There are infinite options for designing your bathroom it can be totally overwhelming from furniture sizes and styles to lighting, flooring and walls.

So I decided to gather 18 leading interior design experts on what their best Bathroom ideas are and to also showcase their best work and what are the trends for 2019.

The tips in this article are phenomenal and so is the quality of each of their designs



Sally Cutchie - BC Designs

The real stand out trend at the moment is metallic finishes in the bathroom –, especially on baths and brassware. Brass, Nickel, Copper and brushed finishes like Tin are all taking on traditional chrome.

Select warmer toned brassware or even a statement copper bath to give your scheme extra impact.



Rich Shore - Utopia Group

We have followed the trend of wall mounted furniture designed for contemporary lifestyles. The minimalistic requirements has been featured using clean lines with integrated lighting.

Grey is totally on trend on at the moment moving away from the previous neutral beige tones.


 Jason Cole, Prima Porcelain

Porcelain tiles are becoming an increasingly popular choice for the bathroom. They are slip-resistant, require very little maintenance, and because they have a very low porosity, they absorb far less water than natural stone products.

In particular, quite a few customers have been using our wood-effect tiles in their bathrooms – they’re great for getting that Scandinavian ‘hygge’ feel in the bathroom without using actual wood flooring (which doesn’t do very well when exposed to high humidity and splashed with the bathwater!) “


Ana Cummings, Ana Interiors

1. Colour - I am seeing more of a commitment when it comes to colour and pattern. For years it was the same serene homogeneous colour palette of spa white or spa cream, now there is a trend to having not only tiles with colour variations and patterns, from the floors to walls and inside showers, but also colour in terms of plumbing, lighting, vinyl wall coverings, paint, painted tile and boldly patterned accents.

2. Lighting - many layers of it, from toe kick sensors when you walk into a bathroom, to vanity lighting, to pot lights to accents lights. And all of these types of illumination are controlled with an app from your iPhone. Same with window shades.


3. Tub - The freestanding tub as centre stage. Entire bathrooms are not being designed around the vanities or the view, but the stand-alone tub. It’s probably the first thing a homeowner selects, they want to design their bathroom around their luxurious soak. And we’re not putting this baby in the corner either, we’re placing it in the middle of the room. Just take a look at Meghan and Prince Harry’s new home plan for Beggar’s Lodge.


4. Fireplace - Where I am located geographically, the double-sided fireplace is de rigeur. One can enjoy the flickering firelight via the bedroom and the bathroom. 


5. Size - Bigger is bigger. The size of the ensuite is ever growing. It’s the same size as an adjacent bedroom. We spend a lot of time enjoying our daily activities, the first of which is getting ready for our day, and last, recovering from it. From a health and wellness perspective, this is very important. Akin to a kitchen containing different zones, so does the bathroom.


Don’t get me started on people who have to share bathrooms, I can’t even... I wish double vanity sinks would disappear already! Who wants to spit into a sink next to their SO. Bleeeeeech.


René Dekker, Bathroom Designer of the Year

The trend is definitely for furniture that looks freestanding.  Built-ins
looks bulky whereas furniture on legs gives the bathroom a fresh and clean feel. 
Mirrors are replacing medicine cabinets and compartmentalized drawers in vanities taking care of the storage.  Watch out for colours such as olive and pink.

Nicola Croughan, Blinds Direct

We’re seeing the Seabreeze trend growing in popularity for the bathroom. This means tones sea greens and sky blues to evoke a feeling of nature.

This is an easy palette to use with bright whites, muted greys or sandy and pebble toned neutrals. Think about sea colours – azures and Aegeans, which also sit well next to teal greens and duck egg. In terms of accessories, consider natural sisal mats and seagrass baskets for a rustic coastal feel.

Steve Birch, Vogue UK

In terms of heating solutions, then consumers are opting for luxurious accessories and finishing touches which are both functional and aesthetically pleasing: elevating the overall look and feel of a space.

For us, it is the more tactile colour palettes like cool whites, industrial greys and metallic finishes combined with natural raw materials that have become the ‘go-to’ for injecting colour into a room without having to opt for highly decorative tiles, same colour accessories or committing to a painted wall which can be outdated very quickly.

Peter Albanese, CKBD – Bellari Design

This year we are seeing a lot of interest in plank-type floor tiles, with grey and earth-toned wood grain for bathrooms, Also, larger format wall tile installed in a brick pattern is on trend.

Popular color choices include white and grey marble veining for the walls, and vanities with painted finishes in whites, greys and blues have been trending. However, a more recent interest is darker wood toned and exotic wood finishes.”

Allison Harlow, Curio Design Studio

Dark saturated colors are going to have a big moment in bathrooms in 2018. We love the dramatic twist a dark paint or wallpaper puts on any space, but it is even more unexpected in a bathroom.
Dare to go bold with a dark paint—one of our favorites is Sherwin Williams 7069 Iron Ore

Nia Morris, Interior Designer

It is a question of personal taste not ‘type of space’. Colour doesn’t have to be subjective to the bathroom, instead it should relate to you, your lifestyle and home décor. It is a great resource and can be used to bring an entire look together, and also affect your mood.
Monotone and two-tone colour schemes have become the go-to look, so why not experiment and mix two or more colours to create a cohesive space and define certain areas for washing, relaxing, showering and bathing.

