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You were wondering how to choose the best light mirror for your bedroom? A vanity mirror or light up a mirror in your bedroom could be the ultimate accessory, ideal for upgrading your beauty and dressing routine. With your lighted mirror, you’ll get the perfect view of every outfit when you’re dressing up for work or play.

A bedroom mirror with its bright light source can also be handy for other tasks, from doing your hair to inserting contact lenses, plucking eyebrows, and even applying your makeup. The more light you have, the more confident you’ll feel in every task.


Wall Mirrors

Today, the popularity of illuminated mirrors has led to many different styles and solutions available for all kinds of bedrooms. You can invest in a large mirror that takes up most of your bedroom wall or choose something small to sit on your vanity table.

Today, we’re going to look at some of the things you should consider when choosing the best light up mirrors for your bedroom makeover.

Why You Need a Lighted Mirror

Before we look at how you can choose the best light up mirror for your bedroom, let’s discuss why it’s such a good idea to have one of these products in the first place. The best bedroom mirror is a must-have for making the most of your morning and evening routine.

A rectangular mirror on your wall can greet you each day with a reflective surface where you can check your hair and make sure you look perfect for the challenges ahead. However, a light-up mirror can accomplish much more than your standard mirror.

Light up Mirror

Using a mirror with lights, you can:

·         Perfect your makeup:The bright light of the light up mirror makes it easier to master your makeup application. The right mirror should be able to mimic natural light or give you a range of lights to choose from, so you can check your look from every perspective.

·         Improve your dressing routine: From touch-ups to complete outfits, a lighted mirror is perfect for giving you a complete view of your look before you hit the town. It’s the ideal way to make you feel glamorous and confident every day.

·         Simplify everyday activities: Access to bright LED lights can simplify various tasks, from applying your contact lenses to plucking the tiny hairs that make your eyebrows look out of place.

·         Save energy: LED lights on a light-up mirror can be more cost-effective and eco-friendlier than using the standard light in your dressing room or bedroom.

·         Get a better view: Many of the light up mirrors available today come with magnification features and other technologically advanced extras to make your vanity routine even more convenient.

A lighted mirror is an excellent way to add a unique splash of style to your bedroom. You can find a wide range of stylish options on the market today, all perfect for giving something extra to your bedroom space.

How to Choose The Best Mirror for Bedroom

Now you know why you need a light up mirror, we can begin to look at how to choose the best light mirror for your bedroom. The first step is to look at your bedroom space and think about what your options are likely to be. Consider how you’re using your mirror in your bedroom and how much space you have to work with.

Next, focus on these tips:


1.    Choose the Right Type of Mirror

First, think about the type of mirror you’re buying. For some people, a full-length mirrors with light placed in a dressing room or bedroom could be the perfect solution to many problems. Your bedroom mirror can be where you check out your outfits, finish up your makeup, etc. Changing a regular mirror with a more flexible mirror design, complete with its lighting, is a great choice.

If a full-length mirror is too much for you, or you don’t have enough space for a full-length mirror in your bedroom, you might consider a different kind of wall mirror. Alternatively, you can avoid using the wall for your reflective surfaces entirely. There are large mirrors you can “lean” against your wall and free-standing mirrors with multiple light settings.

If you need something small, you could consider looking into vanity mirrors or a mini makeup mirror you can sit on top of your desk or bedside table.

2.    Think About Sizing

Just as it’s essential to consider the kind of mirror you want for your room, you’ll also need to think about the size too. While most of us would love to have a massive mirror in our bedroom, equipped with its lighting to help with applying mascara and finishing our hair, this isn’t possible for everyone.

If you have limited space in your house, it’s worth measuring the amount of space on your dressing table, dresser, or the wall where you want to hang your mirror. Ideally, you’ll wish to have unobstructed space on the wall to turn your mirror without anything getting in the way.

If you want to rest a large mirror against a wall in your bedroom or dressing room, you’ll need to make sure there’s space on the floor for the bottom of the frame.

3.    Consider Your Ideal style

Mirrors come in a wide variety of styles to suit virtually any need. Once you know the correct type of mirror for your needs, you can experiment with the perfect match for your style too.

For instance, do you want a retro-style mirror with lights featuring large LED bulbs similar to something you might see on the wall of a Hollywood icon? Or are you considering something simpler and more budget-friendly? Maybe you want something small and portable to take from your bedroom to your bathroom?

There are light-up mirrors for your bedroom with slick LED strip lights down one side or both sides to help bring your makeup routine and dressing table to life. Some solutions even come with different colours in the frame, so you can make sure your mirror matches your dressing table or the rest of the décor in your bedroom.

4.    Experiment with Shapes

The most common lighted makeup mirror options usually come in rectangular shapes. However, there’s no shortage of options for your vanity mirror or wall mirror. Depending on your needs, you can find all kinds of mirrors with different settings and features capable of helping you make the most of the space in your room.

The shape of your mirror can help add to the overall aesthetic in your bedroom and create the illusion of extra space. For example, a large square wall mirror can make your room look more open and inviting, helping to get rid of shadows in your bedroom.

Alternatively, a circular mirror on a stand atop your dresser can make your bedroom look more inviting and feminine. Think about what kind of shapes you can reasonably do work in your bedroom. This little detail can make a big difference to your finished look.

5.    Consider your Lighting Options

The lighting options available with your makeup mirror are the most crucial consideration when choosing the perfect product. Do you want something that can light up the glass of your mirror with warm or cold illumination depending on your needs?

While the lighting of any makeup mirror should be bright enough to help you see your face with detail and cast away any shadows, some devices give you more options than others. It’s common to find makeup mirrors with two or three light settings to choose from and adjustment options so you can get the perfect angle for applying makeup.

It’s also worth thinking about how you will power your makeup mirror. Some of the top devices can be powered with a USB cable, while others need access to batteries or outlets.

6.    Think About Extra Features

As mentioned above, the essential feature of a lighted bedroom mirror is usually the lighting or lights that come with your device. However, there are other features you can sometimes access from the best mirrors. For instance, you might want a vanity mirror with a frame with closing doors, so you can open or close the window into your mirror whenever you choose.

Some mirrors come with magnification elements, so you don’t have to sit too close to your mirror to get the best image. The magnification elements in some mirrors can make it easier to apply your makeup and put contact lenses in with minimal stress.

Many bedroom and bathroom mirrors with lighting come with multiple sides. One side of the frame will have a magnification element, while the other will show your image as usual. You can also think about extra factors, like having somewhere to put your cosmetics or makeup next to your mirror or features that allow you to adjust the angle of your mirror frame.

7.    Try More than One Mirror

Although a single mirror can make a massive difference to your bedroom when chosen correctly, you can also enhance the space even further with two mirrors. Putting more than one mirror around your room will help to light up your bedroom and create the illusion of extra space.

You can also choose between different kinds of mirrors to create balance. For instance, you might have one mirror on top of your vanity cabinet you can use for applying complex makeup and one more giant mirror placed on your door or bedroom wall for checking out your entire outfit.

While you don’t necessarily need to fill your room with mirrors to get the right effect, having more reflective surfaces around the house can suit some homeowners.


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