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  • Transform your boudoir, bathroom or salon with a touch of Hollywood glamour. Our stunning LED makeup mirrors provide the perfect lighting effect for applying your hair and makeup. Enhance your interiors with the spectacular aesthetic of an illuminated mirror and give your dressing area a contemporary makeover.


    Our exceptional dressing table mirrors are the ultimate beauty accessory for any budding fashionista. Exclusively designed to add luxurious sophistication to your vanity area, our light up mirrors

    Our superb illuminated bathroom mirrors boast an ultra-thin profile to fuse modern aesthetics with functionality. No connection to an electricity supply is required, making our LED bathroom mirrors a stylish accessory for your home. Whether you need to shave, pluck your brows or groom your hair, the enhanced lighting allows you to do so with ease. Our LED bathroom mirrors are splash proof while smaller designs are heated to stay clear even after showering. With a range of sizes to suit your bathroom space, you’ll discover the perfect solution for your needs.


    We produce the original, highest-quality vanity mirror with lights in the UK. We’re also the number one supplier for professional makeup artists, salons, celebrities and homes alike.

    We believe that its more than just a make-up mirror with lights around it. It’s about making a style statement; creating a certain look and feel, as well as offering unbeatable customer service in the process.

    Whether you’re looking for black or white gloss, freestanding or wall-mounted, all of our professional makeup mirrors include LED bulbs, which last up to 5 years. They’re also dimmable so you’re guaranteed the perfect setting for creating your signature style.

    Our passion for providing the ultimate beauty accessory alongside exceptional customer service is what makes us the No1 retailer for illuminated mirrors in the UK. We offer a no-quibble 1 year guarantee on all our products, so you can be assured you’re receiving premium quality time after time.

    Now we have just added a fantastic new range of dressing tables to compliment your bedroom mirror.

    • What are the benefits of purchasing a Hollywood mirror?

      Buying an exquisite Hollywood mirror is a practical and chic purchase that enhances your interiors

      • Create your favourite makeup look with ease. Our Hollywood mirrors boast cool white lightbulbs to create optimal lighting for you to get ready in. Pluck your eyebrows or apply makeup in the best light possible.
      • Hollywood mirrors are extremely versatile – place them on your vanity desk in their matching stand for the ultimate movie star glamour or fix them to the wall to take the best selfies.
      • Use the dimmer switch to create glamourous looks, from bronzed beauty to English rose.
      • Transform your vanity area with the elegance of an illuminated makeup mirror. Boasting sleek aesthetics, the design is certain to add a hint of LA luxe to your home.
      • Follow in the footsteps of your favourite beauty guru by using one of our extraordinary magnifying mirrors. Applying makeup has never been easier, thanks to the close-up reflection you receive. Tweeze your eyebrows and complete your grooming routine the smart way!
      • Save money on your electricity bills with energy efficient LED lighting – the smart way to illuminate your dressing area.
      • Our Hollywood mirrors come in a range of sizes, which can be hung vertically or horizontally depending on the design. Perfect for both small or large spaces, you’re able to showcase your mirror however you desire.
      • Premium craftsmanship makes our Hollywood mirrors high quality. We even offer a lifetime guarantee so you can be confident of your purchase.
      • All vanity bulbs have a life expectancy of 5 years, and with a 2 year guarantee, we will replace them free of charge.
      • All our Hollywood mirrors meet UK health and safety standards to give you the assurance you need that you’re making a safe and reliable purchase.
    • What size of Hollywood Mirror should I buy?

      We are proud to offer a range of sizes so you’ll be able to find a suitable Hollywood mirror design to adorn in your home.

      When buying your Hollywood makeup mirror with lights, we recommend measuring the area you intend to place your new beauty accessory. This may be your vanity table itself or the wall where you are going to fix your mirror.

      For small areas, we suggest purchasing a smaller size of mirror, such as the Meryl Hollywood Mirror Wall Mounted 60 x 60cm.

      However, this product is wall mounted only. If you’re searching for a mirror that can be placed on your dressing table, we suggest purchasing the 80x60cm size of mirror. This size is perfect for placing on a small dressing table or chest of drawers and has the versatile option to also be hung on the wall.

      Alternatively, The Halle Round Freestanding Hollywood Mirror is a great option for those who are searching for opulent vanity girl Hollywood lighting in freestanding mode.

      For larger spaces, you have the luxury of choosing from larger mirrors that can be fixed to your wall or placed on a beauty unit. Our Scarlett Large Hollywood Mirror With Lights Around It is 70x100cm and offers a wide beauty accessory with 13 lightbulbs on it. However, if you desire a long mirror with lights that can be fixed to a wall, our 80x110cm size of mirror is ideal for enhancing the aesthetics of your spacious area.

    • How do I install my Hollywood mirror?

      Luckily, the Hollywood lighted makeup mirror installation process is super easy. If your new Hollywood light mirror is freestanding or you want to adorn it on your makeup table, simply place your mirror in the matching stand that comes with your purchase and you’re good to go!

      However, if you prefer to hang your new mirror on the wall, then you will need to ensure its fixed properly.

      First, you need to decide whether you wish to hang your mirror portrait or landscape style (some of our Hollywood mirrors can only be fixed in one style, so please check beforehand).

      We recommend placing your mirror landscape style in large spaces and portrait style in smaller areas. A screw attachment is ideal so your Hollywood mirror is securely attached to the wall. In this case, use a spirit level to ensure your mirror is going to be hung correctly.

      Next, lightly mark on the wall the top corners of the mirror with a pencil. Halfway between these two points, make a light mark on the wall (it’s best to measure this precisely).

