Full Length Mirrors


A full length mirror can add sensational style and substance to any room of your home. Practical and beautiful at the same time, free-standing full-body mirrors ensure you can check your outfit before a night on the town or create a sense of openness and depth in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, or dining room.

As one of the most functional and beautiful pieces of furniture you can have in your home, a unique full body floor mirror is something you'll cherish for years to come.
Perfect for the hallways, bedroom, or garden, there is never a lack of a place to put your full body standing mirror. On Hollywood Mirror website, you'll find a range of full-length mirror options with different sizes to suit your rooms.
You can choose from free standing mirrors, wall mounted mirror, overall door full length body mirror with light, and much more.

Want your freestanding mirror in a certain color? Then select from an array of colors, such as white or black full length wall-mounted mirrors, or request a custom color of your choice.


Where to Buy Full-Length Decorative Mirrors in UK

Looking for where to buy full length mirrors in the UK? Look no further than Hollywood Mirrors.

Our full length mirrors are some of the most popular products we offer, ideal for optimizing your space and lighting, making any room look bigger, grander, and more elegant.

Wherever our stunning full-length mirrors might appear in your home, either on the wall, hallway, bedroom, or salon wall, we're sure they'll become a significant talking point for your visitors and improve the aesthetic of your home.

Like every mirror we create, our range of mirrors with lights is carefully designed to deliver the best quality available. We only use the top materials to ensure you have a piece of beautiful mirror to last a lifetime at the best price possible.

With new clearance offers and designs to explore all the time, make sure you check back regularly to see the latest offers and prices available.

Shop your full length stylish mirror today. Best of all, you get a discount off your first order.
Explore some of the popular full length mirror such as the Mariah Full length Mirror Charlize Full length mirror and get a free UK delivery service and customer service happiness guaranteed.

Full Length Mirrors Frequently Asked Questions


1: What are full length mirrors called?

A full length mirror is also called a floor length mirror. These can come in different shapes and sizes and are generally good for the bedroom and bathroom.
2: How long should a full-length mirror be?
A full length mirror should generally be around A full length mirror runs anywhere from 36 to 48 inches.
3: How do you choose a good quality mirror?
The first consideration when choosing a mirror is the purpose of the mirror. Size and shape are important considerations if it is for personal use. Factors such as durability and reflectivity become more critical if it is for a commercial setting.
4: Where should a full-length mirror be placed in a house?

Most people place a full-length mirror in their bedroom, so they can see how they look from head to toe before getting dressed. However, some people prefer to have a mirror in their living room or hallway to check out their outfits before leaving the house.

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