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Wondering why you need a makeup mirror to finish off your perfect beauty routine?


The answer is simple enough. You deserve to look your best, and it’s hard to do that if you don’t have the right tools at hand. While a standard pocket mirror or the mirror at the end of your hallway might be fine for checking your hair or viewing your outfit, it’s not the same as a true makeup mirror.

Makeup mirrors are specially designed to give you a better quality of light, combined with the perfect angle for putting on your makeup. You can even get magnifying mirrors that help you to see each individual pore perfectly or apply even the most expert strip of winged eyeliner.

If you’ve been looking at lighted makeup mirrors or thinking about getting a vanity mirror of your own for some time, you’re in the right place. Let’s look at why now might be the time for you to invest in your own makeup mirror.


What is a Makeup Mirror? Defining Makeup Mirrors

Before you can fully appreciate why makeup mirrors are so essential to your beauty routine, you need to first understand what these products actually are. As mentioned above, makeup mirrors are a special kind of lighted vanity mirror, designed specifically for applying mirrors.

A makeup mirror isn’t the same as a basic compact or handheld mirror. Although you can get compact makeup mirrors, they usually require extra features like LED lights or a magnifying mirror lens to make them applicable for the true “makeup mirror title”.

The whole purpose of a makeup mirror is to build on the standard capabilities of your vanity mirror for bedroom, with extra features to help with applying makeup. A lighted mirror, for instance, ensures you can still see whether your foundation is blended perfectly with your skin tone, even if you don’t have access to a lot of natural sunlight.

Makeup mirrors can also be useful for very fiddly and complex tasks, like applying strip eyelashes, or using liquid eyeline to achieve a specific effect.

A makeup mirror can either be an LED makeup mirror, or a light-up magnifying mirror. Think of it as any mirror with extra tools intended to enhance your makeup application.


The Benefits of Using a Lighted Makeup Mirror

Now you know what a makeup mirror actually is, let’s look at the benefits of using a lighted mirror or magnifying mirrors for applying your makeup.

Some of the main reasons why you need a makeup mirror to include:

1.       Better lighting

Lighting makes all the difference when you’re applying makeup. Having a vanity mirror with LED lights means you don’t have to compromise on a perfect makeup look just because you don’t have a lot of sunlight.

The standard fluorescent lights in most homes aren’t the best at giving you the kind of brightness you need to see how your makeup is going to look in any environment. However, a lighted makeup mirror uses natural lighting to mimic the sunlight, so you’re more likely to get a true representation of what other people are going to see when you venture outside.

When you apply makeup with a makeup mirror, you get the perfect lighting to ensure everything looks pristine before you finish off your look. As any makeup artist will tell you, proper lighting is always going to be the key to a flawless makeup application.

Many makeup mirrors such as this compact white travel mirror with light also have a range of light settings, so you can adjust the brightness of the LED bulbs to match your specific needs.

2.       A more detailed view

Most makeup mirrors have a range of features to help you get the most out of your makeup routine. Aside from the perfect LED lighting to mimic natural light, you’ll also get things like magnification in your mirror glass, so you can see more detail, without having to lean close to the mirror.

A magnifying makeup mirror ensures you can see every detail when you’re applying foundation or brushing on that tricky liquid eyeliner. With a magnifying mirror, you can also tackle a number of other activities associated with beautification, like plucking the tiny hairs growing out of direction on your eyebrows.

As you apply your makeup, your makeup mirror will give you the better lighting and focus you need to see all the details of your beauty routine. You also don’t have to worry about fogging up your mirror with your breath like you would with a regular mirror.

3.       Better makeup application skills

Practice makes perfect, and a makeup mirror can help you to see the errors you make when you’re applying mascara, adding touch-ups to your eyeliner and more. This can make it easier to improve your makeup application techniques over time.

The more practice you get putting your eyeliner on with 5x magnification, the more confident you’ll become with your hand and your brush, whether you’re wearing your glasses or not. The practice you get when in front of your makeup mirror will even give you more confidence when you’re handling your makeup in the bathroom when you’re out on the town.

You’ll learn how to perceive uneven shadows and lighting when applying contours and working with different kinds of makeup. Ultimately, a lighted makeup mirror helps you to apply makeup more like a professional, with less risk of cakey or unnatural looking makeup.

4.       Improved eye health

While the most common reason for any beauty writer or makeup professional to advise using makeup mirrors is to improve your makeup application, there are other benefits too. Having a magnifying lens on your mirror, and the right lighting also means you don’t have to work as hard to see everything.

