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If you are looking for the best and insightful Beauty blogs, you have come to the right place. Here are the Top 50 beauty blogs on the web as decided by the Hollywood makeup mirror with lights judging panel.


There is no shortage of high-quality Beauty blogs on the web there are well over 500. 


We have reviewed them all and compiled a list of the 50 best in no particular order.

Top Beauty Blogs and Bloggers

Whether you're a Beauty maven or a plain Jane these amazing Beauty blogs will give you the best tips and techniques to get the most out of your beauty regime.

Created by the sensational and sassy blogger, Katie McBroom, Martinis and Mascara is a lifestyle blog that's all about getting the most out of life. Devoted to beauty, fashion, fun, and of course, a little booze too, this website is packed full of ways to glamorize your daily routine.

Katie is an award-winning blogger, featured in huge publications all the way from Buzzfeed, to Seventeen, NewBeauty, and Refinery 29. In fact, if you're looking for a beauty pro with bags of acclaim, Katie was named one of the best beauty bloggers in the world, with her own feature in Marie Claire Taiwan.


Founder of IBW - The Institute of Beauty and Wellness - Susan Haise is anything but a beauty school dropout. Susan launched her website in 1994 under the name "The Skin Institute Esthetic Training Centre." As the years passed by, Susan expanded the education she offered her readers and students with programs that stretched all the way from cosmetology to manicuring and yoga.

Today IBW offers a combination of beauty courses for anyone who wants to learn how to join the profession and blog posts for those seeking a little industry expertise.

Fresh, fun and delightful blogger Anoushka is a thirty-something blogger with a passion for beauty and wellness. A self-professed lipstick lover, Anoushka launched her website in 2013 to share her insights in the beauty industry with the world, while simultaneously earning a living as an air hostess.

When she's not writing or exploring new makeup trends, Anoushka likes to spend her time exploring the US, taking advantage of new releases and US-exclusive brands. Her blog is packed full of honest tips and reviews into fashion, beauty, and lifestyle topics.


If you're looking for a beauty blog that's packed full of personality, then look no further. is the brainchild of Los Angeles-based Jen Matthews, as well as a collection of other beauty product lovers and writers. This warm-hearted website is all about looking for the best cruelty-free products on the market, so you can enjoy looking stunning, without worrying about where your products came from.

Since it launched in 2009, has emerged as an incredible hit for anyone who loves animals and wants to support companies who avoid testing on poor innocent critters. is a website created by two beauty aficionados, Lisa and Marcia. Both women have been blogging about the wonderful world of cosmetics since the 90s, and they're so in love with the beauty world that they also spend their professional lives working as makeup artists. Both Marcia and Lisa are certified teachers too, with over fifty years of experience in education.

Beauty Info Zone was launched in 2010, and it showcases everything from the latest information about trending products, to stories about real-life experiences. is the honest and insightful beauty blog brought to you by Sarah, a woman who takes the beauty lifestyle seriously. Sarah offers a host of insights into the world of health and makeup, with unbiased reviews of skincare products, cosmetics, and beauty boxes.

When she's not writing her blog, Sarah is looking after five children and dealing with the stress of type 2 diabetes. Though she's had a few challenges to face in her life, Sarah doesn't let them get the best of her. In fact, her positive attitude shines through in all of her blog posts, reviews, and even her social media messages. is a website devoted to natural beauty products, cosmetics, and skincare. Born from the insightful mind of Amber, this blog gives anyone interested in anything from makeup, to haircare and perfume a behind the scenes insight into what you can accomplish with the right products.

Amber first created her blog as a way to escape from the pressures of day-to-day life. Now, DayDreamingBeauty is an incredibly popular source of information and guidance for beauty lovers from almost every background.

Anshulika is the charming soul behind "", a website that's all about finding the best beauty routine for your needs. Whether you're looking for volume-packed hair or radiant skin, you'll find all the tips you need right here, from a writer who's obsessed with haircare, skincare, makeup, and reading.

Before she started her beauty blog, Anshulika wrote about technology, fitness, travel, and health for a host of industries, building off her English Literature and Journalism studies. is Anshulika's opportunity to follow her true passion in life. is a delightful website created by mother and daughter team, Caci and Teri. These two beauty-obsessed women are dedicated to helping their readers around the world find skincare and makeup solutions that work for them. On this blog, you'll find everything you need to know about getting the right makeup and skincare solutions, without over-spending.

