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Mirrors are one important aspect of any home's decor especially in the bedroom. From plain old rectangular shaped mirrors to sophisticated decorative mirrors, there is a lot to choose from to give your space that luxurious feel.

One thing is sure, mirrors are functional and can be used in any part of the house. 

For this article, we will focus solely on showing the types of bedroom mirrors.

From full-length mirrors to vanities, you'll soon see which each of these mirror types makes a great addition to your bedroom.

Plus we'll be sharing tips on how to style and position them in ways that blend with your room's decor.



3 Most Common Types of Mirrors

Mirrors are generally made from transparent glass usually in plate form. The glass typically will have a thin reflective layer at the back which is meant to prevent tarnishing, corrosion or abrasion.

Mirrors are of different types and below are the three most common types:


1: Plane Mirror:These are the most common types of mirrors used in bathrooms and bedrooms. Plane mirrors are mirrors that reflect images in their right proportions. The images are not distorted and what you see in the mirror is the same as the real thing. The only difference is that images reflected in a plane mirror are reversed from left to right.


2: Convex Mirror:These are round spherical mirrors that bulge out. Convex mirrors distort the reflected images, making them appear smaller than they are. These types of mirrors are mostly used in the side mirror or rearview mirror of a car allowing the driver to get a wider field of view.


3: Concave Mirror:Concave mirrors are also spherical mirrors but unlike convex mirrors, they curve inwards giving the illusion of largeness. The images reflected are distorted to look bigger than they are. They are also typically used in bathrooms and magnified makeup mirrors which can be quite useful when shaving or applying makeup because it'll allow you to get a better and more detailed reflection of your face.



16 Types of Bedroom Mirrors


Out of the three mirror types we looked at, the plane mirror is the most commonly used for household and decorative purposes. Although sometimes you'll find concave mirrors being incorporated into makeup vanities to give off that magnifying effect.


That being said, let's take a look at these 16 different types of mirrors you can use in your bedroom.



1: Dresser Mirrors

 dresser mirrors


One practical way of adding a mirror to your bedroom is by getting a dressing table also known as a dresser. A dresser mirror or dressing table mirror is typically attached to your dresser or hung above it. The best part about having a dresser with a mirror is that you have the drawers and table top of the dresser which acts as a storage unit to hold your makeup and skincare products, jewellery and other personal effects while the mirror helps you get a better view of your face when applying your makeup, putting on your scarf or adjusting your hair before you leave the room.



2: Vanity Mirrors

vanity mirrors

Vanity mirrors are similar to your dresser mirrors because they're both attached to a dressing table but the difference here is that vanity mirrors have lights around them such as LED lights or incandescent bulbs. The classic vanity mirror has a rectangular or square shape and is mainly used for everyday skincare and hair and makeup applications.



3: Antique and vintage mirrors

vintage mirrors


With many people wanting to recreate interior trends from different periods such as baroque and gothic, vintage-style or antique mirrors have become increasingly popular. If you're into the whole vintage and minimalist style of decor, hanging a statement piece of antique mirror over your nightstand will add that classic touch to your bedroom while maintaining simplicity.


These types of mirrors come with ornate frames and distressed wood and they're worth a good deal of money given the fact that they date back to a hundred years. However, not all antique mirrors are that old. There are other modern recreations of these types of mirrors that have been deliberately distressed to mimic that vintage look.



4: Traditional Full-Length Mirrors

full length mirrors



Full-length mirrors are ideal for bedrooms as they allow you to get a full head-to-toe view of yourself. Traditional full-length mirrors are not usually as wide or large as other full-length mirrors. They're typically rectangular with simple plain frames or no frames at all and you can decide to mount them on the wall, lean them against the wall or even hang the mirror at the back of of your door or in your wardrobe



5: Freestanding full-length mirrors:

freestanding full legth mirror

If you want a full-length mirror that you can move around your bedroom, then a freestanding mirror is your best bet.

Freestanding mirrors don't require wall mounting. They usually come with two legs attached to a wooden or metallic frame that holds the mirror in an upright position. The legs may also come with small tires attached to them for easy movement. That way, you don't have to worry about carrying it when you can just drag or push it to whatever part of your bedroom you want.



