Antique Mirrors


Offering a unique sense of charm, our range of beautifully adorned antique mirrors are sure to take your breath away. Perfect for adding an elegant finishing touch to any room of the home, these ornate mirrors are brimming with character. Antique mirrors are the ideal accompanying accessory to homes trying to capture a shabby chic or vintage vibe.

Antique style mirrors

A beautiful antique mirror can also add a sense of luxury to a room, particularly when finished with shimming colours like gold and silver. The exquisite detailing on our antique mirrors is designed to replicate some of the most beautiful accessories of years gone by. Placing one of these mirrors in your living room, bedroom or dining room will transport you to an era where every part of the home was once painstakingly crafted by glass artisans.

Suitable for hallways, kitchens, and even bathrooms, our wide range of antique mirrors combine the beauty, regency and elegance of a genuine antique, with the strength, durability, and reliability of modern materials, chosen for their longevity.

Some product in our antique style mirrors include window style antique style mirrors, Wherever you choose to position your new antique mirror in your home, you’re sure to love the unique impact it has on your surroundings.

Vintage mirrors

Browse through our selection of over mantle, full length, and wall mirrors below to find the perfect antique mirror for a vintage, glamourous look for your living space.

Arrive at you in pristine condition, no imperfections, these 19th-century vintage mirrors have free fast delivery, the benefits of a 60-day return policy. Award-winning Victorian antique mirror designs, frames, styles, sizes and colours. Our prices are greatly cheaper than going to an antique dealer directly to source a vintage mirror.

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