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Red is a bold and bright yet basic color. It pairs beautifully with other colors and is equally magnificent on its own, a major reason why it's a must-have in every woman's wardrobe.


As a lady, you can rock a red dress for any occasion and be sure to have all eyes on you. But how well you pair your red dress with your makeup and accessories will determine whether you're attracting the right or wrong kind of attention.


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Naturally, since the color red is eye-catching, you want to keep your makeup simple and accessories minimal to avoid looking too dressed up, but you also don't want to look shabbily dressed either.

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There's a thin line between looking like a clown on Halloween night and looking like Bella Hadid on the runway. My guess is, you're aiming for the latter. Not to worry, we're here to help you achieve just that.


In this article, we'll be sharing 10 easy and perfect makeup tips to create the right face glam to match your red dress for that wedding, prom, date night, or award show. Let's dive right in!




How To Do Makeup For Red Dress


You can hardly go wrong with rocking a bold red dress on any day. And by dress, this could either be a pant or skirt suit, bodice or flowy gown, jumpsuit and blouse. More interesting is the fact that there are so many shades of red. There's Scarlett, rose red, cherry, and maroon. Whichever shade of red you decide to wear, I'm sure you'd look stunning once you've implemented these makeup tips I'm about to share with you.  



1 . Face Makeup


The secret to great makeup starts with a flawless base. Especially when you're rocking a bold color like red, your face needs to be perfect.  Not to worry, even if you're not a supermodel and you don't have great skin like me, you can still achieve perfect face makeup. All you need is-


  • Skin Prep: First you want to prep your skin properly. Skin prep consists of your regular skincare routine, but for the sake of simplicity, you only need to do these three things- cleanse, moisturize, and prime. Cleansing your face with micellar water or makeup wipes will ensure that your face is dirt free. A lot of people skip this step and end up wondering why they get acne breakouts every time they put on makeup. Well, this is why. In addition to cleansing your face, make sure your hands, brushes, and beauty sponges are clean too. Next on skin prep is to apply moisturizer all over your face. Be sure to use a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type (dry, oily, or combination), and lastly apply your preferred primer. Having done these, you can now proceed to the second part of your face makeup.


  • Concealers and Foundation:This is where the magic happens. Now you must make sure that you have the right shade of foundation and concealer that will match your skin tone and undertone else, you could end up looking too orangey or too pale. I'm guessing you don't want either of that. Before you apply foundation on your face, if you have blemishes or dark spots, use concealer to cover them up. Go ahead and apply your foundation with a flat brush or sponge. Highlight your under eyes with concealer about two shades lighter and set your whole face with translucent powder. This will prevent your makeup from creasing or caking throughout the day.


  • Setting spray: Your face makeup won't be complete without a setting mist or spray. This helps to bind your makeup together and keep it in place all day while giving you this dewy and flawless look. If you have dry skin, you can go for a hydrating facial spray, and an oil control sprays for oily skin.



2 . Blush


I personally love blush and tend to apply a lot when doing my makeup but I make an exception when I'm wearing bright-colored dresses like red and I advise you do the same too. You can swap your blush for a bronzer that's two shades darker than your skin tone instead to add warmth to your face. But if you want to apply blush stick to coral peach, and orange blushes. When applying,  gently dust it on your cheeks in a circular motion, and upwards towards the side of your forehead for a more natural look.


While red exudes sexiness and elegance, you want to maintain and amplify the look with cool blush colors and avoid purple, red, and pink blushes when wearing a red dress as they do give off naughty rather than classy vibes.


The best blush shades for a red dress would be:peach, orange, and brown



3 . Eye Makeup Tips


For a red dress, you don't need heavy eye makeup. The best eye look would be a nude eyeshadow with brown or black winged liner, thick mascara, and or some false lashes. Remember, we're going to be classy, not trashy, and keeping your eye makeup simple is the best way to achieve that. Here are some eye makeup suggestions you can wear with your red dress for different events.


  • Nude eyeshadow with black winged liner: this look is great for prom, a simple dinner date, or an office party. It's also very simple. You can opt for a nude eyeshadow like brown, or even use just powder on your eyelids. Draw a nice winged liner and coat your lashes with mascara to finish up.


  • Soft smokey eyes: deep brown, black, or any dark matte eyeshadow color can be used on the eyelids. Make sure to pack the colors lightly and don't forget to smoke out the under eyes too. Finish up with a pair of falsies. To make your eyes pop, use a white or light-colored pencil for the lower waterline.


  • Shimmers and sparkles:pairing shimmers or sparkling pigments on the eyelids can be a bit tricky to pull off with a red dress. All you have to do is stick with warm shades like bronze, gold, silver, and burgundy. Use a dark-colored pencil on your upper and lower lash lines, coat it with mascara, and add a pair of falsies to seal the look.



4 . Lipstick


When choosing lipstick for a red dress, there are mainly two options, you can either keep it simple like the rest of your makeup and go with nude lips or go bold with red lipstick. There are different shades of nude lippies, so choose one that compliments your skin tone and if you're feeling girly, you can top it off with a layer of clear gloss, to give you the plump and perfect pout. But if you feel confident and sexy, the red lipstick of the same shade of red as your dress would be the icing on the cake.


Lipsticks that compliment red dress:matching red, dark nude, peach, burgundy, burnt orange, persimmon, and beige.


Makeup Ideas For Red Dress From Celebrities


Now that you've learned how to combine colors to achieve the perfect look for your red dress, it's time to draw inspiration from some of your favorite celebrities.






The Fenty Beauty CEO is both a fashion and beauty icon, and you can tell by the way she effortlessly slays this evening gown. Riri's eyes are super simple. She opts for a soft brown eyeshadow with a thin layer of mascara, she also used bronzer in place of blush, giving her this golden/tanned glow, and finally, she sealed this look with a matching red lippy. This look is great for dinner parties, and date nights.


Nicki Minaj




Nicki is giving us corporate, confident, and sexy vibes with this look. Her dress has cutouts by the sides, showing off just the right amount of skin, and her makeup compliments the outfit. She went for a nude eye look with bold, black-winged liners. She also went heavy on the bronzer instead of blush on her cheeks bones, and forehead giving her that sculpted look and finished it up with peachy lips.



Priyanka Chopra



Stepping out in a pantsuit Priyanka is serving bossy and confident looks. Her makeup is very minimal, with simple winged liner, peachy cheeks for blush, and dark nude lipstick. If you're going to an office party, award night, or a presentation, you can try this look.



Tiffany Haddish


Tiffany rocked this outfit for the Creators of Colour photoshoot and she's giving, bridesmaid, beachfront vibes. I love how she keeps her eyes and lips nude, except for the shirt pair of false lashes. If your looking for prom or bridesmaids' makeup ideas, take a cue from Tiffany.



Jennifer Lopez



Looking for dress inspiration for date night with the girls, feel free to sample this. If there's one person who knows how to style bold dresses it's Jay Lo. She's serving a hot and chic look with the cute red gown and she paired it with flawless smokey eyes, light orange blush, and orange lipstick to match the shade of her dress.




Queen B is serving us mermaid, and goddess looks with this bejeweled wine-red gown. She went for shimmery gold eyeshadow for her top eyelids and a soft brown to smoke out the under eyes. She then finishes the look with a soft bronzer for blush and nude lips.



There you have it, hope you found these makeup tips for red dresses helpful. Which of these looks will you be trying soon? Let us know in the comments.

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