6: Cheval full-length mirrors

cheval mirrors

Cheval full-length mirrors are also freestanding full-length mirrors but this time, they're attached to a swivel frame, allowing them to tilt and adjust.  Cheval mirrors usually have a vintage or modern styling and as such will make a perfect addition to your vintage/modern themed bedroom decor. For that vintage feel, get a cheval mirror that's constructed with wood and go for a chrome-plated one for that modern look.



7: Leaning mirrors

leaner mirrors

Leaning mirrors also referred to as leaners are large full-length mirrors designed to lean against a wall rather than being hung. They're usually oversized which makes sense as to why they're best positioned against the wall. These types of mirrors usually have decorative frames and would make a magnificent statement piece in your bedroom. However, due to their size, leaning mirrors are best suited for widely spaced bedrooms, you can just place or in an empty corner of your room to fill it out.



8: Floor-length mirrors

floor length mirrors

Not to be confused with full-length mirrors, although with both types you get a head-to-toe view of yourself. However, the difference between full-length and floor-length mirrors is that floor-length mirrors are tall mirrors that extend from the floor to the top. They're mounted on the wall and cover a portion of the room. You'll find these in commercial stores and walk-in closets, but they can also be used in large bedrooms.




9: Wall-mounted mirrors

wall mounted mirrors

These are small to medium-sized mirrors that are mounted on the wall. They only offer a view of your head to your shoulders and sometimes your upper body. These types of wall mirrors can be made into various shapes and can be used anywhere in the home including the bedroom.




10: Over-the-door mirrors

over the door mantle

Best suited for small bedrooms, over-the-door mirrors are designed to hang over a door. These mirrors are lightweight and thin and they come with square hooks which are used to hang them over the door. It could be hung behind the door of your bedroom or attached to the door of your closet or cabinets thereby saving you the extra space of hanging your mirror elsewhere. 



11: Lighted mirrors

lighted mirrors


We agree that mirrors look good in bedrooms, but what's even better is a lighted mirror. You'll particularly love this option if your bedroom is dimly lit. That extra source of light coming from the mirror will add a little bit of brightness to the room. Plus if your choice of lighted mirror is a backlit mirror, the LED lighting around the edges will help create a soft, ambient glow giving your bedroom that cozy relaxing feel. Vanity mirrors fall into this category of lighted mirrors but there are also various other options to choose from. From small table-top lighted mirrors to full-length lighted mirrors.




12: Tri-fold mirrors

trifold mirrors 

Tri-fold mirrors are three-panel mirrors that can fold inwards or outwards for a versatile viewing angle. They come in various sizes and some even come with built-in lights. The medium to big sizes pair with dressers and table tops while the small sizes are portable so you can carry them with you wherever you go.



13: Framed mirrors

framed mirrors

Most mirrors are frameless while some come with simple plain frames. But there are some unique mirrors with decorative frames that will add that touch of elegance to your bedroom's decor. Opting for a decorative framed mirror is a nice substitute if you can't afford to get original antique or vintage mirrors. Plus it's the perfect blend for modern and minimalist decor.




14: Mirror tiles

tiled mirrors

The regular rectangular or square-shaped mirrors can be a bit boring, so why not switch things up with mirror tiles? By this we mean, small individual mirrors that can be arranged in different patterns on the wall. Although this particular style is more for decorative purposes. You may still need to get another mirror to view yourself properly.



15: Mirrored accent pieces

pieces of mirror 

One subtle way to add mirrors to your bedroom is by incorporating them into various furniture items like headboards, nightstands, or cabinets. However, be careful not to go overboard with this mirror style. One mirrored accent piece per room is enough to keep things simple and stylish.



16: Bespoke mirrors

bespoke mirrors

Bespoke mirrors are unusually shaped mirrors (mostly round or oval) with unique designs, patterns and frames that make the mirror a statement piece. These types of mirrors can be both decorative and serve functional purposes. There are various designs to choose from and you can request a custom piece 're buying directly from the manufacturer.





Mirrors can make your bedroom appear larger and brighter as long as you choose the right mirror design for your room and ensure they're well positioned to reflect light whole blending in with your room's decor. For more styling ideas, check out this article on the best mirror placements in a bedroom.



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