Travel Mirrors With Lights


Travel makeup mirrors with lights

Compact and portable makeup mirrors that can be easily moved around are fastly becoming an essential item to have in every lady's handbag. And with so many options flooding the market, it can be difficult to find the best one that offers quality and still suits your needs. 

On that note, our Travel Mirror category will be appreciated most by makeup enthusiasts who understand the importance of having a good mirror especially when they're the type that travels a lot and often struggle with finding one in an instant wherever they go.


If this is you, Hollywood Mirrors introduces its travel mirror with light which is lightweight and compact and the ideal mirror for travelling. With it, you never have to stress about another bad hair day again or poorly applied makeup. This is the luxurious travel mirror you’ve been dreaming of.

To help ease your search and further point you in the right direction of setting the standard of what you should buy, we have made a list of some worthy buying options to pick from our site:

The  Large Tri Fold Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror is a supersized tri-fold lighted mirror that provides perfect cool white daylight setting for getting ready in any room. 

The Tri Fold features 40 powerful led bulbs that light up the wide main mirror and its side panel doors, a Touch switch with dimmer function so that you can adjust it to your ideal brightness, Full 360-degree rotation for the best placement, detachable base, foldable diamond pattern doors, and is cordless.

Pink Compact Mirror with Light is a mirror that does what you need it to do. 

It comes with a Powerful cool white light that illuminates it's edges to assist with your makeup application, a touch sensor switch for dimmable lighting, USB charger lead so that you can use your phone plug to recharge as the power supply, and can stand on its own at a good angle on a dressing table.

The  Olsen Hollywood Mirrors with Lights 50 x 39cm is the most affordable product on our site. It is beloved by makeup gurus and influencers worldwide and guaranteed to give you the star quality you've been looking for in a mirror.

For features, the stunning Olsen Hollywood Mirror fills your dressing room or bedroom with natural and warm light to help you dress up in style and has a set of 12  LED bulbs with a 4,000k colour temperature or daylight 6,000k temperature that allows you to detect the atmosphere you want to be in. 

Pre Order Rose Gold Makeup Mirror is our popular compact mirror that lets you look your best while travelling.

The Rose Gold has a touch sensor switch for dimmable lighting, a USB charger lead so that you can use your phone plug as a power supply to recharge, and a base that can stand on its own at a good angle on the dressing table.

Grab this hot travel mirror today while still on sale!

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