Launched in 2001, came to life when Teri had a nightmare experience at a beauty counter. Now, the website has more than 2.5 social followers, and 1 million views each year! is the makeup, skincare and haircare website created by Tione Rodney, a full-time college student studying for her degree in Business Administration. When she's not studying, Tione puts all of her time, effort and inspiration into creating amazing content for Beauty That Walks - a fashion, lifestyle, and beauty website with honest and in-depth product reviews.

Tione has always had a love for writing, and that's something that shines through in her website articles. On this blog, you'll find everything from personality-packed overviews, to images to help with your beauty choices. is a beauty website with a particular passion for colour and style. The author grew up in the middle of a dessert, which meant that she didn't get a lot of opportunities to play with different shades until she discovered her love of makeup and hair care. Shelley offers exciting insights into the world of beauty and wellness on her blog, along with reviews about the latest products.

When she's not writing or sharing her insights with the world, Shelley spends her free time looking for inspiration in the world of colour.


Brilliantly on-trend, is the inspirational makeup, beauty and self-discovery blog designed and managed by Rebecca, a woman from Yorkshire with plenty of background knowledge about beauty. Over the years, Rebecca has built up her understanding of the beauty world with everything from self-started trends to self-taught lessons.

Rebecca also trained alongside the Yves Saint Laurent brand as a professional beauty consultant and makeup artist. Today, she shares her knowledge with the world in the hope to boost the confidence of women everywhere. is a blog all about finding your ultimate skincare and makeup routine. Written by "El," a full-time scientist and a part-time beauty blogger, this website covers everything from insights into the latest skincare products, to reviews on hair and makeup items. El also occasionally talks about other lifestyle topics like fashion and shopping.

El loves blogging, and her passion shows through in her writing. She also adores her community, which she keeps up with on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Cindy is the fun and carefree writer behind Prime Beauty, a lifestyle, and beauty website dedicated to women over forty who want to learn more about the world of cosmetics, skincare and haircare. Cindy brings a fair bit of sass to her articles and reviews, which just makes her website all the more fun to read! When she's not writing about makeup and skincare, she's hosting giveaways, competitions, and providing handy makeup tips. is a lot more than just a beauty blog packed full of tips for people who want to learn more about skincare, hair care, and makeup. It's a learning resource for anyone who wants to take their love of the beauty industry to the next level.

Ogle School provides an education in everything from hair design, to nail and makeup art. If you're looking to start a new career in beauty, or expand on your existing skills, Ogle school has it all.

Another incredible educational blog and school of beauty, the Continental School of Beauty was established in 1961, and it's been growing ever since. On this website, you'll find all the of the courses you need to start your own beauty career, whether you're interested in hairdressing and cosmetology, or nail art.

Designed to provide people all around America with access to their new future in beauty, this website is a great place to go if you're looking for a new opportunity or just a little bit of inspiration.


Empire.Edu is the website of inspirational learning leaders "Empire Beauty Schools." A site committed to giving people from all backgrounds the insights they need to create beautiful masterpieces out of makeup, hairstyles, and more, the site not only provides information on signing up for lessons but also posts regular blogs for students and beginning learners alike.

At Empire.Edu, you can learn about everything from designing wigs, to conducting yourself properly in a job interview.


Another great example of an inspirational beauty school, the Elaine Steven Beauty College is packed full of useful information of people looking for a chance to finally snag their dream career. This is a website perfect for anyone who wants to learn about discovering the art of makeup and hair design as part of their long-term plan for the future.

On this educational website, you'll find plenty of information about the school itself, as well as blogs covering everything from makeup trends to incredible hairstyles.

Want to make sure that you stay on the cutting edge of the beauty and makeup world? It doesn't get much better than "It'" - the website that was previously known as "" Designed by Melissa Flores, a stunning designer, editor, and beauty expert, this website is all about following your passions and making the most out of your creative side. Melissa even has eBooks to help you create your own YouTube beauty channels.

If you want to keep up with the trends and take your love of beauty to the next level, then this could be the perfect site for you.

Welcome to the delightful world of Charlotte Tilbury, a woman who's devoted to helping people around the world discover their inner confidence through makeup, hair, and beauty. Charlotte wants to help every woman in the world discover the most beautiful version of themselves so that they can enjoy the full power of their self-esteem.

