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Wondering how to choose the perfect mirror for your interior decor space to match your style?

Accessories such as mirrors never fail to be a great addition to a home’s interior decor.

Depending on the area available, they can be as big or small and as ornate or simple as you wish, which means their individual purpose and impact is entirely up to you.


What’s more, wall mounted mirrors take up no floor space whatsoever - so you can add a lovely accent to your room without obstructing the footprint of other furnishings.


Mirrors are well-recognised throughout the world of interior design for their ability to make a space seem larger and lighter. They are also the perfect way to add a new dimension to any decor scheme you may choose.


So - how can you select the perfect mirror to complement your unique tastes? In this article, we provide a number of suggestions for the use of mirrors alongside popular interior decorating trends


We also reveal how the inclusion of mirrors into your decor can make your home more appealing when you decide to sell!




Homeowners who opt for minimalist design will quickly discover that the more stripped-back your space is, the more precise you need to be when it comes to the few accessories with which you choose to adorn it.


Neatness and cleanliness are paramount - which means that a minimalist space can be pretty tough to decorate!


Square or rectangular frameless mirrors are a great choice in this kind of environment. Not only are they visually fuss-free, but they’re also extremely easy to clean - something that is a must for a space in which every element is heavily exposed.


Oversized mirrors also look fantastic in minimalist design. They can give a real “wow” factor to a space in which everything else is quite discreet.




The industrial trend is still going strong, and mirrors work really well with this school of interior decor. You can either opt for an angular, brutalist metal or wooden frame with fixings visible, or create an exciting contrast with something really ornate and elaborate.


Functional additions like dressing-room style bulbs or handy underslung shelves are attractive and practical options here, too.



Do you love living the extra life? Are you fully invested in the fashion world’s current shift towards “royalcore” decor? Then there’s nothing more exciting than an oversized, gilt-framed mirror when it comes to accessorizing your spaces.


Huge wall-hung landscape mirrors and full length mirror standing designs with intricate elements or dressing-room style bulbs are perfect for an opulent room. Baroque or rococo looks are a superb choice here.



If you’re into the use of natural materials or the Scandi hygge aesthetic, you may choose a mirror with a raw wood frame. Driftwood-style pieces are particularly attractive if you’re looking for a focal point.


Alternatively, a mirror is a great accessory to use when adding some sharp contrast to a cosy neutral haven. Sharp or rounded frameless edges look great here - as does an elegant, slim matte black border.


Surround with shelves bearing stunning houseplants for the perfect finish.


How Mirrors Can Help You Sell


Because mirrors can be so transformative in almost any space, they offer home sellers a great opportunity to spruce up the rooms of a property prior to putting it on the market.


Before you arrange to have pictures taken for an estate agent’s brochure, take a quick look around your home to see where a mirror could be placed to make the most of the light and enhance the size of a room.


For example, hanging a mirror behind a sideboard or corner table, then placing a lamp on that table, will offer a sense of depth and help the light to travel further, brightening that area of the room.


A mirror is a fantastic accessory for an area of “dead space” too. If there’s a dreary corner or stretch of wall that isn’t practically usable - it may still be a great spot for a mirror. This will help to add plenty of interest.


Mirrors - whether simple or ornate - help to draw the eye. If there is a particularly pretty area of your home to which you would like to attract a viewer’s attention, you should consider placing a mirror nearby.


Mirrors are the perfect accessory for use when decorating a house prior to selling - as it offers all of the benefits listed above, and you can still take it with you!


The versatility and impact of a well-chosen mirror isn’t to be overlooked. Just be sure to measure and plan carefully before purchasing one in order to avoid damage, obstruction or a poor fit.

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