Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors

Our modern led bathroom mirrors with lights are the future using energy-efficient led technology.

Not only do they look great and provide enhanced lighting for helping you get ready whether it be doing your hair, plucking your eyebrows or having a shave.

For smaller steamy bathrooms we have heated WC mirrors that come with a demister pad so that they stay clear all the time. Not only are they ultra-slim and stylish they also come with an on and off infrared sensor switch wave your hand underneath, how cool is that it's like space age.

We have a wide range of sizes to suit your basin space and also selected illuminated bathroom mirrors with demister and a shaver socket.

All our mirrors come with a 5-year warranty and the lifetime of the led bulbs is an incredible 120,000 hours if you spend that long looking at yourself see a doctor you're too vain.

The mirror in the bathroom are splash proof, and IP44 rated for zones 2 and three as well as CE and ROHS certified for your safety. For those that don't want to deal with electrical installation, we have battery operated led mirrors.

    • Complete your daily grooming routine in the comfort of exquisite LED lighting. Our illuminated WC mirrors feature soft, white LED lights in strips or spotlights to create optimal lighting for your face. You won’t need to struggle with a beauty task ever again!
    • A heated mirror offers a streamlined aesthetic - the perfect accessory to complement your bathroom wall.
    • The motion sensor switch on several of our designs is extremely accessible. Just wave your hand by the sensor to turn the lights on or off.
    • Transform your home with the modern elegance of a led shower mirror. The thin profile enhances a minimalistic effect for a luxurious look.
    • A built-in mirror demister pad heats your new steam free bathroom mirror, preventing condensation. The superior crystal-clear reflection means you have a clear view even after a hot shower.
    • Selected led lavatory mirrors to feature a shaver socket for added convenience. An incredible shaving mirror may be just the style you’ve been looking for.
    • Selected styles offer an audio Bluetooth feature so you can listen to your favourite music while bathing or grooming.
    • Energy efficient, bright LED lighting saves you money on your electricity bills. Experience little energy consumption with highly efficient lighting results.
    • Our bath wall mirrors with lights are available in a range of sizes, which can be placed horizontally or vertically depending on the style. Ideal for both small or large spaces, your new Bluetooth bathroom mirror can be easily hung on any wall.
    • Convenient to use, the mains power supply makes your mirror super easy to set up.
    • Our bath mirrors are easy to clean so your new accessory looks brand new even after using for a long period.
    • Exceptional craftsmanship makes our lavatory mirrors high quality. We even offer a 1-year guarantee so you can be confident of your purchase.
    • Our luxe restroom products are splash proof IP44 rated for zones 2 and 3.
    • Our illuminated light bulbs have a lifetime of 120,000 hours.
    • All our modern led bulb mirrors meet UK health and safety regulations to give you the assurance you need that you’re making a safe and reliable purchase.
    • An exceptional lighting experience that’s suitable for a home or commercial space, such as a gym, spa or hotel.