Makeup Mirror with Lights


Our makeup mirror can be defined as revolutionary, seeing that each of its products features innovation that makes them game-changers in the beauty industry. This makes our professional makeup mirrors the perfect tool for beautifying yourself and is the preferred makeup artist mirror.

Furthermore, this group of quality makeup mirrors feature built-in daylight LEDs which casts the natural sunlight needed for an even natural tone of makeup across the entire face and offers lighting from every angle, allowing for the right makeup application that looks stylish and great both indoors and outdoors. Our mirrors for makeup can be used in any room, even ones with dim lighting.

Make up Mirror With Lights

Be transformed. Getting your own professional makeup mirror with lights from Hollywood Mirrors offers several benefits that completely eliminate the hassle that comes with putting on makeup without the proper lighting. 

Additionally, professional makeup artists recommend them to best illuminate makeup and accentuate the face, neck, and décolleté. 

Perfect for getting ready on the go with our vanity mirrors. Hollywood makeup mirror is ideal for tucking in a purse, briefcase, or overnight bag so that you can look perfect even if you are on the go and fits perfectly in your handbag.


Lighted Makeup Mirrors

Hollywood's range of the best makeup mirror help you get a good finish when applying makeup as part of your beauty routine.

Our makeup mirror is perfect and comes with different magnification options such as 10x magnification, 50x magnifying mirror with light, and much more. Choose between a regular view or a magnified view. This magnified view helps you get a closer look at the mirror.

The illuminated Round Cosmetic Mirror Rechargeable will be your go-to beauty companion illuminating your face with its mirror that eliminates all shadows. 

It comes with a reverse side that has a 5x magnifying mirror, and three pre-set light settings that let you apply your favorite beauty products with the perfect brightness.

Our  Large Tri-Fold Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror is a supersized tri-fold lighted mirror that provides no matter the time of the day, a perfect cool white daylight setting for you to get ready in. 

The Tri-Fold also features 40 powerful LED bulbs that light up the wide main mirror and the side panel doors, a Touch switch with a dimmer function that allows you to adjust it to your desired brightness, and a full 360-degree rotation for the best position and a better look at your angles.

Pink Compact Mirror with Light is a vanity makeup mirror you can literally take on the go, due to its sleek and slim design for easy carry and handling.

It constitutes a dimmable function to apply perfect makeup, 2x magnification mirror, and 1x mirror, it is rechargeable so that you never need to replace the battery, and it comes complete with a USB charging cable.

Compact Travel Mirror with Light -White as the name implies is a must-have for when you are going on a trip. With compact travel makeup mirrors at your side, you never have to worry about your hotel room having poor lighting or not finding a convenient plug socket for your vanity mirror. 

Mini Compact casts a powerful cool white light that surrounds the mirror to help with flawless makeup application, has a touch-sensitive dimmer switch, is foldable, and comes with a USB charger lead so that you can use your phone plug to recharge, and stands up all by itself at a good angle on the dressing table.

Olsen Hollywood Mirrors with Lights 50 x 39cm will get you camera-ready in no time. Its adjustable natural light helps you discover some next-level detail when you’re prepping and primping.

Olsen is beloved by makeup gurus and influencers worldwide. Check out our range of lighted makeup mirrors including; magnifying mirrors, travel mirrors, small standing mirrors, and light bulb mirrors.


Where to Buy Makeup Mirrors Online in the UK

Looking for where to buy makeup mirrors online at the best price? Then Hollywood Mirrors is your perfect destination. Shop from many mirrors with LED lighting whatever color or type of makeup mirror, you want and where you want to use it: in the bathroom, or in the bedroom, our quality LED lights makeup mirror range can help you get it just right. 


Led Makeup Mirror FAQ

1: Which makeup mirror is best?

The best makeup mirror is magnifying mirrors with bright LED lighting. The magnification is helpful for seeing every detail of my makeup, and the LED lighting ensures that you never have to struggle to see what you're doing.

2: What is a makeup mirror called?

A makeup mirror is often called a "vanity mirror." This is because it was traditionally used by women to apply their makeup. A vanity mirror is usually a large, rectangular mirror that sits on a stand or tabletop. It has a built-in light so that the person can see their face clearly while they're applying makeup.

3: Do makeup mirrors work?

Yes! Makeup mirrors work by reflecting light. This reflected light then passes through the makeup on your face and is magnified so that you can see every detail. Some makeup mirrors even have a built-in light to help you see even better.

4: Is a lighted mirror good for makeup?

Yes, a lighted mirror is great for makeup. It allows you to see your face in natural light, which is the best way to apply makeup. You can also adjust the level of brightness to get the perfect amount of light.

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