      On the back of the mirror, pull the cord in the centre so its taut and measure the distance from the top of the frame to the cord. Place this measurement on the wall by working down from the central measurement. This is where you’ll place your hook to hang your lighted mirror.

      Drill a hole into the wall and push the wall plug into it. Screw this into place, leaving a few millimetres at the end so the cord of the mirror can be placed over the hook.

      Alternatively, if you’re working with a hollow wall, you’ll need to use a carpenter’s awl in the wall to determine if the section is hollow or contains a timber stud. If you have a timber stud, you can insert the screw directly into the space and hang your picture. If its hollow, you’ll need to insert a spiral plug. Place a screw into the plug and make sure you have a tight fit.

      Hang your mirror. Finally, double check your beauty mirror is level by using a spirit level. All our mirrors come with a 3 pin plug but if you prefer to hard wire the mirror into the mains, then you will need to contact an electrician.

    • What lights do Hollywood LED mirrors use?

      Our Hollywood mirrors use golf ball LED bulbs to illuminate your vanity area and enhance your makeup application. Incandescent bulbs can be used but they’re not recommended as they can get hot and burn you.

      Our cool white led bulbs are safe to touch and are eco-friendly. Yes! Our energy efficient lights will save you money on your electricity bills so you can help the environment and save money at the same time. Furthermore, our bulbs have a life expectancy of 5 years, as well as a 2 year money back guarantee so we’ll replace them free of charge.

  • Please find below our most popular questions and answers. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please contact us at

    Can you use regular bulbs in the mirrors?

    We highly recommend using LED bulbs as regular bulbs get very hot and are not safe to touch. Furthermore, you’ll also conserve energy and save money with LED bulbs.

    Are the bulbs white LED or yellow?

    All our Hollywood mirrors boast cool white bulbs. However, we are able to offer warm versions. Please contact for further information.

    How do the bulbs fit the mirror?

    The bulbs are attached via screws.

    Where can I buy spare bulbs for my mirror?

    We offer both cool white LED and warm white bulbs for a price of £35 for 10. Please contact us on 01422 375940 for further information.

    What are the exact dimensions of your Hollywood mirrors?

    We offer a variety of sizes. Please view each individual Hollywood mirror description for the exact sizing of each product.

    Is a Hollywood mirror dimmable?

    Yes, our Hollywood mirrors offer a dimmer switch which can be found on the side of the mirror.

    Do your Hollywood mirrors have a plug?

    All our Hollywood mirrors have a 3 pin plug. Alternatively, you can hard wire your mirror to your mains, however, you will need to contact an electrician to do so.

    Do I need to wall mount my mirror?

    Please check the description of the cosmetic mirror beforehand. Some of our products are wall mounted only and cannot be placed on a vanity table. However, many of our Hollywood mirrors are extremely versatile and can be used on a dressing table, placed in their matching stand, or fixed to a wall.

    What material is used for the glossy framed mirrors?

    he frames are constructed from wood and finished with a premium glossy lacquer.

    When will I receive my order?

    Some of our products are currently pre-order only. Please check the product description beforehand. If your item is in stock, you’ll receive your order the very next day if you order before 2pm. If your order consists of the 80x100cm frameless mirror, then your product will be delivered within one week by a courier who specialises in handling heavy, delicate goods. We will contact you to arrange a suitable delivery time.

    How much is delivery?

    We offer free delivery on all our Hollywood mirrors to UK mainland. You can also choose from Saturday and Sunday deliveries. Please leave your contact number at checkout so our courier can text you with a precise delivery time.

    Do you ship internationally?

    Unfortunately, at this time we only ship Hollywood Mirrors with lights to the UK and Ireland.

    How can I contact you?

    If you have a query, please contact us via Live Chat, email, or phone us at 01422 375940. We are open from 9am until 5pm Monday to Friday.


    How does your light up makeup mirror compare to a Hollywood Mirror B&M?
    This is a cheap Hollywood style mirror imitation with poorer materials less powerful lighting and it is battery powered with recessed LED bulbs it does not compare to the quality and finish of our original Hollywood vanity mirror with lights. The B&M Hollywood mirror is not suitable as a makeup light it is not powerful enough.

    How does your product compare to the Hollywood mirror Amazon?

    These are poor imitation vanity mirror with lights around it and battery powered made from plastic. The power of the bulbs does not compare to our mirrors.

    I have seen a light bulb mirror Ikea what is the difference?

    These are just strips of bulbs on their own that are wall mounted they are not a wall mirror with lights.

    How to make a Hollywood mirror?

    This can be very complex in dealing with the electrics you need to be a qualified electrician plus you need to be a skilled carpenter. There are many videos on YouTube of people achieving this they are a good effort but they do not compare to our sleek finish professional makeup mirrors with lights, they look DIY and homemade.

    Our mirror s are very much worth the price when you compare the quality of materials, handmade craftsmanship by our professional factory that specialises in making these mirrors every day all day.

    Do you make a Hollywood Mirror dressing table with lights around it?

    Yes we have several contemporary dressing tables available to purchase in our store in a range of sizes and colours. We do not yet have a makeup table with a LED vanity mirror built in to it but this could be something we bring out in the future. They are sold as seperates in our store but are pictured together to give you a good feel for the look you can achieve for your vanity area.

    Is your company related to Impressions Vanity?

    Impressions vanity are based in the USA and are no company relationship to us they just provide there beauty mirrors with lights in America.

    Do you sell your Hollywood mirrors eBay?

    Yes we have a store on there also where we showcase our makeup mirrors with lights UK EBay only.

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