Dressing Table Mirror with Lights


At Hollywood mirrors, we specialise in selling all types of mirrors that cater to different needs and rooms in a building. Our mirrors are well-crafted, and feature intricate designs done on pieces that compliments any room you put it in, and this in turn compliments you.

Hollywood mirrors ensure that your dressing table becomes a beauty station with our light up dressing table mirrors. We have an exhaustive list of dressing table mirrors with lights that doesn’t just maintain the brand excellence, but are as reliable as they are feasible, and perfect for everyday use.

These mirrors have bold lighting with better illumination which makes them stand out, and also gives you ample lighting with colour accuracy for you to get ready and look your best every day. Each dressing table mirror with lights comes with a dim switch and LED lights, but you can choose to upgrade with a choice of Bluetooth, auto RGB and coloured LED. Our bluetooth speaker mirrors include speakers which are fitted on each side of the mirrors inside, giving you superb sound quality when streaming music or listening to podcasts. What better way to have a dressing table experience than this?

The dressing table mirrors at Hollywood Mirrors aren’t just perfect for all your make-up needs, but are also quite versatile. Our mirrors are the ultimate beauty accessories/glam station for people who are always on the go. Make-Up artists, fashionistas, celebrities, and basically anyone who loves to look good can use them. We know how you like your mirror selfie videos to stand out from others, that is why we have the perfect dressing table mirrors for this purpose as well.

Our dressing mirrors span across different products which are the best of their kind. Your Instagram selfies will never have looked so good with our Jenner Hollywood Mirror which is complete with daylight bulbs for colour accuracy and settings to suit every skin tone. Our Julia mirror which features 10 cool white LED light bulbs for a captivating look, is every glam girl's dream.

Also, our Rihanna white edge mirror features a 10 x 3Watt cool LED bulbs to give you the perfect lighting to create the most show stopping hair and makeup. You can also take your beauty game to the next level with our popular Diaz Hollywood Mirror which features 10 x 3 watt cool white LED light bulbs for you to look good and slay all day.

You can also achieve flawless makeup and hair perfection with our Keira Full Length Hollywood Mirror which features 26 super bright white bulbs to make you look your best, and a dimmer switch which allows for the perfect lighting for makeup application or brightening up the entire dressing room.

The design and quality of our dressing table mirrors makes them the best value for money and the best choice, as our mirrors last at least 10x longer than our competitors. Discover a luxury range of Hollywood mirrors today and take advantage of free delivery.

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