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Do you remember what they say about a broken mirror and bad luck?

We all know mirrors bring so much beauty and glam into our space that we want to replicate such an atmosphere each time we move. This is where techniques on packing a mirror before moving are needed.

Moving is sometimes inevitable, and it can be unnerving. For instance, it is known that mirrors can be costly to replace if they are damaged or if there reflecting surface is scratched or cracked.

If your mirror holds sentimental significance, things get complicated when anything happens to it because of poor packing or unprofessional hauling services.

So, how do you pack your mirrors when moving?

Today, we will be looking at detailed steps on how best to pack your mirrors the next time you need to move.

1. Prepare everything you need

Usually, when moving, we sort out our items based on their size, uses, placement in the house, and nature of materials used. But for a mirror, you cant just wrap a swaddling cloth around it. A good way of protecting your mirror is by using bubble wrap for packaging

It's crucial to understand that having the correct mirror packing supplies might mean the difference between finding your mirror in one piece and finding it in several parts after the move.

You will need the following items to pack your mirror correctly.

● First on the list is a mirror box. You can get this from moving companies like Manchester Removals or any local moving company.

● Bubble wrap or moving blankets

● A roll of Masking tape

● A roll of Packing tape

● Styrofoam (Optional)

● Artist knife

● Thick cardboard

● Frame corner protectors

● Quality Packing paper

● A working marker

2. Prepare a workspace for your packing

Bedford moving services recommends the following:

The first step in learning how to pack and move a mirror is to set up an appropriate packing location. Clear a large enough table, such as one in your kitchen, dining room, or living area.

Place a large moving blanket on the table surface to act as a soft cushion throughout the packing process. Then, in the centre of the table, arrange the stack of thick brown paper.

The packing station you built up will expedite the packing process while ensuring that everything is secure.

3. Set up your mirror box

A mirror box is a sturdy cardboard box with four sections that interlock to provide a highly adjustable exterior protective covering. You won't have to worry about the size of your large mirror. Throughout the packaging process, you can readily modify the mirror box to

accommodate any mirror size. If you’re making a custom-sized cardboard container for a extra large mirror, you'll need all four parts of the mirror box.

Place thick strips of bubble wrap in the linked corners and edges of two box sections for padding purposes.

Do not use packing tape yet.

Repeat with the other two mirror packing box pieces.


4. Wrap your mirror


Place your mirror facing up on the padded tabletop. Get help if you need to move large mirrors.

Open the roll of masking tape, and make an X mark from the left top corner of the mirror downwards.

Do the same for the right-hand top corner. The X marking would hold the mirrors surface in position if it broke while moving by chance. After that, cut a piece from the cardboard you purchased.

Ensure its larger than the mirrors surface, and place it on the face of the mirror.
Alternatively, you can choose to add styrofoam for an added cushioning effect.

The styrofoam is to be placed on the face of the mirror. If your mirror is framed, use edge protectors to protect the frame from detaching in case of a hit.


5. Carefully place your mirror into the prepared mirror box

Adjust the sides of the split mirror carton to fit the wrapped-up mirror as tightly as possible to the mirror frame. If required, fill any gaps with additional cushioning materials such as bubble wrap or lightly wadded packing paper.

Finally, secure the first half of your completed package with just a little tape. Insert the second interconnected, bubble-wrapped cushioned but not yet taped
cardboard portion from the top down. The two half-pieces should meet in the centre.

Then the top one should be adjusted to a close fit and cushioning materials added if necessary. Use a little amount of packing tape to fasten the top part once again. When that is done, confirm if the
mirror is sitting tightly. There shouldn't be any dangling or shaking sound from the box.

6. Label as fragile

Now, label your mirror to guide the movers on how to handle it. Make it legible. Some mirror boxes contain the fragile; or ‘handle with care’ label. All you have to do is tick it.

You can also add extra labels like where the mirror will be stationed when you are done unpacking. Do well to ensure that nothing is placed on top of your mirror(s). It shouldn't be placed on its side or slanted against the bus's body. The correct way to place a mirror in transit is upright.


7. Unpack with care

Your packing journey doesn’t end till the mirror is safely unpacked and set up in its new location.
The same attention and care while packing should be exercised while unpacking. If you aren't setting up in your new place yet, ensure your mirror is kept somewhere safe in an upright position.

Make the most out of these mirror moving techniques

Some items are more straightforward to pack than others when prepping you'r home for a move.

With these outlined techniques, you now understand how to pack and transport your mirror.

If you follow these instructions carefully, your mirror will arrive in fine shape at its new location.

However, suppose you are still unsure or have a really costly or precious mirror that you don't want to risk damaging. In that case, you may hire a professional moving company, which should be able to construct a crate around it as the ultimate protection.

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