Free Standing Mirrors


Luxurious, elegant, and beautifully vintage are just some of the terms used to describe our free standing mirrors. A full-length mirror, or floor-standing mirror, is a phenomenal investment for anyone who wants to add a little something special to their home décor. Floor standing mirrors have a sense of luxury, thanks to their history placed throughout chateaus and mansions.

Free Standing Dressing Table Mirror

A freestanding mirror doesn’t require any complicated procedures to hang it perfectly on your wall. Instead, your mirror is ready to go from the moment you take it out of the box. These practical and traditional mirrors are particularly well-suited to bedrooms and dressing rooms, where you maywant to model your outfits in full color before taking them out on the town.

All our full-length mirrors can hang vertically and horizontally and are easily fixed to the wall


Free Standing Full-Length Mirrors

Our collection of floor-standing mirrors comes in a range of different frame styles, sizes, shapes, and finishes, to suit the needs of any room either bedroom, bathroom or hallways. We offer huge, ornate mirrors for those who want to bring a touch of regal class into their home, as well as sleeker, more modern mirrors for homes with a contemporary vibe.

The large mirror surface area reflects the natural light to create a bright and lighter space, great for a hallway or bedroom. Take a mirror photo selfie and check your outfit before you leave to go out.

As always, the stunning free-standing mirrors from the Hollywood Mirrors brand are all made with the highest quality of materials, so they can continue to shine for years to come.

Our shop collection of free standing mirror has all the styles to suit your interior style, such as blinds, cushions, throw rugs, and accessories.

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