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Knowing what to look for when buying a makeup mirror is important. After all, makeup mirrors aren’t the same as your standard wall-mounted mirror or portable mirror. These products are specially designed to help you make the most of your makeup routine.

A lighted makeup mirror, magnifying mirror, or vanity mirror as they’re sometimes called, comes with a host of additional features you wouldn’t typically see on standard mirrors. Most commonly, they’re designed to give you a boost of natural light, as well as improved magnification, so you can see every detail of your face when applying your makeup.

The question is, what exactly should you be looking for when buying a makeup mirror?

Today, we’re going to look at just some of the different points to consider when you’re investing in the ultimate mirror for your makeup routine.

The Different Types of Makeup Mirror

The first step in choosing the right makeup mirror, is knowing what you’re looking for. Despite common believe a make-up mirror isn’t just another word for a compact or handheld mirror. While you can sometimes find travel sized mirrors with quality makeup mirror features, the thing that really sets makeup mirrors apart is their unique design.

Makeup mirrors are generally equipped with specific capabilities which make them ideal for the application of makeup. They come with a range of lighting options, magnification levels, and even a multitude of mounting options.

Before you begin searching for the ideal makeup mirror, it’s worth asking yourself what kind of product you’re looking for. Some common options include:

·         Folding mirrors:Folding mirrors can sit on your vanity or desktop and simply fold out of site when you’re not using them. Some of the most attractive folding mirrors will automatically light up when you open the doors to see the reflective surface within.

·         Compact or travel mirrors: These are the handheld mirrors and miniature products you’ll often carry with you on the move. A compact or travel mirror should fit neatly into your backpack or pocket so you can check your makeup wherever you are.

·         Vanity mirrors: Vanity makeup mirrors are specifically designed to sit on stop of a vanity or chest of drawers. They often have a base which moves, so you can just the angle of your mirror to get a better view of various parts of your face.

·         Wall mirrors: Wall mirrors can also be used as makeup mirrors if they have magnification and lighting features. These mirrors often come with rechargeable bulbs or battery power, so you don’t have to worry about wiring on your walls.

·         Decorative mirrors: Decorative mirrors combine aesthetics and practicality in one design. They’re intended to make your room look incredible, but they also give you the various features you need from a makeup mirror, like lighting and magnification.

Features to Look for in a Makeup Mirror

Once you know what kind of makeup mirror, you’re looking for, you can begin to consider specific features and components more carefully. There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to choosing the perfect mirror for your makeup desk or bedroom. However, there are some specific points you might want to think about.

1.       Mounting Options

Mounting style is one of the most common points to consider when you’re looking for the ideal makeup mirror. Whether choosing bathroom mirrors, or a mirror for your bedroom, a quality makeup mirror should give you a range of mounting options to choose from.

A wall mounted mirror is one of the most common options, but you may want to look into how easy it is to change the angle of your mirror after its been wall mounted. A wall mounted mirror with an extension arm can give you more freedom when you’re experimenting with basic makeup styles.

When choosing your mounting style, it’s also worth thinking how comfortable you’re going to be sitting in front of the mirror. The best mirror is one that you can sit ion front of for hours at a time without obstructing anything else, or causing you to crane your neck.

Think about what tools are available to mount your mirror at different angles too. While suction cups are a fast-paced solution, they need to be strong enough to hold your mirror for years.

2.       Lighting options

Bright lights are one of the most important features of any good makeup mirror. The best makeup mirrors help you to apply flawless makeup by using LED bulbs to light up your appearance while you work. LED lighting is important because it won’t heat the mirror and cause damage over time. At the same time, you reduce the impact on your energy bills and the planet by switching to LED bulbs.

The light bulbs on your mirror need to deliver a natural light, which is another reason why incandescent bulbs simply don’t work. Natural white light will help you to see how your makeup is going to look outside, and can help you to pinpoint mistakes when you’re applying full face makeup.  

Some lighted mirrors come with more options than others. For instance, you can find a lighted mirror which gives you multiple choices on what kind of style of natural light you want. This can be ideal if you want to be able to adjust the brightness at any point, or switch between warm and cool tones.

