick to these dry areas, damaging your flawless finish.

After washing your face, pat your skin dry, without scrubbing. Apply moisturizer within about 3 minutes of washing your face to help maintain the moisture.

Step 2: Grab the Primer

Now you have fresh and hydrated skin, it’s time to prime. Primers are excellent for creating an even canvas for your foundation, and they can make it much easier to blend various colours when you’re dealing with foundation and liquid concealer.

Choose a primer based on your skin type, and consider getting something with SPF sun protection built-in. This will ensure you continue to protect your skin wherever you are. Some primers also come with an extra bit of foundation built-in, so it’s worth making sure any tinted options match your skin colour.

If you choose the right primer, you might be able to cover sun spots and dark spots with just a tiny bit of foundation, and your primer on its own.

Step 3: Complete your Eye Makeup

Whenever possible, it’s always best to do your eye makeup application before the rest of your face. This will ensure that if any powder falls down onto your face, you’ll be able to clean it away before you start applying foundation.

If you’re looking for the perfect winged eyeliner look, use adhesive tape at the corner of your eye to line your eyes. This will give you a clean line to follow when you’re creating that signature flick. Just pull the tape off when you’re done to get your finished look.

It’s often helpful to apply eye makeup primer if you’re looking for a particularly dramatic look. This will help to draw attention to the pigment in your eye shadow and ensure you get a finish that lasts for as long as possible.

Don’t forget your brows when you’re working on your eye makeup too. Ideally, you shouldn’t have to do too much work to get these looking great. Use a spool to brush out the hair, and consider adding just a little bit of powder for a bolder look.

For your eyelashes, coat them with primer before you apply your mascara for a bolder look. Use a separate spool to the one you used on your eyebrows to separate the lashes and consider grabbing some eyelash curlers for your finished look.

Step 4: Apply Foundation and Concealer

Now it’s time to start applying the foundation. Foundation and concealer are some of the most complicated items in your makeup toolkit. A lot of people have trouble finding a colour of foundation that perfectly matches their complexion.

There are various makeup counters and stores that will be able to help you with this process, or you can consider taking quizzes online to determine the right colour for you. Ideally, you want a natural foundation designed for the kind of skin you have.

Remember, there are different foundation options available depending on whether you have oily skin, dry skin, or normal skin. You can apply foundation either with a makeup sponge, or a foundation brush.

There’s no real one-size-fits-all here, it all depends on your preference. When using a liquid foundation for heavier coverage, it’s worth using a slightly damp sponge to help ensure flawless coverage.

Make sure your foundation is blended perfectly into your skin before you start applying concealer. Remember, just the smallest amount of concealer is necessary in most cases. A liquid concealer will also be much easier to blend than a stick concealer for most people. Here’s a video to help you with the concealer application.

Step 5: Working on your Contours

Contouring can be an excellent way to enhance your makeup look, and draw attention to your face shape. However, it’s also something you can easily overdo. The right contouring strategy requires the right blend of blush, highlighter, and bronzer, as well as the correct tools to apply each.

Start by using a light brush to apply a little powder blush to the apples of your cheeks. You can also add a touch to the tip of your nose and your forehead if you want to go for a youthful complexion.

While it is possible to apply lipstick as a blush, it’s usually much harder to get a subtle look this way.

After you’ve applied your brush, use your bronzer, or a dark powder a couple of shades darker than your skin for contouring. The contour should follow the natural curves of your face, underneath your cheekbones, in your temples, and around your chin. You can also contour your nose if you like, and the area around the centre of your forehead.

Blend everything together to ensure you look as natural as possible before applying your highlighter. If you’re using a powder highlighter, you’ll need a fan brush to get the perfect amount of glow. Alternatively, you can dab on the smallest amount of liquid highlighter. Don’t be too heavy-handed, as you can end up looking oily.

Step 6: Transform your lips

Some people prefer to choose dramatic eyes or dramatic lips, while others prefer a full face of flawless makeup. Your ideal option will depend entirely on you. If you want to enhance your lips, start by using a lip scrub. You can apply this as part of your skincare routine to get rid of any dryness, so your lipstick goes on perfectly.

Next, use a lip liner, or a small brush and your preferred choice of lipstick to define your cupid’s bow. The best way to do this is to draw an X on your cupid’s bow, then line your lips just slightly outside of your natural lip line. This will give you a flawless look which makes your lips look bigger than they naturally are.

Follow your lip lining with your choice of lip colour. You’ll be able to set your lipstick by simply blotting it with a small amount of tissue paper. After blotting, re-apply your lipstick and blot again. Afterwards, use your makeup tools to apply a small amount of translucent loose powder to the look.

You obviously won’t need to set your lipstick if you’re using lip-gloss.

Step 7: Set your Makeup

Finally, double-check your entire flawless makeup look to ensure your skin tone looks natural, and all of your dark circles and flaws are gone. If you notice an issue, don’t immediately rush to apply concealer. You may be able to address the problem with some blending.

Remember, if you have particularly fair skin, it’s important to go light when you’re applying makeup, as it’s difficult to find a foundation and concealer that won’t look cakey when you apply too much. Once you gently blend away any excess issues from your makeup look, the last step is to set everything in place.

You can use a loose translucent powder to soak up any excess oil from your skin and finish off your appearance. It’s also worth using a makeup setting spray if you have one handy. Just spritz your face in a T motion, then an X motion to get the best results.

Quick Makeup Tips for your Flawless Look

The steps above should give you all the guidance you need to apply flawless makeup in no time, but there are some additional steps you can use to boost your chances of success. For instance:

·         Watch videos: Check out makeup tutorial videos online for more guidance on how to achieve specific looks. You can find a great makeup tutorial for everything these days, whether it’s applying concealer, or getting the right contour.

·         Get the lighting right: Make sure you’re using a well-lit mirror to give you plenty of natural light when you’re conducting your skin care routine and applying your make up. This will ensure you can see your skin tone clearly.

·         Clean your makeup tools: Make sure you clean your makeup brush, sponges, and other products regularly, as this will help you to avoid breakouts.

·         Get rid of old makeup: As hard as it can be to throw an old makeup product away, remember that makeup does have a best-before date. It’s worth updating your makeup bag regularly to protect your skin.

·         Always wash off your makeup: After you’ve applied your flawless makeup, remember to wash it off at the end of each night. Scrub your face with a cleanser, and make sure to get your cheeks, t-zone, and all around your eyes. This will protect your skin, and prevent you from waking up with lipstick and blush on your pillow.

Remember, practice makes perfect, so go and start experimenting with your new flawless makeup look, and keep working at it! You’ll be a pro in no time.

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