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No matter how you feel about dishing out candy and decorating your home, Halloween can be one of the most exciting times of the year. If nothing else, Halloween gives you an incredible opportunity to really go wild with your makeup skills and try out looks you could never get away with at the office.

The great thing about stocking up on Halloween makeup ideas is that you may not have to worry about finding the perfect outfit if you get your look right. The right makeup strategy combined with a stunning wig can transform any little black dress into the perfect Halloween ensemble.

This guide to the best makeup ideas for 2022 is perfect for anyone who has panicked last-minute for a big party and ended up simply drawing whiskers on their face with a kohl liner.

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1.    Shuri from Black Panther

In April 2018, Black Panther became the tenth highest-grossing film of all time. It even knocked Titanic off the list of box office big guns. While the exciting story probably had a lot to do with Blank Panther's success, we also think that one of the most captivating parts of the film was Shuri.

Shuri is one of the most bad-ass women to hit the Marvel universe. Not only is she powerful and intelligent, but she also managed to keep her tribal-inspired makeup looking flawless while she was saving the world. The great news? It's simpler than you think to recreate the "Wakanda Forever" look at home.

All you need is well-defined eyebrows, a little red, black and silver pigment on your lids, and plenty of white dots to line your face. Check out this tutorialto nail the look. Speaking of nails, don't forget to add a Wakanda-inspired manicure to your outfit too! and your dressing table mirrors with light


2.    God is a Woman

2018 has been a huge year for Ariana Grande. She's overcome some serious adversity and tackled some major issues following the concert bombing in Manchester last year. Despite the pain and heartache, Ariana has come out on top with some truly fantastic music and even better looks.

The song "God is a Woman" features Arianna covered in splashes of purple and blue, a look that some Instagrammers have already tried to recreate for themselves.

If you want to take some inspiration from Grande for this year's best makeup ideas, all you need is blue and purple makeup, with a white eyeliner for definition. You can simply swirl the pigment all over your skin and braid your hair to get the full look. A nude bodysuit will top this outfit off. Check out this tutorial for some quick tips.

3.    Mermaid



The mermaid look is an iconic option for Halloween enthusiasts that want to embrace "fantasy" over horror. If you're looking for a makeup style that will make you look otherworldly and beautiful, while still ticking all the right boxes for your costume party, this is it.

The great thing about mermaid makeup is that it's not too hard to recreate. All you need is a pair of fishnet tights and a selection of pigments in your preferred mermaid colors. Bonus points if you can get your hands on some mermaid leggings or a mermaid-style wig to help you finish off the look. It's up to you how complicated you go with your mermaid. This simple tutorial by Kate Manihera demonstrates how easy it can be to go "under the sea" with your Halloween vibes.



4.    Morticia Addams


Want to be sultry, creepy and iconic at the same time this Halloween? You can't go wrong with Morticia Addams' unforgettable look. The Addams' Family is one of the most popular Halloween movies around, and this look is a great way to show some nostalgia this October.

The ghostly elegance of Morticia is easy to replicate as long as you have the right makeup products. All you need is some extra pale foundation to get started, a dark eyebrow pencil, and some frosty eyeshadow. Once you're done with the basics, make sure you get some great contouring in to show off those killer cheekbones and finish with some blood red lipstick.

This tutorial will give you the look you're looking for in no time.

5.    Ouija Board



If you were hoping to explore something new and interesting this year, why not think outside of the box? Instead of just going with the same old witch costume, try looking at the occult from a different angle with a Ouija board makeup tutorial.

You'll need a steady hand to make sure that you get the letters looking perfect across your cheek and collar bones, so we recommend trying this a few times in advance to get your application perfect. You'll also need some artfully placed false lashes (at least three pairs) to get the right look.

The extra fun part? You'll have an instant ice-breaker if you want to start a conversation with someone. Simply ask them to ask you a question. Check out this inspiring tutorial for one of the best makeup ideas for Halloween.

6.    Instagram


Obsessed with Instagram? Show off your social media prowess this Halloween with an Instagram-inspired look. To simplify this makeup trend, you can always print out a snapshot from your own Instagram profile and cut out the part showing your profile name, and the section showing likes. Simply glue the strips of paper to your face using liquid latex.