Charlotte claims on her "About us" page that she discovered mascara when she was thirteen, and she's been obsessed with the power of makeup ever since.

Enter the charming world of, and you're sure to find plenty of reasons to be inspired. This unique website comes from Fleur -one of the most successful fashion influencers in England. Fleur started making YouTube videos for the first time in 2009, and she's been building her presence as a global superstar ever since.

Fleur released her own book called "The Glam Guide" in 2015, and her second book, "The Luxe Life" came out the same year - shortly after. Fleur even has her own exclusive line of Eylure false eyelashes.

The lovely website "" comes to us from Lara, an international marketing expert who has spent years delivering exceptional ideas and insights for the beauty industry. Lara loves all things beautiful, from fashion and haircare products to new makeup trends, and you'll find all of her latest comments and thoughts written on her website.

Sometimes, Lara also covers other topics on her blog, like DIY, travel and even opportunities to donate to charitable causes.

If you want a website that covers the latest makeup trends and beauty strategies, then you can't go wrong with This website comes to us from Eugenia, a stunning beauty blogger living in Montreal in Canada. She began her blog as a way of expressing her thoughts and feelings about the latest beauty trends.

The great thing about Eugenia's blog is that it's incredibly authentic. It's packed full of real opinions, and you're told in advance if anything she publishes is sponsored.


A wonderfully bright and fun beauty blog, SG Style Me, previously known as Raving Fashionista is a style and beauty site designed to help boost confidence and develop self-esteem for people around the world. Developed by a New York Fashion lover who spends her time exploring everything from photo re-touching to event planning, SG Style Me is a wonderful website for anyone who wants interior inspiration, or a clothing muse.

SG Style Me covers latest looks and insights from incredible editor Sarah as she discovers the more beautiful side of life.


Born form the creative mind of Rae, TheNotice.Net is a beauty blog that helps anyone, and everyone find the best trending products for their skin troubles. Whether you're searching for the ultimate moisturizer, or you need some tips for trying out a new makeup look, Rae will help you to discover whatever you've been searching for in the health and beauty world.

Rae even helps out with people who suffer from dry skin, chronic illnesses, and other problems that might make it harder to find the right beauty routine.

If you want to walk on the wild side of beauty for a whole, then you have to check out his incredible website. Trashtastika was previously known as "The Fashionate Traveler" when it began 15 years ago, since then, it's evolved into a website that covers everything from travel, to beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and more. There are even tips on how you can improve your writing.

Leanne explores the wild-side of beauty, hair, and makeup, and reminds people that they can accomplish anything with the right look. If you're looking for a confidence boost, this is the blog for you.

Created by the fantastic and charismatic blogger Hayley Hall, is your all-access pass to everything you need to know about beauty in the heart of the UK. This site has been referenced in everything from Grazia, to Heat, Metro, and the Times, so it's safe to say that Hayley gets around.

Ever since she began her career in the cosmetics industry as a brand manager in 2010, Hayley's passion for beauty has been growing. Today, she shares the top tricks and tips women need to make the most out of their beauty products.

If you're looking for some of the most insightful blogs about makeup and beauty on the web, then you've come to the right place. Taye is the wonderful writer behind, a website that covers everything from food to beauty and style. You can even check out Taye's fantastic video diaries if you have enough time.

Taye is a blogger, fashion expert, photographer, actress, and host who grew up in the heart of Los Angeles. According to "What Wear," Taye is one of the hottest beauty bloggers around right now.

Beauty and fashion lovers rejoice, is the inspirational website created by Cathy Williamson and designed to help you figure out what you can wear to boost your self-esteem and make more out of your creative side. is packed full of insightful blogs, pictures, and ideas to act as your muse as you look for the ultimate wardrobe.

If you're looking for an authentic insight into the beauty world, then you're sure to get it here, thanks to Cathy's no-nonsense and honest attitude. Cathy even shares insights on how she overcame breast cancer and continues to live as a devoted mother.

A wonderful website for anyone who needs help making the most out of their natural figure, "" is a website dedicated to helping you find your perfect look. The website was founded in 2011 by Tanesha Awasthi, and today it's an award-winning approach to beauty inspiration for people who want to look and feel beautiful regardless of their size. covers everything from parenting tips to beauty advice, style insights and updates on how to make the most of your wellness strategy.

