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What's one basic wardrobe essential every lady should own?

I'll tell you. It's a cute little black dress.

You can dress it up for fancy events and dress it down for casual outings.

It all depends on the type of makeup and accessories you pair with it. 

But for today, we'll be looking at different makeup looks that are specifically suited for black dresses.

If you own a lot of black dresses or black outfits then be sure to try out at least one of these looks.

Alright, let's get into it! 

Makeup get easier when you use the right tools. Remember to check out our dressing table mirrors and make up mirror to get that glam Hollywood look.


20 Makeup Looks For A Black Dress



1: Classic Red Lips and Winged Eyeliner

 Classic Red Lips and Winged Eyeliner

Red lips with a black dress are a match made in heaven. You don't need a ton of makeup to pull off this look. Just combine it with a sleek winged liner and you're sure to have heads turning.


How To Recreate

Start by applying a soft brown eyeshadow all over your eyelids before drawing on your winged liner. For that dramatic cat eye, use a liquid or gel liner and finally, apply a bold red lipstick, ensuring a clean and defined lip line.



2: Smokey Eyes and Nude Lips

 Smokey Eyes and Nude Lips

If red lips aren't your thing, that's cool. You can switch things up by going heavy on the eyes with a classic smokey eyeshadow look and mild on the lips with your favourite nude lipstick.


How To Recreate

Build your smokey eye base using dark eyeshadow shades like charcoal and black, focusing them mainly on the outer corner of your eyelids. Go in with softer brown and cream in the centre and if you wish add a hint of silver sparkle to the inner corners. Don't forget to smoke out the under eyes too. Lastly, pair this look with neutral nude lipstick for a balanced and sophisticated appearance.


3: Golden Goddess Glam

 Golden Goddess Glam

Want a look that even a Greek goddess would be jealous of? Then this is for you. Pair this golden glam with your black dress with gold accessories to match and you'll be glowing all day. and we mean that literally!


How To Recreate

Swipe on a generous amount of shimmery golden eyeshadow for that blinding glow. If you're feeling a little bit extra, you can layer your products. First go in with liquid gold eyeshadow, layer that with a powder eyeshadow in the same shade and finally top it off with some gold sparkly pigments. Also, apply some liquid gold highlighter to the high points of your face, add false lashes and a nude lip gloss and you're officially a Greek goddess, you're welcome!


4: Berry-toned Elegance

Berry-toned Elegance

Sultry, vampy, sexy, and bold are the right adjectives to qualify this look. Perfect for those nights when you're about to let your party animal out on the loose.


How To Recreate

Opt for berry-coloured eyeshadows on the lids. First, lay down a matte shade all over your crease then go in with a shimmery shade of the same berry-toned eyeshadow on the centre of your lids. Apply that same matte shade under your eyes for a light smokey effect. Complement it with a deep berry lipstick for a rich, elegant vibe.



5: Soft Pink Monochromatic Look

Soft Pink Monochromatic Look 

I know we've been coming in hard with the dark eyeshadow and vampy lips but this is something different. For that soft feminine and minimalist look, this monochromatic soft pink look is the best.


How To Recreate

Apply soft pink eyeshadow on the lids. God is with mascara and tight lines to create contrast and depth, then finish up with matching pink lipstick.



6: Dramatic Cat Eye and Nude Lips

 Dramatic Cat Eye and Nude Lips

Feeling dramatic or a little bit adventurous? Try out this bold and unconventional cat eye. But I must warn you, you do need steady hands and prior knowledge of how to draw on a regular winged liner.


How To Recreate

A precise angled brush, gel liner and steady hands are all you need to bring this look to life. Start by drawing on the normal shape of your winged liner but extending the wing upwards slightly past the brows. Go in again with your brush and gel liner over and over till the cat eye is bold enough to cover your crease. Pair it with your favourite nude lips and some clear gloss.



7: Bronze Goddess Radiance

Bronze Goddess Radiance 

This is a more subtler version of the golden goddess glam. But you'll be glowing all the same, just more on the beachy, tanned vibe.


How To Recreate

Apply a matte brown eyeshadow on the lids then top that off with bronzy shimmery eyeshadow on the lids for a sun-kissed effect. Enhance the look with bronzer, highlighting the high points of the face and finally coloured lip gloss to tie the whole look. 



8: Champagne Sparkle

 Champagne Sparkle

Subtle yet flirty, you can rock this look with any colour of dress but especially with black because it allows your eyes to shine through.


How To Recreate

Apply a soft brown shade to your eyelids and go over that with champagne-coloured eyeshadow to add a touch of glamour.

Pair it with a nude or light pink lip colour for a subtle yet dazzling look.



9: Purple Hues and Berry Stained Lips

Purple Hues and Berry Stained Lips

If you plan on accessorizing with a purple or berry-coloured bag, shoe or scarf then you can try this look to match your eyes and your accessories together. it'll be the right pop of colour your cute black dress needs.


How To Recreate

Blend various shades of purple eyeshadow on the lids in both matte and shimmer, focusing the shimmer shades on the centre of the lids. Complement the look with a deep berry-stained lip and clear gloss for a bold and trendy appearance.



10: Copper Eyes and Peachy Lips

 Copper Eyes and Peachy Lips

If you're more on the pale side and wish to add some colour to your face, this combo of copper eyeshadow and peachy lips is just what you need.


How To Recreate

Apply copper eyeshadow all over your crease and dust some under the eyes too. Add a hint of sparkle to the inner corner to create a warm and inviting eye look. Pair it with a peachy lipstick for a fresh and vibrant touch.



