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We normally recommend 5 to 6 inches above the table top or in metric 12.7cm to 15.2cm.

The question “How high should you hang a mirror over a dressing table?” is more common than you might think. If your mirror doesn’t come attached to your console table or dressing table, then it’s up to you to choose the perfect spot for it. 

The positioning of your mirror is important for a lot of reasons. Placing a mirror too close to a window can mean you get too much light which creates glare when you’re working on your makeup routines, but a mirror in a dingy corner of a room won’t give you enough light.

If you hang a mirror too high above your dressing room table, you’ll need to stand up to get a good view or crane your neck. Place your mirror too low, and you’ll be hunching down to get the best results. So, how exactly should you position your mirror?

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Finding the Right Placement for Your Mirror

Sometimes, finding the right place for a mirror is easy enough. If you’re placing a large rectangular mirror above a fireplace or another central piece of furniture, then you’ll probably want to choose a position somewhere in the middle of the wall, closer to the ceiling than the floor. Think of your mirror as similar to a piece of wall art, it needs to be positioned in a way that can easily draw the eye.

When it comes to mirror placement, narrow spaces can often be easier to navigate too, as you just need to ensure there’s enough room around the mirror. For instance, if you’re placing a tall mirror horizontally between the ceiling and a table, you’ll need to ensure the mirror isn’t just sitting on top of the furniture underneath.

While you can place a mirror directly on a console table or on top of tall furniture, this negates the need for hanging entirely. If you have a very large mirror, you might even be able to avoid finding the right position on a wall by simply leaning the mirror against the brickwork.

If the placement of your mirror isn’t obvious, it might be worth taking pictures of the wall so you can experiment with what a box shape of the same mirror width and length as your chosen mirror might look like. You can use this method to experiment with what kind of mirrors you might want to buy too.

Steps for Choosing the Best Mirror Placement

There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for placing your mirror perfectly over a dresser table or another piece of furniture. The focus should be on finding a way to create a balance between all of the components of the room while ensuring it’s easy enough to use a mirror.

For instance, it’s no good leaning a big mirror against the wall if you’re not going to be able to see yourself in it well. In general, when you have a space on your wall above a piece of furniture for your mirror, the height of the furniture will determine where you install the mirror.

The bottom edge of the mirror should usually be about 4 to 6 inches higher than the upper edge of taller furniture. For instance, the bottom of the frame on a mirror will be a little closer to the top of a six drawer chest than it would be to a short console table.

wall hollywood mirror above a dressing table

To determine where your mirror is likely to look good follow these steps:

·         Measure the central point of the dresser:Get your tape measure and make a note of where the middle point of your mirror is. This will ensure you can get the mirror central with the table, so everything looks balanced and connected.

·         Set the mirror down: Place the mirror down carefully on top of the dresser, ensuring the distance between both edges of the furniture is the same. This will ensure when your mirror is hung on the wall, it won’t look as though it’s too far to one side.

·         Measure above the top of the dresser:Depending on the size of your mirror and your furniture, measure between 6 and 8 inches above the dresser. You might need to consider placing a pencil mark on the wall to give you a rough idea of how low the bottom of most mirrors should go. Keep in mind, that small mirrors will need to be much higher above your dresser to create a sense of visual balance.

Tips for Hanging your Mirror

As mentioned above, there are a lot of factors that can affect whether you place your mirror slightly lower or higher above your table or dresser. When choosing high to hang your mirror, you’ll need to take a number of things into account. For instance, do you have a large wall with a lot of space above where the top of your mirror will be if you’re only going to place it 6-8 inches above your dresser?

If the console’s height is extremely tall, then you may need to hang the mirror lower or look into hanging a mirror next to your console or furniture instead.

Smaller mirrors can usually be a little higher than large mirrors too because they often need to rise a little further so you can actually see into the mirror when standing or sitting down.

how to hang a dressing table mirror

When placing mirrors in your home, remember:

·         Keep the frame in mind:Remember you should be thinking of how much space your mirror is going to take up with the frame included. If you have a frameless mirror, this won’t be important. However, if you’re using a mirror with a frame, ensure the centre point of the mirror is at eye level, so you can see clearly.

·         Make sure the position is practical: While it might look visually appealing to have your mirror at a central focal point on your wall, tall ceilings could mean you need to place the mirror much higher. This would make it difficult to get a good view when you’re using your mirror.

·         Know how you’re going to use the mirror:In general, most mirrors should place the centre point of your mirror at eye level, so you get a balanced visual effect. However, if you’re going to be sitting down when using the mirror, this might mean it’s a little further down on the wall than if you were using the mirror when standing up.

·         Consider other wall art and pieces: If your wall mirror is going to be placed alongside other products like art pieces and wall art, then everything should line up correctly. Usually, it’s a good idea to keep all mirrors and art at approximately the same height.

Tips: When there is insufficient lighting in the house, you can use some tools to get sufficient light. Customized neon signs are a good choice. You can choose any pattern shape and size you want, and neon signs can also change into a variety of colors when it comes to lighting.

Customized  neon signs can not only be used as a fill-in-light tool, but also as decorations. When you don't need the lights, turn them off. As decoration, they can also add a sense of fashion to your bedroom. Of course, it can also be used as an atmosphere-creating prop when you want to host a small party at home

·         Make sure you choose the right size mirror: Choosing the right size of the mirror, whether you’re looking at a round mirrors, square mirrors, or something more modern like gold mirrors, will help to ensure the wall doesn’t seem overwhelmed by your mirror.


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