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The way you present yourself speaks volumes about your character, confidence, and personality. Getting the perfect look for any occasion requires your full attention — and the right lighting.

The illumination you choose for your vanity mirror to a large extent influences the outcome of your entire getting ready experience.

You definitely want to stay away from those harsh, excessively yellow lights that make it difficult to differentiate the colours in your makeup and outfit.

Instead, you want a beautifully lit dressing table that allows you to easily review your look.

Whether you’re a professional makeup artist or a businessperson who needs to get office-ready every morning — your makeup mirror illumination is your best prep tool.

Let’s get into the essential factors to think about when choosing a bulb for your makeup mirror.

Essential Considerations Before You Buy

First, you need to consider the type of illumination you want. There are two recommended types.

Natural Lighting

The best lighting for your makeup mirror and dressing table is the closest to natural sunlight (with a colour temperature of around 5000 Kelvin). This allows you to shave, groom up and put on your outfit in a serene and well-lit setting.

Be sure to check your bulb packaging for its Kelvin rating.

Clear, Bright Lighting

However, if you’re colour sensitive, you’ll want a clear and bright light source.

Dull, yellowish light makes it difficult to accurately choose the perfect colours for your outfit and makeup. On the other hand, a lighted vanity allows you to see all the crisp details.

Did you know? Lumens are the unit of measurement for a bulb’s brightness. For the bright illumination required on a dressing table, you need a bulb of 500 lumens or more.

Once you’ve decided which type of lighting you prefer, keep some of these other considerations in mind.

You should also consider:

  • Energy Efficiency — Your choice of vanity illumination should be one that reduces energy costs as much as possible without compromising on the intensity.
  • Longevity — On average, a good bulb should last at least 22,000 hours.
  • Cost — The durability and versatility in a bulb influence it’s pricing. A dimmable bulb is usually more expensive than a non-dimmable one.
  • Versatility — Most house designs situate the bathroom and the dressing table in the same room. In that case, you want a dimmable bulb system that can be switched from soft, warm light for relaxing baths to a clear, well-lit ambience for makeup application.
  • Beauty — Your makeup mirror should be a happy place bursting with life and excitement. The illumination on your makeup mirror should bring out an atmosphere of beauty and elegance.

Though it’s rare to find a bulb that ticks all the above boxes, you should select one that comes as close as possible.

Based on those considerations, below you’ll find the five best pieces for your makeup mirror.

The 5 Best Bulbs for Your Light Up Mirror

Hilleagle Edison Screw Light Bulbs

These beautiful globe-shaped led lights are ideal for your makeup mirror. They offer 3000K intensity with a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 80+, allowing you to experience a clear, soft naturally illuminated view.

They also filter out any yellowing, giving you a crisp, well-lighted ambience — perfect for your makeup routine.

The Edison bulbs are highly energy-efficient, offering the lighting equivalent of a 60-watt bulb while only consuming 6 watts of energy. The two-pack set has a considerably low annual energy cost compared to incandescents of similar functionality.

Most users consider them to produce the best light and they are well-loved for the bright, clean light that makes getting ready a fulfilling experience.

When it comes to longevity, these bulbs have an average lifespan of 20,000 hours. They are dimmable so you can adjust them to your varying illumination preferences. In terms of pricing, they’re much more affordable when compared to other products on the market.

Tala 6W Bulb - Porcelain II

If you’re looking to inject some class and elegance into your makeup mirrors, the Tala Porcelain II is a perfect choice. These stunning pieces come in a matte glass orb with an attractive round shape, making them both stylish and classy.

They are fitted with a brass alloy base that’s compatible with most standard E25 fixtures. These led lights are high on intensity, producing 540 lumens while only using 6 watts of energy. They’re compatible with any dimmer switch and thus allow full dimming.

With an average lifespan of 30,000 hours, these rank among the longest-lasting bulbs in the United Kingdom. They have a colour temperature of 2700K — ideal for your bathroom.

The matte glass orb prevents self-reflection and glare, giving you the perfect filter on your vanity mirror. It also reduces fingerprints and smudges, thus producing a crisp, clear view with a simple wipe.

In terms of cost, the Porcelain II is considerably higher than other varieties, though its beauty and longevity justify the price. The Porcelain II fits in perfectly with the Audrey Mirror.

Who wouldn't want an elegant yet well-lit makeup mirror? Best of both worlds!

Philips Replacement Light Bulb

With its unique globe shape, the Philips Replacement LED Light Bulb stands out among its peers when it comes to illumination.

Check out the glowing customer review below:

light up mirror
Screenshot from: Amazon | A. Ross customer review

The bulb produces a lovely warm light with exceptional clarity and high CRI — ideal for the colour filter and magnification required for makeup application. It boasts 500-lumen brightness, thus guaranteeing to clearly light up your makeup table.

The non-flickering, natural ambience is just perfect for your wall-mounted mirrors. It’s energy-saving, with 80% energy efficiency over 60-watt incandescents and an equivalent light intensity.

This bulb has an average lifespan of 15,000 hours. What’s more, the Philips Replacement Bulb is the most affordable of the five entries in this review.

Kasa Smart KL110 Bulb

If you’ve been thinking of going smart with your makeup mirror, then the Kasa Smart KL 110 bulb is the way to go. This new age smart bulb is ideal if you have a lot on your plate and would like a voice-controlled system.

The bulb can be controlled through either Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, or Google Assistant.

Offering among the best light variations in the industry, you can easily switch from a soft, dull illumination (perfect for long baths) to a clear, bright magnification (necessary for makeup and dressing).

With the Kasa smart app, you can control the bulb from anywhere, giving you the convenience of controlling multiple makeup mirrors; this is a perfect tool for makeup artists with numerous clients. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

The product reviews on Amazon indicate that most users love the convenience of switching across multiple lighting levels. It provides 800-lumen illumination, making it suitable for your makeup mirrors.

Light up mirror
Screenshot from: Amazon | Marty Jame customer review

These bulbs have a shorter lifespan compared to other brands. In terms of pricing, the smart features push the Kasa Smart bulb price up — but the price is well worth the convenience provided.

AmazonBasics LED B22 Bayonet Cap Bulb

Perhaps you’re looking to elevate the ambience in your dressing room. In that case, you should consider the AmazonBasics LED B22 Bayonet Cap Bulb. It comes with 1055-lumen illumination capability. Based on the Amazon product reviews, users love it for its clarity and lack of glare.

The bulbs emit a warm, soft light with a 2700 K intensity and an average lifespan of 20,000 hours. The plastic construction makes them ideal for people working in highly sensitive environments.

Other than illuminating up your makeup mirror, the bulb can also be used to light your kitchen or living room, owing to its warm and welcoming magnification. It’s yet another excellent, affordable option.

Vanity Mirror
Image from: Pixabay

Hollywood Mirrors Can Help You Pick the Best Light-up Mirror

The choice of illumination is highly dependent on your preferences. All the same, it’s worth considering a bulb that will provide the necessary clarity required for a well-lighted dressing table.

Most of the bulbs on the market are globe-shaped, but that’s not to say that you can't be adventurous and try a different shape. Pick one that both suits your personal style and is easy on your pocketbook.

The next time you’re in the market for a light-up mirror, select your favourite from the wide selection at Hollywood Mirrors. All of our models come with stylish lamps for a clear, well-illuminated atmosphere.

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