Extra Large Mirrors WIth Lights


The ultimate combination of practicality and style, our big mirrors and full length mirrors are perfect for when you can’t compromise on size. From free standing mirrors designed to give your bedroom, hallway, or dining room an unforgettable impact to large mirrors you can hang on your wall, there’s something for everyone in this phenomenal collection.

Extra large mirrors are perfect for when you want to impact the accessories in your home. These mirrors are ideal statement pieces for any living space, whether framed with an elegant finish or designed to be completely frameless.

Extra Large Decorative Mirrors

While any mirror can create the illusion of space in a room with the collection and reflection of light, few transform a space quite as effectively as a set of extra large mirrors. Big mirrors seem to open any room instantly, making the area appear more welcoming and stylish.

Our fantastic collection of extra large mirrors has something to suit any taste. From leaner mirrors with opulent, unforgettable frames to act as a talking point in your home to arched mirrors with a sleek modern finish, we’re sure you’ll find the design you’re looking for for your room.

Do you need a high-quality extra large mirror with a unique design? We have the perfect solution. Our mirrors have stylish designs that will instantly transform any room in your home or office. Our mirrors are made from the highest quality materials and include a 1-year warranty for your peace of mind. Your new mirror will come fully assembled and we offer free delivery within the UK on all our products.

Large mirrors are an excellent way to add style and depth to any room in your home. Our premium extra large mirrors are the perfect way to make a statement in your living space. Our extra large mirrors have been expertly crafted for maximum durability, making them ideal for bedrooms, laundry rooms, or anywhere else you need a stylish mirror that makes a statement.

Shop our online store to view our many styles and extensive range to find your perfect mirror for your rooms.

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