11: Nude Smokey Eyes and Matte Red Lips

Nude Smokey Eyes and Matte Red Lips 

The classic smokey eye look isn't for everyone and that's why we have this lovely variation of the nude smokey which when paired with red lippies, is the bomb!


How To Recreate

Start by laying in some dark brown shades to the outside corner of your eyes, and next go in with cream or nude shades to the centre and inner corners. Take a bit of that brown shade and smoke out the lower lash line. Then finally, create the much-needed contrast with a matte red lipstick for a modern and sophisticated combination.




12: Mermaid-inspired teal Eyes and Glossy Lips

 Mermaid-inspired teal Eyes and Glossy Lips

When Billie Eilish sang Ocean Eyes, she was talking about this look because what in the world is this beautiful combination?


How To Recreate

First, place a light slay of matte brown and copper shades on your crease to serve as your transition colour. Then use teal and aqua shimmery eyeshadows for a mesmerising mermaid effect. Finish with a glossy lip colour to add a hint of playfulness.



13: Sunset-Inspired Ombre Eyes and Coral Lips

Sunset-Inspired Ombre Eyes and Coral Lips 

We have yet another sunkissed look for you and it's even hotter than the first. A sunset-inspired eyeshadow look with coral lips for that youthful glow.


How To Recreate

Blend warm tones like orange and red on your eyelids, cut a half crease to mimic a setting sun and apply a yellow shimmery to that area. Go ahead and apply coral lipstick and a light layer of clear gloss for a vibrant and cheerful ensemble.



14: Graphic Liner and Bold Orange Lips

Graphic Liner and Bold Orange Lips

Our list of makeup looks for black dresses would be incomplete without one featuring graphic liners. Graphic liners have been trending for one year now and they don't seem to be fading out soon. What's more, pairing it with your back dress, orange lips and gold accessories and be quite a show-stopper. Take a cue from Kylie Jenner.


How To Recreate

Apply matte brown shades all across your eyelids, and layer that with bronzy shimmery eyeshadow before drawing on a simple curved line along your crease line using an orange-graphic liner.  Pair this with the same shade of orange lipstick in a matte finish.



15: Soft Lavender Eyes and Nude Lips

Soft Lavender Eyes and Nude Lips 

How about we do a little 90s vibe with lavender-coloured eyeshadow and a mixture of Gen Z with dramatic wings and nude lips?


How To Recreate

Apply soft lavender eyeshadow on your eyelids for a delicate and romantic eye look. Then complete the look with a pink or peachy nude lip colour for a subtle yet enchanting appearance.



16: Monochrome Brown Smokey Eyes and Mauve Lips

Monochrome Brown Smokey Eyes and Mauve Lips 

Smokey eyes are the real OGs. There are so many variations of it and they all look gorgeous when paired with a black dress. And this monochrome brown smokey eyes with maybe lips is no exception.


How To Recreate

Apply various shades of brown eyeshadow to your eyelids blending from darkest in the outer corner to lightest in the inner corners. Then pair it with a mauve lipstick for a harmonious and sophisticated outcome.



17: Silver Smokey Eyes and Bold Black Liner

 Silver Smokey Eyes and Bold Black Liner

Sorry to ditch the golden glam but believe me when I say this will have you looking like a priceless piece of precious jewel. Those smokey silver eyes when combined with a black sequinned dress and silver jewellery will keep all eyes on you.


How To Recreate

Just like your regular smokey eye look, start by laying black matte eyeshadow on the outer corner of your eyelids. Next, apply silver eyeshadow on the centre of your lids. Add a bold black eyeliner for definition, enhancing the drama of the look.

Finish with mascara and a neutral lip colour to balance the intensity.



18: Emerald Green Elegance

Emerald Green Elegance 

If you found the mermaid-inspired teal eye look a bit too bright for your liking, this emerald green is just the perfect substitute.


How To Recreate

First, apply black eyeshadow all over the crease, this will help to intensify the green. Next, sweep a matte emerald green eyeshadow across the eyelids for a sophisticated pop of colour. For some extra oomph, go in with a shimmery emerald green eyeshadow on the centre of your crease. Pair it with subtle eyeliner and mascara, keeping the focus on the vibrant green. Choose a nude or light pink lip colour for a chic finish.



19: Rose Gold Glamour

 Rose Gold Glamour

For that elegant touch, a cut creates a se gold eyeshadow look with nude lippies that will always come through.


How To Recreate

Apply a mix of dark brown and burgundy shades to the creases outer corner of your eyes. Do a full-cut crease and apply a rose gold eyeshadow on the area. Apply a winged liner for added definition and drama. Complete the look with a soft pink or nude lip colour for an elegant touch.



20: Monochromatic Burgundy

Monochromatic Burgundy 

What's sexier than burgundy vampy lips?  One with eyes to match! This monochromatic burgundy look is giving the low-key boss lady vibes and we're loving it.


How To Recreate

Blend various shades of burgundy eyeshadow on the lids for a cohesive monochromatic look. Starting with matte shades in the base and shimmery shades in the top.

Remember to smoke out the under eyes too. For extra depth, go in with a burgundy eyeliner. Finish up with a deep burgundy or wine-coloured lipstick for a sultry and cohesive appearance.



Black dresses are so versatile because you can wear them anywhere and for any event. They're also easy to combine with other colours and pair excellently with different colours of accessories and makeup looks.

Remember to adapt these looks based on your personal style, outfit details, and the event you're attending and if you want, you can check out our makeup tips for red dresses also.

Adjust the intensity based on the occasion, whether it's a casual gathering or a formal event and not be afraid to experiment with each look. Who knows, you might just discover your new signature look.

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