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How you get ready in the morning can significantly influence the way the rest of your day turns out.

And so, you need a relaxing get-ready routine coupled with the right tools to help kickstart your day on the right note. One of those tools is a good vanity or dressing table where you can apply your makeup and get your game face on.

Now, the perfect vanity area isn’t complete without a great dressing table mirror — and on that front, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you prefer to mount your dressing table mirror on the wall or place it freestanding on the table, we give you the option of flexibility. We have different sizes and shapes of mirrors that you can explore to find the perfect fit for your vanity.

For an idea of the variety we offer, check out the square Hepburn Mirror, the round Alicia Mirror, or the rectangular Audrey Mirror.

mirrors dressing table mirrors
Alicia Hollywood Style Mirror with Lights 80 x 60cm

mirrors dressing table mirrors
Halle Round Hollywood Mirror Freestanding

Peruse through our entire collection of great dressing table mirrorrs with light and pick the one that best fits your unique style and space. 

Did you know? At Hollywood Mirrors, we offer free delivery to our customers all over the United Kingdom. If you’re not available during the weekdays, you can opt for free Saturday delivery during checkout.

For more efficient delivery, leave your phone number when you checkout. Our reliable courier will reach out within sixty minutes to schedule your delivery time. That way, you’ll know exactly when to expect your new mirror to arrive.

See a design or brand you love? Here are the steps on how to install it on your dressing table.

1. Unbox the Mirror and Read the Manual

Once you receive your package from us, carefully remove all of the pieces from the delivery box. You’ll notice the mirror itself, some equipment, and a manual to guide you through the installation. 

Our mirrors are simple to set up and we package them with all the necessary wall mounting kits. Unpack the box and check that all the equipment is accounted for. 

At this point, read through the manual. Be sure to use the included checklist and photos to confirm that you have everything you need.

Remember to place the mirror on a rigid box or a soft surface (like a carpet). Set it aside as you go through the other frame materials to avoid breakage. Then, wipe it down to make sure you’re working with a spotless surface.

2. Assemble the Mirror and Frame Material

Below is a list of the items that you should expect in every package from us.

  • Four frames
  • The backside board 
  • Hook up frame
  • Screws & nails
  • Light bulbs

If everything is accounted for, follow these simple steps:

  1. Lock the four frames together and secure them with screws at each corner.
  2. Next, turn the entire frame upside down and fit the glass over it.

    The reflecting side should face towards the floor.

  3. Put the completed part aside for now. Grab the backside covering board and secure the hook that will attach to the wall mirror in the middle of it.
  4. Place the backside board over the completed frame and secure it with screws/nails. 

    Be careful not to lean directly on the glass when attaching the backside board.

  5. If you’re placing the finished product on the table, assemble the stand next. The dressing stand is also easy to attach — all you have to do is slide the frame into it and nail it together. 

The mirror serves as the centrepiece of every dressing table. For that reason, we fit only the highest-quality bulbs to make your looking glass stand out. To install them, simply arrange the bulbs close to the edges on the reflecting side — as in the picture below.

table mirrors dressing
Penelope Hollywood Mirror Wall Mounted Landscape 60 x 80cm

Our bulbs are energy efficient and up to four times brighter compared to the standard versions. They work efficiently to display the colours in your clothes and make-up with complete accuracy.

Remember: Sufficient lighting is essential to achieving the perfect makeup.

Moreover, the LED bulbs are safe because they’re shatterproof and don’t emit extra heat into the room. They provide radiance to your space and make it easy for you to get ready without being too hot or uncomfortable.

3.Take Measurements

Dressing table mirrors should fit perfectly in the space where you get ready every day. So once you’ve picked the wall and set up your table, the next step is to fit your mirror in just the right spot. 

Take measurements of the assembled piece and note them down. Then, make markings on the wall or table where you want it to go. After marking the outline, temporarily place the piece against the wall or on the table to be sure you like the position.

Note: You may need to do this a few times to ensure the positioning is precise and to your liking. 

Below you can see the ideal positioning when arranging dressing table mirrors.

dressing table mirrors filter

The glass should be situated in the middle of the dressing table. This leaves you plenty of space to adopt the Marie Kondo organization method for your cosmetics, skincare, and hair products — either on the vanity itself or in the drawers. 

Here’s an excellent example of how functional dressing tables are set up:

Clairemont Whole House Renovation
Photo by Terracotta Design Build - Discover bathroom design inspiration

To get started, have a look at our comprehensive dressing table guide.

And here’s a simple checklist to help you find the best position. Choose: 

  • A wall where you can fit extra storage space
  • A location with enough natural light
  • Drywall where you can drill in nails or screws

4. Pin the Mirror

The last step is to place the mirror against the wall or on top of the dressing table. 

  1. Once you’re sure that your marked position is accurate, you’ll need to place the bracket frame that will hold the mirror against the wall. So, you need to locate an area backed by drywall.
  2. Screw it on the wall precisely in the midsection of the outline you drew earlier. That means it will hook right to the middle of the backboard and offer excellent support.
  3. Place the assembled piece in position.
  4. Ensure it’s stable. You should feel the backside board frame clicking into the wall’s bracket frame. 

If you’re placing the mirror directly on the table, make sure it’s firmly positioned. You may want to use strong double-sided tape or screws so that it doesn’t move around or fall over.

Check out our Olsen Mirror to see a great example of a free-standing tabletop mirror. 

Step back to determine whether it’s aligned correctly and not leaning awkwardly or to either side. If you notice any imperfections, adjust it and recheck. 

Finally, take a seat and experiment with your new looking glass. And if you don’t have an equally stunning chair to match, check out our selection of dressing table chairs

Don’t forget to test the light bulbs to see how they illuminate your room and make the colours pop.

Enjoy the Hollywood Dressing Table Mirrors Experience

At Hollywood Mirrors, we work hard to deliver you a memorable experience. That’s why we include clear and straightforward installation instructions with all of our products.

However, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through the phone number or email address listed on our website if you need help. We are happy to offer our advice and assistance.

See our guide for choosing the perfect dressing table mirror.

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