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Welcome to the future of interior design!


As we dive into 2024, exciting new trends and concepts are shaping the way we think about our living spaces.


We'll get to see a 360 overhaul of the grey-white palettes to more rich tones like browns and reds. Inclusion of natural materials like travertine and lime wash and multifunctional furniture like built-in inches.


In this article, we'll be exploring the top interior design trends that are sure to last all through 2024 and beyond.


To get you this information, we've reviewed videos from your favourite interior decor designers on TikTok and YouTube.


They not only share which trends are in for the year but also how you can carefully add them to your home decor for that refreshed and in-season vibe.


Without further ado, let's get into it.




Interior Design Trends To Know


1: Rustic Textures



First on our list of top interior design trends for the year is the use of rustic textures which encompasses a lot of things like weathered wood, natural stones and woven textiles.

According to Design and Viz, these rustic items celebrate the charms of imperfections. The sharp curves and edges add a distinct look to your home and help create that cosy ambience.

For a fluid and cohesive rustic look, try incorporating curved or linear decor pieces and combine them with sharp edges of modern architectural monumental pieces like wall sculptures, or aged tree stumps to act as mini stools.



2: Herringbone


Last year we saw a lot of straight patterns and clean lines, especially the fluted panels and wallpaper.

But this year we're embracing more unique patterns and shapes and one pattern you'll be seeing a lot is herringbone. The herringbone pattern is made up of columns with slanted lines facing opposite sides in a way that two columns form a v shape.

This pattern is mostly seen in twill fabric but it has since made its way into interior design and we're loving the look of it. You can try this pattern on wallpapers, and textured textiles like your centre rug. It's a stylish yet classic way to give your space that warm yet welcoming feel.



3: Colour Drenching


One surefire way to make your room appear huge is by colour drenching. This simply means painting the ceiling and walls the same colour so it feels like there's no end or starting point to where both walls and roof meet.

Creating that taller and larger-than-usual effect. With colour drenching, it's best to go for deep bold colours like emerald, and burgundy as opposed to white, grey and other neutral or pastel colours.



4: Plenty of Ambience Lighting

There's just something about warm lights that instantly makes your space warm and cosy. Try adding a variety of warm ambience lights to your living room, bedroom or hallway and watch your space transform from a house into a home.



5: Mixed Materials

In 2024, the world of interior design is embracing unusual and irregular creative pieces. So less mass-produced and more locally sourced and handmade furniture.

You'll see a lot of furniture pieces with mixed materials like wood and stone, stone and glass, metal and wood or even a combination of glass wood and metal just like the table in the picture above.



6: Low Furniture

Another classic design that's making a comeback in 2024 is low furniture like platform beds, low sofas and low stools. Adding one or two low furniture pieces to your home gives a relaxed feel and they are arguably more comfortable than high-rise furniture.



7: Built-in Wall Niches

Recessed built-in wall shelves or spaces are a great addition to that sleek, clean and minimal decor you already have going on in your home. These wall niches can be placed in literally any corner of the house that has a wall and can be used as a bookshelf, or as a decorative display section for random artwork.

And if you're feeling a bit extra try adding recessed LED lights or warm ambience lights to it.




8: Black Window Frames


Large windows mirrors, glass doors, and glass walls will never go out of trend but there's one extra thing you can add to it that'll bring your home's interior design up-to-date.

And that's black window frames, particularly the ones with grid patterns. This design adds visual interest to houses with large windows or see-through walls and also blends perfectly in homes with a pre-existing contemporary and geometric style of interior design.



9: Wooden Kitchens

Wooden floors and wooden cabinetry with minimalist designs in the kitchen are a match made in heaven. You can opt for a mixture of light wood, and black stained wood on the top cabinets while sticking to the same shade of light wood for the floors as shown in the first picture.

Or try some dark stained wood for the top and bottom cabinets while sticking to neutral tiles for the floor as shown in the second image.



10: Stainless Steel and Chrome Accents

Before now, bronze, gold and other warm-toned metal accents were the in-thing but in 2024, we're seeing a shift towards cooler-toned metals like stainless steel and chrome. Why, you ask? Well, these types of metal accents are best suited for contemporary and modern-style houses.

The trick to getting a perfect blend of stainless steel or chrome into your space is by incorporating them into small areas of your house like wall panels, lamp stands, shelves, door handles or even bed frames. Try not to go overboard with it tho, though one chrome or stainless steel piece per room, too much can look too tacky.



