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The organisation of your clothes can really influence your life — more than you may realise.

With a disorganised walk-in wardrobe, it's easy to spend an unnecessary amount of time digging and sifting through your clothes, trying to find your favourite outfit. This often leads to late appointments and meetings, garnering you a reputation for poor time management.

The most functional walk-in wardrobes are well-equipped.

With so much space at your disposal, you can create a custom walk-in wardrobe with plenty of shelves and drawers to keep everything accessible and neat.

But that’s not all.

Adding elements of luxury and style can turn your walk-in wardrobe into a well-designed sanctuary for your clothes.

And you benefit from a walk-in closet that you adore and feel good using. Which provides the inspiration to keep it organised.

So what should you include in your walk-in wardrobe to make it a functional, beautiful and luxurious space?

1. Adequate Illumination to Light Up Your Day

Lighting is essential in creating a beautiful and inviting walk-in wardrobe.

Plus, with every inch of your wardrobes and shelving illuminated, you get a better view of your clothes and shoes. You’ll no longer struggle to differentiate between black and navy or cream and white.

Be sure to create lighting that is practical yet flattering.

If you can, stream natural light into your walk-in closet using a large skylight. Then complement the effect with added lightbulbs.

LED light is best for walk-in closets. It doesn't create heat, preventing damage to delicate items.

Three main types of lighting are a must-have in your walk-in wardrobe:

  • Statement lighting – A large ring pendant or chandelier will add a luxurious feel to your walk-in wardrobe.
  • General lighting – Use overhead recessed lighting to illuminate every inch of your walk-in wardrobe.
  • Integrated LED lighting – Use an LED strip light at the base of your cabinets, shelves, and down the centre of your wardrobe to illuminate your clothes. You could also use hanging rails fitted with LED lights.

With these three lighting solutions in place, you can then add sconces, pendant lights, and floor lamps around your walk-in wardrobe as you see fit.

2. A Closet Island to Easily Move Around

Accentuate your statement lighting with a closet island. It’s a smart move to improve the appearance of your walk-in wardrobe.

A bespoke closet island can be fitted with features that provide several functions:

  • Install drawers and open shelves to provide extra storage.
  • Fit a large countertop to fold your clothes or place before hanging them.
  • Add built-in seating space that can double up as storage.
  • Install power sockets to charge small gadgets like smartwatches.

You will need three feet of space around the closet island to move around your walk-in wardrobe comfortably.

Illuminate the shelves and cabinets in the closet island, especially any drawers containing jewellery. You could also install sliding doors for some added luxury in your walk-in wardrobe.

3. A Stylish Dressing Table to Save Time

Diaz Hollywood Mirror Portrait
Diaz Hollywood Mirror Portrait 80 x 60cm

While thinking of your walk-in wardrobe ideas, a dressing table is probably not top of mind. But it can make it easier to keep your beauty products organised and your walk-in wardrobe tidy.

Setting up your dressing table mirror in the same place you get dressed will save you time when getting ready.

Ensure that your vanity mirror has plenty of excellent lighting. LED sconces with adjustable brightness are an excellent choice for walk-in wardrobes.

Include a wall vanity mirror with lights which come with a quality finish, safety features and bulbs that are super bright and energy-efficient.

"I have wanted something like this for years. I recently redecorated my dressing room and this was the finishing touch. Feels so special and I have done away with my magnifying mirror as I don’t need it with the new mirror." - Jeannette Clarke, April 16, 2021

You will also need a luxe dressing table chair to match the glam makeup sessions that are about to spice up your life.

How about a fluffy white chair made with faux fur?

If fur isn't your cup of tea, opt for the Kartell Victoria or Kartell Louis Ghost Chair.

4. Mirrors and More Mirrors for Your Walk-in Wardrobe

Walk-in wardrobes should have plenty of mirrors.

Fitting mirrors in your walk-in wardrobe will not only help you when wearing clothes, shoes, and accessories – it will also create an illusion of space.

