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What's the point of having a vanity without a mirror?

It's the centrepiece that really brings it all together.

Since the aim of a vanity station is to help us beautify ourselves, we believe the dressing table mirror you choose needs to express its own unique beauty.

So, what should you look for in vanity mirrors?

Let's dive into four great tips to help you create a stunning vanity station that's just right for you.

When Should You Get a Vanity Mirror?

Maybe you're considering remodelling your dressing room from scratch? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to add a beauty station to your bedroom and want a new knockout mirror?

Or are you simply tired of trying to balance all your healthcare and beauty products on your dresser?

These are tell-tale signs that you need a little vanity station to yourself. If your morning routine is constantly interrupted or feels too rushed, it can be frustrating.

Why not create a little piece of heaven in your own home just for you?

You'll have time to sit down and start your day at your own pace. No one hovering over your shoulder when you’re putting on that delicate eyeliner.

To be honest, there are lots of reasons to get a vanity mirror. Be it a wall mirror that's mounted or a vanity table, their relevance is undeniable.

They are environmentally friendly and often use long-lasting LED lamps with sufficient light, which give you that nice glow.

These lamps are highly energy-efficient. Thus, they lower your carbon footprint as you put on your makeup. Any average LED lamp lasts between 50,000 to 100,000 operating hours or more. When compared to most metal halide, fluorescent and sodium vapour lights, this is 2-4 times as long.

Since these lamps are proven to last longer, as you prep yourself, you don't have to worry about racking up huge electricity bills. You also attain lower maintenance costs in terms of replacement parts (because the bulbs take a long time to fail) and labour costs.

Vanity stations and mirrors also don't take up a lot of space and encourage you to put ALL your products to use. How?

When you have a gorgeous vanity station with exquisite lighting and all your products in one location, you’ll be excited to create all sorts of new looks every morning.

Hello, adventure!

Well then, to help pick the right mirror, ask yourself the following questions:

Where Do You Want to Place the Mirror?

This question is all about relevance. Your home can be a fun canvas to play around with when designing. Your preferred aesthetics can act as a guide for you.

Do you want to place your mirror on a surface, suspend it, or mount it on a wall?

There are numerous ways to go about all this. For example, you can choose to hang your vanity mirror:

  • From the top of a window post
  • From the ceiling
  • On rails coming from the floor or counter

As we said, your home, your rules! Think outside of the box.

If you choose to mount your mirror on the wall, you have a lot of room for creativity.

  • You can insert the mirror into the rest of the wall or tile to make it a floating mirror
  • Use the mirror to create intrigue and add depth by suspending it from the wall
  • If you want a practical look, you can add a frame that doubles as a shelf

If you aren't too excited about hanging the mirror, that's fine too. You can still find mirror styles that can be placed on a vanity table and give off a charming, relaxed vibe.

Don't believe us?

Take a look at the Crystal Pro mirror and picture doing your make-up in your dressing room with such fab lighting. With an aluminium steel frame and bulbs that last up to 50,000 hours, it can be mounted or placed on a table.

It screams style, elegance, and is a modern spin on the classic Hollywood Mirror.

Crystal Pro Vanity Mirror 80 x 60cm

Such a flexible option can never lose its relevance. It lets you make changes to your space freely if you change your mind and want to mount it or vice versa.

Once you know where you want your mirror to go, you can ask…

What Style of Mirror Best Suits That Space?

Because vanities are hardly a new concept, they have gone through many stylistic phases. Luckily, that leaves a wide range of options to pick from as you choose a vanity mirror style.

Are you more drawn to avant-garde or '70s retro style? Maybe Elizabethan antiques fit you’re aesthetic perfectly.

Regardless of what your taste is, the style of a mirror mainly depends on the shape and frame it has.

Traditional and antique vanities tend to have a round mirror with wooden frames attached to a vanity table. On the other hand, contemporary styles can have minimalistic metallic frames or no frames at all.

We can all agree that the best addition to vanity stations over the years has been the lights. They elevate the vanity priming experience.

If you want a nice mix of vintage meets modern, you will appreciate the Julia Mirror in white gloss. Do you love those pictures taken by celebrities on dressing tables with the many light bulbs?

It's always a picture of them doing their makeup, mostly applying mascara or lipstick, you know the picture! Here’s your chance to recreate the look.

Julia Hollywood Mirror in White Gloss 80 x 60cm

Having your vanity mirror be the main centrepiece of a room or wall can save you time and money. You won’t have to add in many (if any at all) background details to fill up space.

Have you decided on a mirror style? Great! It's now time to consider…

What Size Are You Going For?

Remember to work with the space you’ve got. That doesn't mean your choices cannot be bold or unconventional. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes.

What about a mirror such as the Nicole Mirror, that's energy-efficient thanks to its LED lighting?

Nicole Hollywood Mirror Wall Mounted XL 60 x 100cm

It works well if you have a big area and you want it to dominate a space.

If you'd prefer something smaller with a similar appeal, then you’ll appreciate the Rihanna White Edge mirror with all its sleek slimness.

Rihanna White Edge Hollywood Mirror 60 x 60cm

At Hollywood Mirrors you don't need to compromise style for size. The options are flexible, and you get to tell us exactly what you want.

If you’re uncertain about the size you’d like to get, there's another option.

Why Not Get More Than One Vanity Mirror?

If you’re trying to add some decor to your room or add a vanity station on a rather large table, why not get two mirrors?

It's a great way to create a new style or play around with symmetry. This is always fun to try with round mirrors as you can hang them in no particular order on the wall.

You could also set up vanity stations in different parts of your home or workspace to keep your theme uniform across the board. It's also fun to have a lot more room and access when all the girls are around and getting ready at the vanity station.

For inspiration, look at how the Diaz Mirror pairs well with a larger mirror in the room. They are both striking and can help create interesting reflection shots for your gorgeous Insta selfie.

Diaz Hollywood Mirror Portrait 80 x 60cm Free Standing

It's Time to Find the Perfect Mirror

The best aspect of owning a vanity mirror is, you don't have to dress to kill every day, but you do deserve to enjoy a wholesome experience when pampering yourself.

Owning one is a push to transform yourself into whatever you choose and feel glamorous in the process. It encourages you to take your time and not rush the process when you sit down to prepare.

Now you know what to keep an eye out for when picking out a vanity table mirror; leave the rest to us.

Our vanity mirrors come with a little extra; from consuming less energy to an on-off touch sensor.

Nicole Hollywood Mirror Wall Mounted XL 60 x 100cm

To top it off, they look good and make you look even better.

We’ve been in the game since 2005 and ship our products to the United Kingdom and Ireland. We also offer free UK next-day delivery.

Are you ready to have the perfect dressing room and makeup goals in one? It really is every glam girl's dream.

Enjoy illumination unlike any other by choosing the mirror you know you deserve.

Visit our site today to browse through our vast range of products.

See our guide on installing a dressing table mirror.

Featured image: Pexels by Christa Grover

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