11: Brown Renaissance

In 2023 grey was the signature colour for neutral and minimalist homes. But in 2024, interior designers are starting to embrace the warmth of brown. You'll be seeing lots of brown furniture, brown paint and accessories in place of grey and white. You can try pairing different shades of brown with warm creams and beige for that warm minimalist look.



12: All Black Contemporary


Remember we said 2024 is all about embracing bold and dark colours? Well, it seems like this all-black contemporary interior design is here to stay. This trend involves painting your walls, ceiling and furniture black.

If you're a lover of dark rooms, or just love the colour black, then you may want to try this. But I warn you, pulling off this all-black design is no easy feat, and it would be best if you employ the services of a seasoned interior designer. But if you want to DIY, you can start small by painting only a portion of your wall black while pairing it with back furniture pieces.

But if you want the whole house in black, Beukitch advises to try mixing different textures. This will give the room some depth and interest. For example, try a black wall panel with 3D designs on it. Get leather chairs and don't forget to use different shades of black or dark grey for other furniture pieces.



13: Pastel Farm House



I know we said the colour scheme for the year is dark and bold colours but if that's not your style, you can stick with your pastels although this time try dull pastel colours the ones in the pictures above to create your ideal pastel farmhouse.

Keep in mind that, this interior design style isn't suitable for the whole house. Leave the pastels for your bedroom or the children's room and stick to other warm neutrals or dark colours for the rest of the house.



14: Modern Minimalism


As we mentioned earlier grey and white which were the major colours for minimalist decor have now given way to warm neutrals, mass-produced furniture has made way for statement pieces and recessed white LED lights have now been replaced with warmer light options, giving birth to what we now call modern minimalism.




15: Full Room Wall Treatments

Wall treatments have always been around but previous year trends saw only part treatments for only one wall, making it a centre of focus.

This year, whatever wall treatment you choose should cover all four walls of the room. Some wall treatments you can try include wainscoting, board and batten shiplap, nickel gap, panelling, penny gap etc.




16: Textured Ceiling Treatments


If wall treatments aren't your thing, how about textured ceiling treatments like wood beams, oak panelling, murals, and ceiling medallions? These treatments have a way of elevating the look of your room.




17: Deep Browns and Reds


In line with our dark colour scheme for the year, deep browns and reds have found themselves a nice comfy spot at the top of that list. You can incorporate these rich colours in the form of paint on walls, on cabinets or in smooth furniture pieces or built-ins.



18: Maximalism and Dopamine Decorating


There seems to be an uprising rebellion against the picture-perfect images we see online and in magazines. This rebellion has given birth to a new style of interior design which is Maximalism. This idea stems from the fact that most of the time people's homes look nothing like what we see online and we have Tiktok content creators for this.

Many Tiktokers create and share videos of their homes in their natural state and it doesn't always look tidy, which is totally normal. So if you still struggle to keep up with the minimalist style of decor, then the trend is something you should hop on and it's quite easy to achieve.

Dopamine decorating on the other hand involves getting a bunch of unique random furniture, using bright colours, mixing colours and just adding whatever you feel like having in your space. There are no rules to this. So long as it makes you happy.



19: Outdoor Furniture

Interior design is mostly focused on the interior of the house but this trend is drawing our attention to outdoor spaces. You can switch up the look of your front porch, backyard or balcony by adding outdoor furniture like a bench, coffee table or swing



20: Imperfect Finishes

Intentionally adding imperfect surfaces to architecture, furniture or artwork to mimic that handmade natural feel is something we'll be seeing a lot more in 2024.

For example, this rough stone wall looks like a relic from the past in the contemporary style living room and this artwork that looks like it was partially damaged and hung against a two-tone wall all mimics imperfections and blends nicely with the other neatly around components of the room.



21: Apothecary Cabinets


Apothecary Cabinets is an old classic that is trying to make a major comeback in interior design. As opposed to the modern style of cabinets, apothecary cabinets have a stand-out feature which is, that they come with lots of small drawers.

They're mostly found in the study room, offices and sometimes in restrooms. They can be hard to find in stores, so you may want to ask your local artisan to make a custom piece for you. Not only are they functional but they also add that touch of class to your space.