A full-length mirror is a must-have. Place it in a properly lit area in your dressing room or make things easier by getting a full-length Hollywood mirror.

Three-panelled mirrors are also an excellent choice for walk-in closets and can be attached to your wardrobes. They help you see your outfit from all angles.

If you want to make your small walk-in wardrobe feel larger, add more mirrors onto the doors, walls, cabinets, and ceiling.

You could also use mirrors to optimize natural light in your walk-in wardrobe. Place a mirror in a location that catches and reflects the light.

5. An Ottoman for Your Walk-in Wardrobe

We’re all guilty of being a little messy after a long day. All you want to do is drop everything in your hands and lie down.

But this habit can quickly turn your bedroom and walk-in closet into a messy floordrobe.

Avoid the untidiness by including a dedicated area in your walk-in wardrobe to place items that are unsightly or need to be stored later.

The best choice for walk-in closets is storage ottomans.

A storage ottoman doubles as a place to sit as you put on your socks and shoes. You can also lay your clothes on it as you pick your outfit for the day.

Cute baskets provide excellent storage for items you don’t use often. Place the baskets on an open shelf above your hanging rods.

6. An Interior Design That Exhibits Luxury

Your dream walk-in wardrobe would be incomplete without visual appeal and custom comfort elements. Walk-in wardrobes are a space of luxury and should be one of the best-designed rooms in your house.

Make the walls of your closet glamorous with a colour palette that reflects your personality and style. Your choice of colours — especially in the wardrobe — should make your clothes stand out.

Invest in bespoke decorative cabinetry and a wardrobe with refined finishing touches and beautiful handles. Get a custom shoe rack, identical chic coat hangers, and other sleek touches.

Inject some added luxury by using sliding doors in your wardrobes and entrance to the bedroom. Throw in a soft carpet or stylish rug and big skirting boards.

You can use bespoke display cabinets or glass shelving to showcase your fabulous collection of accessories. If you want to go a little extra with the display in your walk-in wardrobe, use retail style glass cases with internal lighting to show off your high-end pieces.

Add an artful touch. If you have wall space in your walk-in closet, hang a custom piece of art or inspirational quotes.

But first, ensure that the interior of your dressing room is designed in colours and shelving that complement your bedroom and other rooms in the house.

Luxurious Walk-in Wardrobes to Give You Inspiration

This is a perfect illustration of creating the illusion of space in small walk-in wardrobes while maintaining a simplistic yet elegant design. The fresh flowers bring nature into your walk-in closet.

Walk-in wardrobes with display cabinets help you flaunt your best pieces. This creates a walk-in closet that resembles a chic boutique.

Walk-in wardrobes with glass ceilings exude class. And in this case, the colour of the soft grey carpet matches the island closet. It adds to the elegance of the walk-in wardrobe.

Take the First Step Towards Your Dream Dressing Room

A walk-in wardrobe in your bedroom is a good step towards better management of your clothes. But it could still end up being a cluttered nightmare.

Create a neat, practical space that screams glamour by investing in:

  • Adequate storage
  • A vanity
  • Mirrors
  • Enough lighting
  • A design that reflects your dream dressing room

Below are some frequently asked questions about walk0in wardrobes for you to consider.

Are Walk-In Wardrobes Worth It?

Unless you have the space for one, you should reconsider the idea of getting a walk-in wardrobe. You want to make sure that you have enough space to move around and that it's convenient for you. A small walk-in wardrobe don't really offer any advantages.

What is a Good Size for a Walk-In Wardrobe?

7 by 10 feet of space should be the minimum measurement for a standard walk-in wardrobe. An area of 100 sq. ft. gives you enough space to move around, have a sitting area, and include storage units.

Does a Walk-In Wardrobe Add Value?

Walk-in wardrobes add to a home's appeal nowadays. It's one of the factors people searching for a new home would appreciate, and this will increase a home's resale value.

Featured image: Pixabay by mgattorna

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