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Walk-in wardrobes: a clothing addict’s equivalent to Narnia.

Few things scream luxury quite like walk-in closets do. However, the days when you could only find one in a mansion are long over.

It’s time to display all your clothes and accessories correctly.

We’ve compiled seven practical and stunning walk-in wardrobe ideas.

You, too, can have a dream closet with an impeccable, organized dressing area.

But before we get onto the ideas, let’s talk about the three steps you need to follow prior to picking your perfect wardrobe.

Step 1: Know the Shape You Want 

Start by selecting the shape of your walk-in wardrobe.

There are three usual walk-in closet possibilities:

  • L-shaped closet — Occupies two walls of the room, leaving you plenty of moving space.
  • U-shaped closet — Occupies three walls for maximum storage space.
  • Straight walk-in closet — Allows space for both his and her sides, and is a great choice for smaller spaces. 

Step 2: Add the Storage You Need

Think about your clothing, and plan how everything will be sorted. While you’re at it, also come up with closet organization ideas for your accessories and seasonal items.

Hint: Having dedicated storage will make finding items you need much less stressful.

Also, did you know that the best way to keep your clothes and accessories organized and dust-free is by adding plenty of drawers?

With that, for the best closet system organization, include plenty of:

  • Shelving
  • Hanging space
  • Drawers 
  • Cabinets

With these, your walk-in closets will look neat and uncluttered. 

Step 3: Pick a Style You Love

Before you remodel or buy furniture, decide on your wardrobe style. Have a definite one chosen and stick to it, to make sure your wardrobe looks cohesive.

Are you more of a contemporary or a traditional person? Do you want a wardrobe dripping in luxury, or something more understated? Will you opt for a lot of wooden fixtures, or do you prefer metal and glass?

Once you’re set on the basics of your walk-in closet, it’s time to have a look at inspiration.

Our Incredible Walk-in Closet Ideas That You’ll Love

Here is our selection of wardrobe ideas:

Convert Your Attic Into a Walk-in Closet

This attic conversion whips up space for a sizable walk-in wardrobe.

It features pale white cabinetry along the walls, and smart open storage solutions that make great use of ceiling height. This is achieved by installing shelves and hanging racks — these set the stage for a curated collection of clothing and accessories.

Smart shelving choices make sure every inch of wall space is used, and make this small walk-in wardrobe a highly functional space.

There’s even space for a small stool and a shelf. This can serve as a vanity area, or a place to put your accessories.

This attic wardrobe goes for a bright look by using light shades, sloped ceilings, and walls that are painted a pale pink. Together with the wood flooring, it gives the space a warm tone. 

Install an Island in Your Walk-in Closet

If you have the luxury of space, an island is a superb addition.

This walk-in wardrobe is an excellent example of elegance, as the white cabinets make the closet look bright.

It’s also an excellent example of efficient use of space through excellent layout planning.

Storage options include:

  • Open racks
  • Glass panel doors on the shelves
  • Cabinets with mirrored doors (which help make the space look bigger)

The focal point of this dream wardrobe is the island counter — a perfect spot to drop your clothes and accessories.

Islands come in all shapes and sizes. Choose one with plenty of drawers, to maximise the wardrobe storage.

Did you know? Having an island means extra storage space, so you don’t have to worry about creating clutter.

You can also add trays or boxes to the island for smaller items — jewellery, keys, and even pocket change.

Create a Seating Area in Your Walk-in Closet

There is no better way to make a walk-in wardrobe functional than to put in a seating area.

An ottoman is a perfect solution to having a dressing room you’ll enjoy using.


Because not only can you sit while you get your shoes on, you can also use it to lay outfits on.

For more storage space, choose an ottoman that opens up. You can store clothes you don’t need every day, or some sentimental items you don’t want to get rid of.

Before choosing one, think about your wardrobe shape — you want to make sure you have enough space to move around when it’s in place.

 Choose either:

  • Round ottoman in a large, open closet
  • Narrow bench in a straight, single-aisle closet

Add Mirrors and a Vanity in Your Walk-in Wardrobe

Wardrobes can never have too many mirrors. 

If you have a small walk-in wardrobe, upgrade your closet door to a full-length mirror. It will reflect light into other parts of your wardrobe, making the dressing area feel more significant in size.

And not only will mirrors help in creating an illusion of a bigger space, they are a necessity when dressing up.

To make your closet go from bland to glamorous, include glass doors on shelves.

You can also go for bevelled edges and glass knobs.

Another great idea to include in your wardrobe designs is a built-in vanity.

hers closet

"Excellent quality, really bright light, and looks amazing very very pleased." - Olivia Atkins on Monday, March 22, 2021

The critical components of a vanity include:

  • The countertop
  • Drawers, for storing make-up and grooming tools
  • A dressing table chair, which can serve as a seat and a stool to reach taller places
  • A Hollywood mirror — handcrafted in the UK, it’s the ultimate dressing table addition 

Fact: Dressing mirrors with lights are perfect for taking your beauty routine to the next level. 

Small Walk-in Closet Ideas

Not sure how a small space can have room for a walk-in wardrobe?

The key is in the organization. Make every square inch of your small walk-in wardrobe count by using:

  • Shelves
  • Drawers
  • Baskets
  • Racks

Use decorative accessories to make your small walk-in closet pop and look more inviting, such as mirrors or lighting.

Another great idea is the wallpaper. Choose bright colours which will open up space, give it a pop of texture, and make your small walk-in wardrobe one of the dream spaces in your home.

Check out some small walk-in wardrobe storage ideas for your master bedroom.

The Best Ideas for Lights in a Walk-in Closet

You can set your wardrobe and dressing room’s mood with lighting in several ways:

  • Add mood lighting
  • Improve room brightness, especially in a dressing room without windows
  • Create a focal point of the master bedroom closet
  • Highlight the accessories
  • Showcase your closet display

In the picture above, ceiling spotlights and a chandelier complement each other. Together with the white mirrored cabinets and walls, they create an elegant and sophisticated wardrobe.

Don’t forget to include a dimmer switch for optimal lighting conditions during the day, too.

While you’re at it, why not check out more ideas for lighting?

Artful Display Design Ideas

Ways to artfully organize your clothes include:

  • Group items like bags or shoes in one section
  • Create vignettes, or display your favourite accessories 
  • Colour coordinate clothes and accessories
  • Use coordinating clothing hangers

Don’t over-do it. Like the picture above, keep displays minimal and allow for open space to shine through.

Make your clothes’ colour palette part of the closet design. The colours above — shades of green and blue — create a relaxing atmosphere.

The secret to beautiful custom closets? Less is more.

Hint: Another great trick is to keep the door between the bedroom and the dressing room open. When you have all your favourite items visible, it’s easier to decide what to wear.

Make Your Space Pop With Hollywood Mirrors

There’s no better way to make your bedroom, bathroom, or wardrobe stand out than by installing a Hollywood mirror.


Check out our blog, and learn about the best mirror-with-lights options for your home.

Featured image: Unsplash by Андрей Постовой

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