March 06, 2019 1 min read

At Hollywood mirrors, we are extremely proud of our products and we want to get even better at what we do.

We love all your feedback as without our great customers we are nothing and we strive for perfection if there is such a thing?

I have been reading through all our Feefo customer product reviews over the last year to try and find out what our products mean.

Below are the 20 most used phrases when customers have reviewed our mirrors in the last year on 109 product reviews.

1. "Love it" used 23 times

2. "Quality" used 18 times

3. "looks Fantastic, Fab, Brilliant" used 16 times

4. "Amazing" used 15 times

5. "Beautiful" used 13 times

6. "Dimmable lights" used 10 times

7. "Makeup easier" used 6 times

8. "Bright" used 6 times

9. "Easy Assembly" used 5 times

10."Gorgeous" used 5 times

11."Perfect" used 5 times

12. "Recommended" used 4 times

13. "Value for money" used 4 times

14." Best thing I bought" used 3 times

15."Excellent" used 3 times

16. "Get compliments" used 3 times

17."Luxury" used 2 times

18. "Stunning" used 1 time

19."Glam" used 1 time

20. "Obsessing" used 1 time


If you are on the fence as to whether to buy one of our mirrors we would like our customers to do the talking you will "love it"

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