Magnifying Mirrors


Magnifying Mirrors are easily becoming an essential part of any beauty routine because they reveal the best version of yourself, as your makeup will look up close and flawless. Another reason why they are sought after by fashionistas is that they similarly come in handy for other beauty activities like close shaving, applying eyeliner, or false eyelashes. 


At Hollywood Mirrors, all our magnified lighted mirror is designed to give you the best possible enlarged image of your face and assist you with accuracy and speed when you need to apply and remove makeup. Our magnifying mirrors come in different sizes such as large magnifying mirrors and also different shapes.


Magnifying Mirror with Lights 

With mirrors like ours, while tending to your face whether with a shaving stick or a makeup brush, you can carefully pay attention to your eyes, mouth, eyebrows, and other parts. As a makeup mirror, they aid in proper and precise application, and for a close shave, you can see what you are doing which means you won't nick yourself with a blade.


So, if you are looking to buy a magnifying handheld mirror that lets you zoom in on your beautiful face to flawlessly apply makeup or your other face care activities,  then might we suggest one of our magnifying mirrors? 


Why not view our exclusive design of a light up magnifying mirror which we've laid out for you below:


Magnifying Makeup Mirrors

Our  Illuminated Round Cosmetic Mirror which comes with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery and USB rechargeable lead, is your go-to beauty companion. This cosmetic mirror just like the John Lewis any day clear round acrylic mirror has its sole focus on you as it illuminates your face to eliminate all shadows, complimenting your looks, and setting the mood for a brighter day


The  Pink Compact Mirror with Light is a vanity mirror that has a sleek and slim design for easy carry and handling. It features a dimmable function for applying perfect makeup, a 2x magnifying mirror and 1x mirror to see your face from another side, one side, any angle, a USB charging cable, and comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery that doesn't require any replacements.


Large Tri Fold Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror is a powerful supersized tri-fold lighted mirror that opens in three places giving you a better look at your face's angles. 

It provides a perfect cool white daylight setting for getting ready and features 40 powerful eco-friendly LED bulbs that light up the wide main mirror and the side panel doors. The Tri-Fold also has a touch switch with a dimmer function for your ideal brightness, full 360-degree rotation for the best position, a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, is cordless and has a detachable base so that it can be taken on your travels, fold the beautiful diamond pattern doors and go. Our range of magnifying makeup mirrors can be used anywhere in the dressing room, bathroom, or hallways.


See anything you like yet? When you buy a 30x magnifying mirror lighting magnifying mirror from Hollywood Mirrors, you are guaranteed to get only the best and most modern designs that are used by the biggest stars in the entertainment industry. Plus you get an accessory cum trusty companion.


You can start placing your orders now to get the special mirror that gives you a full view of yourself when you place it in any room or dressing table position.

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