When looking at lighted makeup mirrors, make sure it’s easy enough to replace the bulbs in your vanity mirrors whenever you need to, so you don’t need to simply through the device away after a bulb stops working.

3.       Magnification

Outside of proper lighting, magnification is one of the most common features for a good makeup mirror. When it comes to figuring out what to look for when buying a makeup mirror, knowing what kind of magnification you need is important. If you’re going to be sitting right in front of your magnifying mirror and making the most of your lighting, you shouldn’t need too much magnification.

However, if you’re going to be using your magnifying mirrors to experiment with more complex types of makeup, additional magnification can be necessary. Different types of makeup mirrors can give you different levels of magnification using convex glass.

If you’re going to be using your makeup mirror for things like tweezing, applying eyeliner, or even putting in contact lenses, being able to see yourself clearly is going to be extremely useful. Make sure the level of magnification you choose doesn’t lead to any distortion.

You might also want to consider if you want all of your mirror to be magnified, or whether you’d prefer to have both magnification and non-magnified sides, for the best of both worlds.

4.       Versatility and extra features

Depending on the kind of makeup mirror you choose, you may be able to access a wide variety of different features to make your product even more compelling. For instance, travel mirrors with makeup mirror features can also come with extra components, like a location where you can store a compact powderpuff or a small brush for your makeup.

A good lighted makeup mirror could come with a touch-screen setting, which allows you to turn up the brightness on your lighted mirror with just one tap. Often these mirrors will also come with special coatings to help minimize the risk of smudging and finger prints.

If you’re going to be using your magnifying makeup mirror in the bathroom, the best makeup mirror will be one that can withstand moisture and steam. You don’t want to deal with fog or broken LED lights because you’ve exposed your mirror to the steam of your shower.

It’s also worth thinking about how you can adjust your makeup mirror when applying makeup to make it more convenient. Many makeup mirrors come with swivel arms and mounts which allow you to change the position of your reflection whenever you choose.

5.       Style or design

Just because your vanity mirror serves an important practical purpose, doesn’t mean it can’t look incredible too. As well as giving you the tools you need for a flawless makeup look, your mirror should also add something special to your home or a specific room. Unless you’re looking for compact mirrors or travel mirrors where style may not be as important, it’s worth thinking of the aesthetic you want to create.

Are you looking for a smaller mirror with a bold modern light strip and multiple different light settings? Do you want something more retro, with large bulbs to showcase your glamorous style? When it comes to things like framing, are you looking for metal frames or plastic frames to accompanying the existing atmosphere in your bedroom or dressing room?

The right makeup mirror for you will appeal to your personal sense of style, and fit perfectly into the chosen space you’ve picked for it. Remember, there are various kinds of makeup mirror styles to choose from today, so you don’t have to compromise on appearance.

6.       Budget

Finally, while there’s more to choosing the best makeup mirror than finding something that fits your budget, most of us do have a cash limit to be aware of. Before you start shopping for the best tabletop mirror or wall mounted mirrors, it’s worth thinking about how much you have to spend.

Lighted mirrors can often be a little more expensive than your standard magnifying mirrors, because it costs to add the specialist LED lights into the frame. However, you can keep costs reasonably low by choosing a smaller tabletop mirror, or something with fewer features.

When considering your budget in comparison with the rest of your requirements for the ideal makeup mirror, remember, sometimes it’s best to wait and save, than to buy the product you can afford now, instead of the one you want.

You never know, taking your time and researching the best lighted makeup mirror for your needs might bring you face-to-face with a fantastic sale discount or deal.

Choosing the Right Makeup Mirror

Knowing what to look for when buying a makeup mirror is an important part of making the right investment in a product that could last you a lifetime.

If you’re the kind of person who loves their makeup, the right magnifying makeup mirror could transform your beauty routine in an instant. With a lighted mirror and a little extra magnification, you can bypass the common problems of fluorescent lights, and achieve the perfect look with your makeup application.

Start searching for the right mirror for your needs today on the Hollywood Mirror website. We have a wide range of small and large mirrors to choose from to suit any budget. Not sure where to get started? Reach out to our team for more vanity mirror guidance.





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