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The bathroom vanity mirror is the first and last place most people visit every day. 

With so much time spent there, you deserve an uplifting, functional, and beautiful bathroom space where you can get ready and unwind.

To that end, our elegant collection of mirrors will provide the form and function your prep space is missing.

We incorporate innovative mirror technology to elevate the beauty of your bathroom vanity while maximising practicality.

Choose from horizontal or vertical designs to match your unique bathroom size and layout. 

Whether you’d like to install your bathroom mirror on the wall or countertop — we’ve got you covered.

Tabletop Mirrors
Tabletop Mirrors
Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors
Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of installation:

Did you know? Not all mirrors are designed for use as a bathroom vanity.

What’s the Difference Between a Bathroom Vanity Mirror and Regular Mirrors?

Let's answer this by explaining how our Edge LED Illuminated Mirror is designed to work in a bathroom.

First, it comes with a heated WC and demister pad. The pad heats the mirror to keep it crystal-clear in a steamy bathroom

So you can start your skincare and beauty routine immediately after showering. You don’t have to wait for the moisture to evaporate or create a streaky mess trying to wipe it off. 

Second, it’s splash-proof for a consistently clear reflection.

Third, it has an infrared touch sensor installed underneath. To switch it on, just wave your hand below the mirror. 

What’s more, if you want to avoid electrical installation, we’ve got a battery-operated LED bulb lighting option for you — ROHS certified for your safety.

Without further ado, here are the steps for installing your bathroom vanity mirror. 

Select a Bathroom Wall — Aim for Lots of Storage

First and foremost, decide on the wall where you’re going to hang (or place) your purchase. Choose a wall with ample lighting and space to incorporate storage.

Also, capitalise on space by adding drawers and shelves around your vanity. That’ll help you organise your beauty and self-care necessities. These include an essentials basket plus makeup, hair, and skin products.

Should I Hang My Vanity Mirror on a Drywall or a Hollow Wall?

The best wall to hang your purchase is one where you can also add storage. So let’s see which wall works best and why.

Drywall is made of compact solid wood or stone. Whereas a hollow wall contains dead space behind it.

Therefore, you can drill anywhere on drywall and hang the vanity mirror in any position you like.

But with a hollow wall, you’ll need to do a bit more work to get a firm anchor.

In short, you can hang the vanity mirror on either wall but drywall is better. Drywall gives you the ability to hang storage around your mirror and involves less work

Unbox Your Package — Ensure It’s All There

Did you know that we offer free delivery anywhere on the UK mainland? 

What’s more, you can leave your phone number at checkout for added convenience. Our courier will send you a text message with a time slot so you know when to expect your delivery.  

Below is a list of the things that you should expect in your delivery:

  • The mirror
  • Screws
  • A hook
  • The cord attached to the backside board
  • Power cable
  • A dimmer switch on the right-hand side of the frame
  • Energy-saving LEDs

First, remove everything from the box and place the glass on a soft surface (such as a carpet) so it doesn’t break. Then grab the other materials and set them aside for later. 

Be sure to go through the manual to confirm that you have all the necessary accessories.

Take Accurate Measurements — Remember to Measure Twice

The next step is to determine the exact position where you’ll hang your new mirror.

Note: You need to take lots of measurements. Grab a notebook to write them down so you can be precise. 

The first tools you need are a measuring tape and a pencil or marker.

Flat lay grey ruler on white book
Image from: Pexels

Keep in mind that you’ll need to measure both the mirror and the wall. 

  1. Begin by measuring and recording the mirror’s length and width.
  2. Match those measurements on the wall where you want to hang the mirror. 
  3. Make three marks along the wall’s length and width, indicating the mirror’s corners and midsection. 

The next marking you’ll make is where the cord attaches to the wall.