The Instagramception makeup look is one of the best makeup ideas for Halloween this year for multiple reasons. First off, everyone loves Instagram, and it's a great way to give the platform a shout-out. Secondly, to complete this stunning look, all you really need to perfect is one beautiful piece of eye makeup. There's no need to worry about getting matching browse or eyeliner wings because you'll leave the rest of your face make-up free for the ultimate contrast.

Check out the tutorial here:

7.    The Unicorn


The unicorn is one of the easiest and most effective Halloween makeup ideas around this year. The great thing about this look is that you can make it as simple or as complex as you like, depending on your skill set and your ability to get your hands on things like liquid latex and prosthetics. To help you choose the ultimate makeup ideas for Halloween in 2018, we've got two tutorials to show you.

The first option is this super simple, yet magical unicorn that involves using plenty of glitter and brightly-colored pigments to show your mystical side. You'll also learn how to create a custom unicorn headband.

If you're looking for something a little more complicated, the Ice cream unicorn Halloween makeup ideas by Jordan Hanz are seriously popular right now. You'll need a little more skill for this one, but with a little practice, you'll have an amazing look.

8.    Melting Skull


Last year, Halloween came with all the sugar-skull makeup styles you can imagine. There were countless tutorials available to choose from, and everyone embraced the Mexican trend with gusto. This year, why not take your skeletal makeup strategy to the next level?

If you want to show off some fantastic cheekbones and creep your friends out without getting too gruesome, this look by Desi Perkins could be a perfect choice. It's easier than you'd think to recreate a melting skull look with just a little liquid latex and plenty of practice. You'll also need to make sure that you have plenty of white makeup for the bonier side of your face.

For glam and ghastly Halloween makeup ideas, it doesn't get much better than this:

9.    Cruella De Vil


Just because it's 2018 doesn't mean that there isn't room for a classic in our Makeup ideas for Halloween. The focus on new movies and Instagram trends this year means that there's plenty of opportunities for old looks to make a comeback in a new and stylish way. For instance, how about recreating Disney's most stylish villain, Cruella De Vil?

As long as you can source some red gloves and a faux fur coat, you're pretty much good to go. The Cruella look is best when you use a touch of your own style, just remember to get the main characteristics right. This means black and white hair, blood-red lipstick, and some epic winged eyeliner too!

This tutorial by Jaclyn Hill will get you started.

10. The Pumpkin


Pumpkins might not seem very terrifying at first, but if you get your makeup right, you can have a stunning jack-o-lantern look that manages to be creepy and gorgeous at the same time. To make the most out of a totally Instagrammable style, make sure that you only coat a portion of your face with pumpkin-inspired makeup.

Check out this tutorial from Kelly Nelson for some instant inspiration. By only adding pumpkin makeup to half of her face, Kelly masterfully avoids the headache of trying to apply colored contact lenses in both eyes! Finish this look with a green hair bow and some orange and green clothing.

11. Stranger Things


Thanks to the phenomenal success of "Stranger Things" over the last two years, 2018 is likely to be another Halloween where you'll see plenty of "Eleven"-inspired bloody noses. The great news is that recreating the look for yourself couldn't be simpler. A little fake blood and some careful foundation application is really all you need here.

If you can find a yellow wig and a pink dress to go along with your look, then you'll be able to get the ultimate Stranger Things look without having to worry about shaving your head. This simple tutorial from Leigh Dickson will show you how to get Eleven's style in minutes!

12. Fortune Teller


One of the simplest and most glamorous makeup ideas for Halloween this year. The fortune teller is a fantastic pick for anyone who wants to be more "pretty and mysterious" than truly creepy. All you need is a bandana for your hair, and a flowing dress to ensure that your entire outfit pops. You can also accessorize the look with some huge hoop earrings and a crystal ball.

This tutorial from Taylor Bee will give you a delightfully vampy look for your fortune teller trend. You can also use the same tutorial to bring some magic back to Halloween as a sexy witch too! Remember to go big with the glitter, and if you really want to show your creepy side, you can always add some white contact lenses to the look too.

13. The Werewolf


Last but not least, find your pack this Halloween and let your animalistic shine through with a sultry werewolf look. Proof that makeup doesn't have to be terrifying to be effective, this stunning makeup idea from YouTuber Chrisspy features statement brows, big eyelashes, and bright yellow contact lenses.

The great thing about this look is that you can wear it with virtually any clothing and still get away with it. For a spooky yet elegant appearance, pair the makeup with your favorite little black dress. Alternatively, try ripping up some old clothes for a "recently transformed" look.



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