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Led Light Bulb Mirrors

Enjoy luxurious Hollywood-style mirrors combined with an innovative LED light system when you purchase any of our light bulb mirrors. These mirrors are inspired by Hollywood makeup rooms and have bulbs inside to give the skin a radiant glow.

The frame of the mirror is made of 100% durable aluminum alloy, and the bulbs which are easy to install illuminate your face and shine bright in any room, just like waking up in Hollywood.

Our light bulb mirrors display different colors depending on your mood for the day. The bulbs can emit a pleasant light, helping you relax and refresh before a party, or to inspire romantic feelings, and can also be dimmable, saving your energy to flaunt your beauty on the red carpet. Therefore, if you choose to be as fearless as Whitney Houston, or Sasha fierce like Queen B, the light bulb mirrors at Hollywood Mirrors are designed to display your personality and ensure that you are seen for who you are. 

Our light bulb mirrors span across various types for you to choose from. 

You can pre-order our freestanding  Halle Round Hollywood Mirror which is used by some of the biggest stars on Instagram. This popular mirror has a matching base for perfect placement on your vanity table, and the 10 cool white LED light bulbs in this mirror will help you slay your makeup and hair, in turn putting you in the spotlight just like every other celebrity. 

Be the leading lady amongst your peers with our popular  Penelope Hollywood Mirror and bring A-list glamour to your bedroom with the dazzling glow of our breath-taking  Illuminated makeup mirror. Aside from helping you slay your look with its 11 cool white LED light bulbs, this makeup mirror can also be wall-mounted so it is perfect for even the tiniest space in your dressing room, dressing table mirrors.

Bring the ultimate glamour to your boudoir or bedroom with the dazzling radiance of our spectacular illuminated  Monroe Hollywood Mirror. Our wall-mounted Monroe mirror which is made with an extremely slick finish is a real beauty and makes any space look utter perfection, perfect to save that extra bit of space on your dressing table for your much-loved makeup.

Also available for order, the  Alicia Hollywood Mirror is a fabulous addition to your dressing room or bedroom, with its 12 x 3 Watt cool LED bulbs designed to give you the perfect lighting to create your glamorous hair and makeup. This popular mirror also has a sleek dimmer control which allows you to control the amount of light emitted whilst creating the perfect ambience for the perfect selfie.

Our mirror with lights at Hollywood Mirrors is made with superior quality electrical components to illuminate your dressing room or bedroom and set the perfect mood for a brighter day, looking like the queen that you are. Whether you’re a makeup artist, beauty guru, or just after that important Instagram snap, then this mirror is for you.

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