Nick Prescott, Style Within

Take your inspiration from the catwalk as the latest fashions are a great way to update your home in the most on-trend colour schemes.
New colours are therefore infiltrating our homes across stylish bathroom furniture sanitary ware, heating solutions, accessories and even down to colour coordinated taps and fixtures and fittings.

Amira Johnson, Emerald Doors

You ought to be thinking; why would someone waste their time thinking about the design of a bathroom door. Well, they play a hugely significant function in creating and complementing the ambiance and décor that you have chosen inside your bathroom.
Often overlooked, bathroom doors should not only look great from the inside, but They ought to also look great and match the décor of the house from the outside. When it comes to bathroom interior, bathroom doors are often overlooked. In fact, they really play a crucial role in the area's interior design and the ambiance generated indoors.
As this is a pragmatic space, the focus is mainly on performance, and everything that is decorative occupies a secondary place. The doorway combines the two categories, its size, and function permitting to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing or stimulating in some manner.
If you alter your bathroom themes colors, tiles, flooring, taps, showers, textures & materials, toilet technology, bathroom furniture, bathroom lighting, wet rooms, shower walls, panelling methods, but if you do not replace your bathroom door with the greater one then all of your hard work will disappear.
Charming Barn Doors, Space-Saving Pocket Doors, Simple Panel Doors, Classy French Door, Glass Panel Doors, Frosted Glass Doors, Stained Glass Doors, Doors with Built-in Mirror Panels, Mirror Frame Doors, Sliding Panel Doors, Transparent Glass Partitions, Brightly Painted Doors, are not only the best bathroom door options, but these doors will pay off your bathroom interior too.

Justin Riordan, Spade Archer

Currently I am in love with exposed rough plumbing. Instead of running the pipes inside the wall, they are exposed to the world, I am even starting to see fixtures that mimic pipes. Iron framed windows used as shower walls were used in 2018.
Beware of this one, it will date fast. Black fixtures are all the rage this year. Hard to find now, but they are will be flooding the market soon enough. Terrazzo is going to be used everywhere, including bathrooms. This material is tough as nails and never shows dirt. Think “elementary school bathroom floors.
Marble Bathroom

Tom Konopiots & Michael Stornello, Vincere LTD

Marble is a natural material that has been used in homes for centuries, and it continues to be a classic option that brings elegance and sophistication to floors and countertops in the bathroom.
However, we’re excited to see fresh approaches and unique applications of marble, as we designers think outside the box for a new take on a classic.
For example, in the powder room we created for the Kips Bay Palm Beach Show House, we incorporated alternating stripes of Ann Sacks White Thassos and Calacatta Borghini marble across the floor, and for that extra layer of luxury, installed the latter marble as both baseboard and crown.
We loved deploying the marble in a slightly unconventional way, and we were thrilled with the visual impact it created.

Jane Kelly, Bristol Cabinetry

Floating vanities are becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms of all sizes, including those in multifamily buildings. They not only make space feel larger than it is but also create a more modern, streamlined look.
The space below offers a creative storage solution for bathroom essentials like a child's step stool or scale.

Stacy Garcia, Interior Desiger

As a hotel design expert for the last 20 years, I am seeing a lot of overlap in the residential and hospitality design worlds. With this, design of residential bathrooms begin to take a lot of inspiration from resorts and spas, creating a relaxing experience in the home.
High end finishes with a clean, sleek aesthetic help to deliver the sense of a spa-like environment while layering texture brings a sense of cosiness to the bathroom. Another luxury tile trend in bathrooms is strong architectural influences.
Three-dimensional geometrics and a playful mix of pattern, texture and smooth porcelain surfaces are popular in this trend.
To achieve this look, you can use the Gabardine collection designed by Stacy Garcia | New York for Tilebar, which includes three exquisite patterns, Pintuck,Ascot and Gabardine.
Featuring over-sized concentric diamonds and a small-scale triangular pattern, these tiles are perfect for bringing depth and dimension to your bathroom.

Michele Chagnon-Holbrook, Casabella Interiors

In the world of design, pattern tiles are powerful. In 2018, encaustic, arabesque, herringbone, and geometric tiles are transporting floors, walls, and backsplashes with dreamy results.
And while they are the “It” way to add a contemporary edge, most of the patterns popping up everywhere today are reimagined classics.
In one of our latest bath projects, we achieved a New England charm meets modern polish look by pairing two timeless styles: black and white encaustic tile in a matte finish underfoot, and a marble subway tile for the vanity and shower area.

Alena Capra, Coverings

With so much inspiration available on social media and at industry shows like Coveringspeople are becoming more daring in their tile choices. Patchwork tile patterns (in a variety of colors) are continuing to trend and provide endless opportunities for a fun floor or accent wall.
Retro styles like terrazzo are also on the rise,  as is the use of gaged porcelain panels, as the light-weight, realistic stone slab looks and design opportunities like cladding furnishings or incorporating in book match installations offer incredible versatility.

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