Good lighting makes it easier to see every detail of your makeup without strain, so you’re not placing as much stress on your vision. You don’t have to worry as much about eye strain because you’re applying your makeup in a room when it’s not bright enough.

Human eyes tend to work harder than usual when dealing with poor lighting, and a lot of women find themselves struggling with headaches and eye pain if they don’t have the right mirrors at home. Seeing everything you do to your face and hair clearly will mean you can achieve the perfect look faster, and enjoy a better quality of life, with less eye pain.

5.       Better skincare

A great makeup mirror can assist with all parts of your makeup routine, not just applying lipstick and eye shadow. Once you have your magnifying mirror on your desk or vanity, you’ll also be able to use it to remove your flawless makeup at the end of the night.

Properly removing your makeup at the end of each day is an important part of looking after your skin, and making sure you don’t end up with dryness, acne, and other common problems. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to spot all of the various bits of leftover makeup on your face using a handheld mirror.

Even if your eyes are feeling a little bleary after a long day, you can sit down with your lighted makeup mirror and get a clear view of everything you need to remove before you go to bed. This helps to keep your skin in good condition and ensures you can take everything off before you leave the bathroom. This means less makeup left on your pillow. Don't forget to follow our makeup removal tips to ensure you remove every little bit of makeup.

6.       Support for all kinds of tasks

As mentioned above, a great lighted makeup mirror magnifying mirror isn’t just a good tool for applying your makeup. Your vanity mirror can also help with a range of other common tasks too. Many people will use their makeup travel mirrors to check the condition of their makeup before big meetings or important dates.

You can also use your makeup mirrors if your wear contacts, as they can make it easier to see your eye properly when you’re trying to apply or remove your eyesight accessories. The extra light can even help you to protect your eye and ensure you don’t end up hurting yourself in the process.

A magnifying mirror is great for various kinds of beauty tasks too, like removing excess hair from your face with threading, waxing, or tweezing. You can even illuminate your face when you’re applying your own tints to your eyebrows or eyelashes.

7.       They look good

You deserve to have the bedroom of your dreams just as much as you deserve to have a convenient makeup routine. A makeup mirror can be a great way to transform your space while ensuring you have all the angles you need to get ready in style each morning.

Adding a beauty mirror to your vanity gives you an extra source of light when you need it. You can even use the lights from your makeup mirror for reading before you go to sleep at night. Most of the light up makeup mirrors on the market today use bright LED bulbs that are good for the environment.

At the same time, your makeup mirror is a fantastic way to show off your sense of style without spending a lot of money. You can find mirrors on the market today to suit virtually any need, whether you’re looking for a magnification mirror that can sit on your desk, or a mirror to mount on your wall if you don’t have enough room on your vanity.

Why not make yourself look like an interior design guru the next time you’re snapping a picture for your social media page, or inviting friends over?

Make Sure You Choose the Right Makeup Mirror

It’s fair to say almost anyone with a love of makeup can benefit from buying their own magnifying mirrors for their routine. However, there are a number of different options out there. When choosing your own mirror, remember to consider:

·         The type of mirror:Do you want a magnifying mirror you can mount on your desk or a handheld mirror? There are also travel mirrors or large reflective surfaces designed to be placed on the wall above your vanity, it’s all up to you.

·         Magnification: What level of magnification do you need your mirror to have? A stronger magnification is often a good idea if you apply a lot of detailed makeup. Check all of your magnifying options before committing to a purchase.

·         Lighting: A good makeup mirror should come with natural white light to help you get the best possible view of your beauty routine. However, some options do include different light settings you can adjust to improve your focus.

·         Design: The design of your magnifying makeup mirror is how you showcase your style. Think about the solution most likely to suit your beauty routine and your space. If you have less space, you might need to go for something smaller. You can also consider a wide range of different shapes and sizes.

·         Quality: Always choose a high-quality mirror from a company you can trust. Hollywood Mirrors is committed to only selling the highest quality mirrors, with exceptional magnification glass and long-lasting bulbs

Ready for your Closeup?

A magnification mirror or lighted makeup mirror can be one of the most valuable products you buy for your beauty routine. Capable of helping you to see more when you’re applying even the toughest makeup, your mirror will become your new best friend for your beauty routine.

Check out the latest range of makeup mirrors from Hollywood mirrors today to find your perfect option, or reach out to our team for guidance.





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