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There's a secret; there has to be.

You're tired of straining; there has to be a way to see farther than London's Eye when you're getting dressed and applying makeup. There has to be a way to spot those details that elude you until you step out and someone notices.

Well, you're right. There’s a missing link.

Can we tell you what it is? We're itching to.

It's a mirror with lights.

No, it isn't just for makeup studios.

It's not just for the dressing rooms of enormous stores.

It doesn't matter if you're a fashion icon, nursing mom or single Dad.

Everyone could use an light-up mirror in their home.

You’ll notice a tremendous change in how confident you feel each morning because those lights are like ninjas, helping to attack every hidden wrinkle of your look. You'll hardly leave your house without noticing a stain, tear or what-have-you. And this is just one of its benefits.

Join us, as we consider five exciting reasons why you should invest in a mirror with lights in your dressing space. 

Illuminated Mirrors Reveal How Your Outfit Really Looks

Do you change five-or-so times every morning, trying to find the perfect outfit?

Each one you put on looks dull or wrinkled, and you’re now dreading dress-up time.

But what if there’s nothing wrong with your clothes?

ABC News Correspondent Beck Worley carried out a survey on how dressing room styles affect the way we look. During this survey, one thing she considered was the lighting in each room.

Three of the rooms only relied on ceiling lighting. As a result, her outfit looked dull and shadowed.

But the last two rooms had mirror lights, revealing that nothing was wrong with her dress. One of the problems all along had been a lack of good illumination.

Overhead bulbs, lamps or sidelights aren’t enough to give us that detail we want to see when we get dressed.

But mirror lights work with overhead lights and the mirror itself to reveal how you truly look. No shadows. No dullness. No bulges or wrinkles.

Haven’t you noticed that the same item which looks dull indoors looks just fine when you step into natural light?


"A fabulous mirror! The lights are awesome and my daughter is really happy with it. She feels like a film star in her dressing room! Because the lights are so good I can even see without my glasses on! haha. It has a dimmer too." -  Julia Sinclair, February 6, 2020


Similarly, if there’s a stain, tear or something off to address before you step out, mirrors with lights help you see it.

Now, we know what you’re thinking—your room lights are bright, unlike the ones Beck encountered. Or your bathroom has sharper bulbs; you’ll just mount a mirror there. But no matter how sharp an overhead spotlight may be, it doesn’t face the dress directly, meaning it won’t see all that needs to be seen.


Now imagine that kind of illumination guiding your dress-up process. You'll hardly miss a thing.

Quality Selfies & Picture Perfect Props 

Those photos on Instagram look so good!

Perfect lighting, flawless skin.


If only you could achieve that look.

You’ve tried a couple of times. You go to the bathroom, to the best lit areas in your home, but the brightness seems to make no difference.

Have you ever thought that maybe your light wasn't coming from the right angle?

Undisputed, one thing required for an excellent shot is lighting. Photographer, Syl Arena said:

"...the best photographers I know are all obsessed with light. You should become obsessed with light, too. I guarantee you that if you learn to see light—I mean truly learn to see light—then your photography will improve automatically."

But in photography, seeing light goes beyond identifying great fluorescents. The direction it comes from is equally important. And the ones overhead are just not in the best angle for selfies.

To get a superb selfie, you would want the light in front. Online Educator and Instagram Expert Sarah Deshaw had this to say:

"Make sure you keep any source of light as level to your eye as possible. Any light above or below you could cause an unwanted shadow. This means you might look up toward a light on the ceiling and photograph a selfie from above for great light, or turn toward the nearest lamp."

What better way to keep the light at eye level, than using a mirror with lights?

This beautiful mirror also has an added advantage for your photos—aesthetics.

Picture the pretty Munroe frame making your room look like Barbie’s:

Monroe Hollywood Mirror Wall Mounted 80 x 60cm
Monroe Hollywood Mirror Wall Mounted 80 x 60cm

You’ll be proud to show it off on the Gram.

Dressing Table Mirrors Add Elegance to Playtime

Your mommy-daughter moments with your little princess are priceless.

You play dress-up together and sometimes go the whole nine miles by acting out certain roles.

She, the Princess, you, the Queen.

But you've always known your dressing room—where the action takes place—needs some finesse to fit the storyline.

As little as mirrors with lights may seem, they could be your ticket to a royal setting.

So how about you take one for the team? For the fun, memories and the pictures you’ll look back on a few years from now.

Nicole Hollywood Mirror Wall Mounted XL 60 x 100cmNicole Wall Mounted Hollywood Mirror 


Less Is More With LED Bulbs 

Remember Beck’s dressing room experience?

One of her issues with the first three spaces explored was the type of light. Most relied on yellow lighting, which contributed to the dull reflection she got each time she looked into the mirror.

Reflective frames have more than beauty—they have brains.

  • They use white LED lights, which cast less shadow than yellow bulbs
  • Each model has a dimmer switch on the right side for those days you don’t require full brightness.  
  • In case you don’t want them hard wired (1) to your main electricity, they come with a 3 pin plug.
  • LED lights are energy efficient and cause less heat.Hollywood Mirror Light Bulbs Replacements Dimmable LED Bulbs e27Hollywood Mirror Light Bulbs Replacements Dimmable LED Bulbs e27

See? We told you they’ve got brains.


This Could Be the Makeup Mirror You’ve Been Searching For

How is your makeup application each morning?

You strain to see, even with your dressing table mirrors being so close to your face.

Well, that's because photography isn’t the only art that largely relies on (good) lighting; your face art does, too.

And what better way to source light than to put LED mirrors in front of you?

If you have a dressing table with drawers, there’s an exciting advantage to mounting that gorgeous mirror right above the table. Things will be easier to find in those drawers when you turn on your mirror lights.

Penelope Hollywood Mirror Wall Mounted 60 x 80cmPenelope Landscape Wall Mounted Mirror 



Home Is Where the Lights Are

You know that big store downtown that has lots of mirrors with lights?

You know how amazing you look and feel each time you’re there, knowing how your outfit really looks?

Imagine having to go there each time you want that perfect reflection or Insta-worthy selfie. Tacky, right?

That’s why you might want to invest in your own space.

You can achieve that same glam in your home by fixing one mirror.

The perfect dressing room mirror.

It’s not vanity for you to long to step out in confidence—it’s self-care. And to advocate for your care, we’ll deliver any mirror for free within the UK.

Featured image: Pixabay by cottonbro

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