Illuminated Makeup Mirror


"Shine Bright Like a Diamond with Our Illuminated Makeup Mirrors! 💡

Tired of uneven makeup application and bad lighting? Say hello to our dazzling Illuminated Makeup Mirrors! Whether you're a pro makeup artist or just looking for the perfect lighting to apply your daily makeup, our mirrors have got you covered.


With its bright LED lights and adjustable brightness settings, our mirrors provide the ideal lighting for your makeup routine. You can now say goodbye to harsh shadows and uneven coverage. You'll love how your makeup will look just as fabulous in natural light as it does under our mirror's illumination.


Our mirrors are not just practical, but also stylish! Available in various designs and finishes, these mirrors are the perfect addition to any bathroom or vanity. You'll love how they look as much as you love using them.


But that's not all! Our Cosmetic Makeup mirrors come with a 360-degree rotation function, making it easy to find the perfect angle for any task. Plus, the Renée Bluetooth Hollywood mirror comes with a convenient USB charging port, so you'll never have to worry about running out of battery.

So why settle for a dull and basic mirror when you can have a chic and functional one?

Order one of our Hollywood Illuminated Makeup Mirrors today! 


Frequently Asked Questions About Illuminated Makeup Mirrors


What is an illuminated makeup mirror?

An illuminated makeup mirror is different from a regular mirror because it has inbuilt lights. These lights provide additional illumination and make it easier to see your face while applying makeup. The lights can be adjusted in brightness and color temperature to best match the natural light in the room, and some mirrors even have adjustable magnification to help you see up close.


Do I have to use batteries or do I connect my illuminated makeup mirror to a power source? 

It depends on the makeup mirror you have. Some illuminated makeup mirrors can be powered by batteries, while others need to be connected to a power source. At Hollywood Mirrors, our illuminated makeup mirrors can be connected to a power source and also powered by batteries. However, we advise that you always connect your mirror to a power source while using it and only make use of the batteries when necessary, like in case of a power outage or if you're in transit.


How durable is the illuminated makeup mirror? 

The durability and lifespan of illuminated makeup mirrors vary depending on factors such as the material and quality of the mirror, the type of illumination used, and how well it is maintained and handled. In general, well-made and well-maintained illuminated makeup mirrors can last for several years with proper use.


How do I maintain my illuminated makeup mirror?

To maintain your illuminated makeup mirror, you should:

  • Clean the mirror regularly with a soft, damp cloth to remove any smudges or fingerprints.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, so you don't damage the surface of the mirror.
  • Get a professional to change the light bulbs in the mirror if they stop working
  • Store your mirror in a dry place when not in use, to avoid damage from moisture or humidity.
  • If the mirror has a built-in power cord, make sure to unplug it when not in use to avoid the risk of electrical shock or fire.
  • Regularly inspect the mirror for any damage or wear and replace parts as needed to ensure it continues to function properly.

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