Small Hollywood Mirrors


Although they are little, the mirrors in our small standing mirror category are powerful and do well to embody all the hallmarks of a Hollywood Mirrors product.

This means that they give both dressing room & makeup goals in one, help you achieve flawless makeup and hair perfection, enhance the look of your Instagram selfies and TikTok videos, are every glam girl and fashion enthusiast's dream, and guarantee 1-year warranty happiness.


Small Hollywood Mirror With Lights

Built for fashionistas by fashionistas, these full-length mirrors are the perfect fit for every table from large to small. There are some designs that can fit into your bag no matter the size and are perfect for carrying around or traveling, give the same quality you'll get at home from our larger mountable mirrors, comes with a light for better illumination, they are all in bright beautiful colors that match the wall décor of any room or won't clash with the color of any handbag you carry and incorporate sleek and modern innovative designs into their make. Any product you find here is a Hollywood standard small-standing mirror that lets you get glammed up like how the stars do it.


Small Standing Hollywood Mirrors

The small standing mirror we promote will give you the most flattering image of yourself and your outfits. It takes care of the lighting problem with a cool LED light and is slick and elegant, and because it’s standing it won’t take up much space on your dressing table.


Get yours here, see what's in our dressing room:


Illuminated Round Cosmetic Mirror Rechargeable is best described as a girl's most trusted go-to beauty companion. The Illuminated Round boasts a mirror that perfectly illuminates your face thereby eliminating all shadows, a reverse side that has an x5 magnifying mirror, and three preset light settings that let you apply your favorite beauty products with the perfect brightness.


Our  Compact Travel Mirror with Light - White sells out fast. If you're not quick enough to buy yours, you'll find that it's all been taken by people who understand how revolutionary this product is.

The Compact Travel Mirror sports a color white gloss finish, a hardshell case that makes it robust for journeys and traveling, and a 1000mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery that powers the bright cool white LED lights of the mirror, is about the size of an iPad so that it can easily fit into your handbag while traveling, and comes complete with a USB charger lead so that you can use your phone's plug to recharge it.


The  Pink Compact Mirror with Light is a stylish led lighted makeup mirror that intends to give you that Hollywood glamour on the go, by helping you to achieve flawless makeup and hair perfection.

It comes in different shapes and with a dimmable function to apply perfect makeup, 2x magnification mirror and 1x mirror, a sleek and slim design for easy carry and handling, is rechargeable, so that you never need to replace the battery, and comes complete with a USB charging cable. In addition, this product comes complete with a 1-year warranty. 

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