The Federico Beauty institute is a family-run establishment with origins all the way back in 1946, which is when James Federico and his brother Sam started their business with a vision of opening beauty colleges all across Central Valley. Over the years, both the Institute, and the website has grown, offering expert insights into the world of makeup, styling, and more.

For those searching for a professional look at the beauty industry, has a lot to offer, including hair and make-up inspiration, and stories from the latest Federico shows and competitions.

If you're the kind of person who likes to stay up to date with the latest beauty and style news, then you'll lover "" - a website devoted to helping you make the most out of your hair. The wonderful woman behind this website is Sapna Parikh - an insightful editor who has been working in the beauty industry for more than a decade.

As well as running her own website, Sapna is also a University of Pennsylvania graduate who uses her natural charm and authentic reviews to capture the hearts of her audience.

Another corner of the internet dedicated to the art of working with hair, FreshLengths is the website owned by Lesley - a 20-something London-based blogger with an eye for fashion and beauty. Though her website started off as a hair journal, it gradually evolved into something more, covering everything from the latest fashion tips to makeup inspiration.

From her blog, Lesley provides guidance for those looking for ways to look after and enhance their own hairstyles.

An inspirational beauty blog coming straight to you from the heart of Malaysia, is the website of Lily - a makeup enthusiast. The website is named after Lily's two daughters, Ashlyn and Chloe, and it covers a host of top tips and insights from someone who has spent most of her life perfecting her knowledge of beauty and skincare.

Though Lily isn't a makeup artist or expert, she loves using her blog as a way to share personal experiences with her readers, and her honest approach to beauty makes her incredibly endearing.

SmileWorks Liverpool

There are few things more attractive in this world than a stunning smile. At, you'll find all the tools and guidance you need to not only get a brighter and whiter smile but find the confidence that helps you to use it too!

Ed Challinor, the first officer and second in command at Smileworks is a regular contribute to the company's blog, which covers information on everything from how you can get your own celebrity smile, to how the right makeover can change your life.

If you're looking for an urban take on everyday beauty, then you're sure to get exactly what you need from This unique website is managed, edited, and written by Tereza, a Birmingham-based 20-something blogger with an Eastern European accent and a great attitude.

On the website, you'll find the perfect combination of lifestyle posts, job opportunities and tips and tricks for how to not only boost the glamorous side of your life, but also start your own blog too.

The perfect website for anyone in search of girly indulgence and beauty tips. Created by Joanne Larby, a make-up artist, model, teacher, stylist, and public speaker, follows the life of someone who's both a makeup lover and a makeup artist. Joanne uses her corner of the web to inspire and empower women to achieve their goals and rediscover their confidence.

Otherwise known as "The Make Up Fairy", the stunning Joanne works to promote body confidence, and also shares stories on how she's found her place within the competitive beauty industry.

Brought to you by a former beauty pageant and freelance makeup artist, Rae, began in 2010 as a YouTube channel and website intended to offer guidance on everything from how to wear your makeup, to how to look after your skin. Today, the website is packed full of destine cosmetic tutorials and insightful reviews.

Rae lives in Southern California and spends her time either working on her blog, snapping photos of the things that inspire her, or keeping up with her followers on social media.

Bright and fun, is a makeup and beauty website sure to brighten up your day. Designed by magazine editor, fitness instructor and freelance editor Shayna Wiwierski, this website is packed full of charm and attitude, along with a host of product reviews, tutorials and tips to help anyone make the most of their beauty routine.

Shayna started A Pop of Colour in 2011 to help satisfy her obsession with beauty and cosmetics. Eventually, the website emerged as an award-winning and highly entertaining source of beauty information.

A corporate communications pro and freelance editor, Judy has more than a dozen years of experience writing and editing weekly, daily, and trade-based newspapers both online and offline. She's written for everyone from medical professionals, to the press, and beauty fanatics too. was Judy's way to explore her obsession with skincare and cosmetics.

When Judy isn't writing for a living, or adding new information to her blog, she's either spending time with her family, or experimenting with nail polish and makeup.

Lovingly described as "the only time you'll enjoy nails on a chalkboard", is a website packed full of inspiration for budding nail artists and beauty enthusiasts alike. The website comes from the mind of Sarah Waite, a licensed nail technician who shares everything from trendy and fun nail ideas, to more refined tutorials with her thousands of dedicated fans.