22: Walk-in Pantries


You've heard of walk-in closets, so why not have a walk-in pantry? Walk-in pantries are exactly what you think they are, a storage room dedicated to your spices, herbs and mostly canned food items. This luxury room is making an appearance in many celebrity homes. You can call this a chef's haven!




 23: Inclusion of Technology


Smart homes are becoming more common and with that many homes have started embracing the inclusion of technology into their home's interior design with things like smart bulbs, motion sensors and integrated lighting.




 24: Limewash Walls

Limewash is a mineral-based natural paint made from crushed limestone, which has been burned and is then mixed with water to make a paste. This paste is then allowed to age after which more water and other natural pigments are added to create limewash paint.

This paint when used on walls leaves a chalky, mottled and matte texture with a semblance of suede texture. They're environmentally friendly and have been used for ages.

Painting your walls with limewash although is more expensive compared to regular paint but if you're big on eco-sustainability then this option is for you. Not only those it look better with age but you don't have to repaint your home every other season.




25: Natural Stone Planters


Adding plants and greenery to your living spaces has always been stable and in 2024, we're seeing more of that but with a twist. In place of plastic, marble or ceramic, natural stone planters are fast becoming a trend and one that is sure to stay for a while.

Although natural stone planters like this are hard to come by and quite expensive you can get them from an antique store or even yard sales. They add a natural, rustic and zen vibe to your space making it feel more alive.



26: 90's Design Trends



The 90s are back and with a bang. We're talking of things like beige, blonde wood and travertine. The trick to incorporating 90s design trends in your modern-day home is sticking to one theme at a time. For example, you can opt for travertine for your flooring, kitchen countertops and fireplace frame.




27: Patterns and Textiles


One thing we're not sticking to this year is plain old boring designs. We'll be seeing a lot more patterns and layering of print on print. Mixing patterns and textiles is a simple yet creative way to amp up the look of your space.

You can start small by mixing and matching the patterns on your living room sofas and the throw pillows. Take some inspiration from the pictures above and remember, not to go overboard with it.




28: Displaying or Creating Wall Collections



A collection of items on display gives a feeling of pride in your home. This could either be a wall art, a picture gallery, a collection of plates on a wall, a collection of vases or candlesticks on a shelf, or even a collection of different shapes and sizes of mirrors on a wall.



29: Mid-tone Wood


Darker-toned wood reigned supreme in previous years, but in 2024 we're leaning more towards mid-tone wood. Why? Well first because it has the perfect shade range which is not too light or too dark so it blends with the rest of your decor and secondly, it huge your home a French and  European touch. You can use mid-tone wood for your wall mouldings, ceiling beams, flooring and fabrications.



30: Coquette Aesthetics


Remember the hit series Bridgerton? Well, we have them to thank for the re-emergence of the coquette aesthetics.

We're talking about ultra-romantic and feminine vibes with lots of lace, satin, pink, bows, and floral accents. The coquette style almost feels shabby chic but with a more polished and sophisticated touch.




31: Crown Moulding

A great way to add finishing trims to the top of walls or cabinets is through crown moulding. This can make your space feel more grand and expensive. A bonus tip, crown moulding pairs nicely in spaces with white walls, wooden flooring and grid-patterned windows for that old Victorian money aesthetic.



32: Throw pillows

Throw pillows are a staple in many homes and in 2024, we'll be seeing a lot more vibrant, fluffy and custom-made pillows. Try adding them to your living room sofa or bed. For extra spice, pick two complementary colours for your throw pillow. They should also be of a different texture or pattern from your couch for that casual feel.



33: Monochromatic Effect


This trend is similar to colouring drenching but the difference is that with colour drenching only the ceiling and walls are painted the same colour to give the illusion of a bigger space while with a monochromatic effect, you basically want everything in your room to be within the same shade range.

This means if you pick the colour blue, your wall paint, furniture and other home accessories all have a hint of blue. It creates a sense of cohesiveness. To pull this off, make sure your furniture, especially your sofa set is made with fabrics like corduroy, leather, velvet or linen. Using these types of fabrics helps the furniture stand out even though they're the same colour as your wall paint.




In 2024, interior design trends are shifting from the plain boring grey and white minimalist style of decor to a more rich, warm earthy and vibrant style.


From deep browns and reds to the use of natural stones like travertine and natural paints like limewash.


We're definitely leaning towards eco-friendly and sustainable decor rather than fast, mass-produced home furniture that doesn't stand the test of time. Let us know which of these trends you'll be trying first.

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