  1. To ensure the mark is precise, pull the cord (at the back of the frame) upwards as tightly as possible. 
  2. Mark where the cord reaches the back of the board. 
  3. Then, measure the distance between where the cord reaches and the top of the frame.
  4. Match that distance on the wall by measuring from the middle mark (between the corner points) downwards to the central position. 
  5. Mark that spot with your pencil. 

Note: This is where you’ll fix the hook to hold the cord. 

Or if you’re using a tabletop design: 

  1. Measure the length and width of the mirror stand.  
  2. Duplicate the measurements on the counter.

The Fun Part: Light It Up!

Now, this step depends on the type of mirror you’ve purchased. Some of our mirrors come with inbuilt lighting while others are packaged with bulbs for you to attach. 

We use energy-efficient LED bulbs to promote environmental conservation. This also improves our compliance with the health and safety regulations of the United Kingdom. 

Note: You’re making an energy-saving purchase by choosing Hollywood Mirrors. 

The Crystal Pro Mirror is one example that has fixed LED lighting. It features crushed sparkle crystals that make up the white lighting around the mirror. 

Hint: To control the brightness, all you need to do is adjust the dimmer switch.

Crystal Pro Vanity Mirror 80 x 60cm

Below is a list of vanity mirrors you can use in your bathroom that come with separate light bulbs to attach. 

Here is how you attach the bulbs:

  1. Count the number of bulbs.
  2. Measure the total circumference of the mirror. 
  3. Divide that circumference by the number of bulbs. 

Note: This figure determines how far apart you’ll align the bulbs along the edge of the mirror.

  1. Once you know the distance between bulbs, you can mark the entire mirror, attach the bulbs at once, or make markings as you connect each bulb. 
  2. Lastly, attach the cord to the switch.

The result should appear as below.

Nicole Hollywood Mirror Wall Mounted XL 60 x 100cm

Remember: Sufficient natural white light is recommended for your beauty routines. And luckily for you, that’s just the kind of lighting emitted by our Hollywood Mirror bulbs.

Mount the Mirror on the Wall

The last step is to hang the mirror on the wall. 

To do so, you’ll need to drill the holes where the mounting hook will attach. As we’ve discussed earlier, the process differs depending on the wall you’re working with.

It’s easy and straightforward on drywall:

  1. Place the hook over the marking that you made earlier. 
  2. Insert a nail or screw over the marking.

Conversely, here’s how to install your mirror on a hollow wall:

  1. Look for timber behind the wall using a carpenter’s awl. 
  2. Mark the spot with wood frames. 
  3. Then place the hook over that area and install the screw or nail.

The disadvantage, in this case, is that your preferred position may have no timber framing. Subsequently, that may force you to move the mirror or follow the steps below.

  1. First, drill a hole.
  2. Place the hook in position.
  3. Push a wall plug inside the hole.
  4. Then hammer the nail or screw into the plug.

Note: Don’t push the screw entirely into the wall. Make sure to leave a few millimetres so that you’ve got enough space to hang the cord. 

If your bathroom has a lot of counter space, try out one of the free-standing mirrors listed above. 

The installation process is similar to setting up your mirror on a dressing table:

  1. Take measurements of the stand length and width. 
  2. Match that on the countertop and mark where you’d like to place the vanity mirror.
  3. Stick the strong double-sided tape on the counter. 
  4. Place the mirror on top and press it down so it’s secure.
  5. If you’re using nails, sit the mirror on the counter and nail it in place. 

Finally, step back to confirm that you like the mirror’s position and make adjustments if needed.

Are You Looking for a Bathroom Vanity Mirror? 

Check out our extensive collection and choose the mirror that fits your budget, style, and bathroom layout. 

We’re confident that you will find the perfect bathroom mirror to make getting ready in the morning a little slice of paradise.

We’re particularly proud of our Edge LED illuminated bathroom wall mirror with inbuilt lights. It’s modern, clean, and extremely functional — ideal for a minimalist bathroom design.

Featured image: Pexels by Christa Grover

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