Sarah began her adventure with nail art and blogging in 2011, and she's been building her online presence ever since. She's been featured on everything from Nail It! Magazine, to the Today Show! is the fantastic beauty blog by Jayne Lim, an inspirational 30-something living in Vancouver with her husband and cats. Jayne started her website back in 2011 as a way of sharing nail art tutorials and inspiration with the world. Today, the website offers honest reviews, insightful posts and plenty of helpful guides too.

As well as being a beauty fanatic, Jayne is much more than just a girly girl, she also has a degree in cell biology and another one in computer science too!

If you've been scanning through this list looking for a beauty blog with a focus on stunning nail polish reviews and inspiration, then you've come to the right place. is the website by Valesha - 28-year-old beauty lover in Seattle who has been writing about her nail polish addiction ever since 2011.

To begin with, Valesha's love of nail polish started off as nothing more than a hobby. Eventually, she started showing off her manicures on Instagram, and discovered that people wanted to see more! If you're a nail-varnish addict yourself, then you can even check out Valesha's full polish collection of more than 4,000 colours and styles!

Another website devoted to nail polish and nail art, is the inspirational website by Krystal from South Texas. Though she isn't a professional nail artist, she's been playing with styles and manicures since 2009, and she uses her website as a way of sharing her design inspirations with the world. started off as a creative outlet, and quickly became a highly-professional website perfect for anyone with a passion for polish. Here, you'll find everything from product reviews, to manicure tutorials and unique colour ideas.

The Beauty of Life was created all the way back in 2007 - more than 10 years ago, but it still remains a relevant and exciting website today. Written and managed by Jamie Allison Sanders, this beauty and lifestyle website covers everything from fashion tips, to style strategies, so you can re-discover your self-esteem.

When she's not updating her beauty blog, Jamie works as a fashion copywriter, working with brands like American Outfitters, Hendri Bendel, Bloomingdale and Ralph Lauren. If you're looking for an up-beat fashion and beauty blog, this is the site for you.

A colourful and charming beauty blog packed full of video reviews, tutorials, and inspirational looks for your hair, makeup, and nails, has everything a beauty lover needs. This website comes to you from Aileen, who launched her blog in 2007 as a way to chronical her beauty experiences and showcase new ideas.

Today, Eileen uses her website as a stress-relief solution to help her deal with the chaos of a career in the legal industry. If you're looking for a confidence boost, or just a little inspiration, you'll find it all on

If you're the kind of person who loves natural beauty and the magic of the world around us, then you'll adore Brought to you by Tara Mackey, this website covers everything from tips on organic and sustainable living, to advice on how you can enjoy a more natural beauty routine.

More than just a beauty enthusiast, Tara is also the best-selling author of "Cured by Nature", and a scholar with a background in genetics and psychology. Quoted by publications like Forbes, Glamour, and Woman's Day, Tara has built quite a reputation for herself in the natural living and beauty worlds. is an incredibly charming website and blog managed by Lilla, a creative mind who spends her days living in Hove and writing about fashion, lifestyle and beauty. On Lila's blog, you'll find plenty of insightful posts about travel, what kind of food you can eat to promote a healthier lifestyle, and how to find your perfect look.

Although Lilla started her website as a way to keep track of her daily thoughts, the blog has quickly grown in popularity, attracting the love and appreciation of readers all around the world. is a website devoted to natural beauty and organic living. Created by innovative tomboy Liz, this website comes packed full of useful information for those drawn to the green side of living. On this blog, you'll find everything from sustainable beauty tips, to fashion advice, and lifestyle guidance.

Liz has built as a resource and guide for people hoping to navigate the eco-friendly world. The blog started in 2013, and since then, it's been earning more followers and fans every day!

Looking for a way to live a healthier, happier life, without abandoning your beauty routine? is a website devoted to helping you find a more sustainable beauty strategy, based on self-care and organic skin routines. The mother, blogger and dedicated green beauty lover behind this website is Dima, who started her site as a way to share her passion with the world. is a great resource for anyone who wants weekly beauty tips and instant advice on some of the bestselling beauty products.


That compiles the list of 50  best Beauty blogs to follow. Please comment and let Hollywood Mirrors know what you think of the list? 






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