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A key element to celebrating your beauty as a lady above 50 is finding makeup styles that enhance and flatter your features gracefully.

While you learn to embrace the beauty of ageing, it can also be a struggle to put on your regular eye makeup because of the wrinkles, fine lines and not-so-firm skin.

But that shouldn't stop you from showing up and showing out.

In this post, we'll share with you simple eye makeup looks you can try today.

From smokey eyes you can rock to that special event to more subtle daytime looks you can wear to work and also tips on the do's and don'ts for a better makeup game.



1: Soft Smoky Eyes


For my ladies with almond-shaped eyes, this eye makeup look is perfect for you. Since you have enough space on your lids you can make your eyes look a bit smaller with a soft smokey eye. To achieve this, use neutral tones like browns or taupes. Apply a light shade on the lids, and a slightly darker shade on the crease, and blend well. The difference between this look and a full-on smokey eye look is that you're to avoid heavy eyeliner. Instead, opt for a soft pencil or a thin line of eyeshadow and apply close to the lash line.


You can rock this look to your evening events, parties, or dinners where a subtle yet glamorous look is desired



2: Subtle Shimmer


I know they told you to avoid shimmery eyeshadow looks on mature skin what if I told you, you could rock a subtle shimmer and still look gorgeous? The trick is to be very gentle with your application and choose the shimmer shade that's close to your complexion. For example, you can choose light, shimmery eyeshadows in champagne or soft pinks. Apply the shimmer on the centre of the lids for a brightening effect. Then use a matte shade in the crease for definition but this step is optional.

The subtle shimmer eye look complements all skin tones, particularly beautiful on fair to medium complexion. It enhances round or protruding eyes, adding dimension and is perfect for daytime events, weddings, or occasions where a touch of radiance is appropriate.


3: Defined Eyes with Eyeliner


Best for hooded or droopy eyes, this simple yet effective eye makeup look lifts and defines and that's exactly what we're trying to achieve for hooded eyes. Go for a brown or grey eyeliner for a softer look. Apply a thin line along the lash line, slightly winging it for a lifted appearance then smudge out the liner slightly for a softer finish. And there you have it, a versatile look suitable for both daytime and evening events. You can wear this to business meetings or simple coffee dates.



4: Natural Daytime Look


When we say natural, we mean neutral matte shades. Apply a light shade on the lids and a slightly darker shade on the crease. You can also apply this darker shade to your lower lash line but that's optional. Use black eyeliner and mascara for more bolder look, while for a softer look go for a brown mascara.


This eye makeup look works well on fair to medium skin tones. All you have to do is pick out neutral shades that match your skin. If you also have wide-set or close-set eyes,  this look is perfect for you as it helps in creating a balanced and natural appearance. Just like the name implies, you can wear this look every day literally anywhere. From casual outings to professional settings.



5: Monochromatic Look


Who says you can't match your eyes to your outfit? Well, let's prove them wrong, shall we? Choose a single colour like plum, or taupe for eyes and cheeks. Apply a lighter shade on the lids and a deeper shade on the crease.

You can never go wrong with monochromatic eye makeup because it works on all skin tones depending on the chosen colour; for example, plum suits cooler undertones, while taupe works across various tones. It's also adaptable for different eye shapes and suitable for a variety of occasions, depending on the intensity of the chosen colour.



6: Lifted Eyes with Highlight


If you have downturned or droopy eyes this eye makeup look will help give the illusion of a more lifted and open eye. Apply a matte neutral shade on the lids. Add a small amount of a shimmery highlighter on the brow bone to lift the eyes. And finally tightline with a soft brown eyeliner for definition.



7: Classic Cat Eye


The Cat eye also known as winged liner is one eye makeup look that will forever be in vogue. This look is so versatile and the beauty is that you can control the thickness, length and intensity of your cat eye. For the sake of my older girlfriends, we'll stick to a subtle cat-eye using brown or grey eyeliner. To achieve this look, you want to line your eyelids starting at the inner corners and extend the line slightly for a lifted appearance. Keep the line thin and as close as possible to the base of your lash line for an elegant look.


You can rock this cat eye with a nude eyeshadow as you can see in the image above for formal events or alone on regular days.



8: Muted Jewel Tones


We've been talking about natural and neutral-themed eye makeup looks but how about a pop of colour for a change? Experiment with muted jewel tones like plum, emerald, or sapphire. Apply the colour on the lids and blend well for a sophisticated pop. Now you're ready to serve looks at that gala or award night. You're welcome!

Depends on the jewel tone chosen; plums and emeralds often complement warmer tones. And you can try sapphires for cooler tones.



9: Soft Rose Gold Glam


This eye makeup look is particularly flattering on warm undertones but adaptable for all. Use a soft rose gold eyeshadow on the lids. Add a touch of shimmer in the inner corners for brightness. Line the eyes with a brown pencil for a gentle definition.


Perfect for round or almond-shaped eyes and a suitable look for weddings and romantic dinners.



10: Daytime Smudged Liner


Versatile and suitable for all skin tones, works well on all eye shapes, especially effective on wide-set eyes. You can rock this look with heavy eyeshadow for a bold look and without for a quick and easy daytime option. Just apply a soft brown or grey pencil liner along the lash line.

Smudge the liner slightly for a more casual and soft look.



11: Gradient Taupe Eyes


Taupe shades work well across the spectrum, so rest assured that this look is adaptable for various skin tones. To create, use varying shades of taupe for a gradient effect. Apply the lightest shade near the brow bone, medium shade on the lids, and darkest in the crease.




12: Defined Crease with Soft Liner


Emphasise the crease with a matte eyeshadow in a warm neutral shade. Keep the lid colour light and add a soft eyeliner close to the lash line. This eye look is ideal for monolid or hooded eyes, as defining the crease will help create the illusion of dimension.



Helpful Tips On How To Apply Eye Makeup For Older Ladies


Before you start experimenting with the various looks we've just mentioned, you need to have these tips at the back of your mind to ensure a much better eye makeup application.


1: Start with Hydrated Skin

One thing mature skin lacks is moisture and applying makeup on dehydrated skin can quickly become a recipe for creased eyeshadows. Apply a hydrating eye cream on the eye area to create a smooth canvas for makeup application. This will also prevent makeup from settling into fine lines.



2: Use an Eyeshadow Primer

One step you must not skip when it comes to eye makeup, especially on mature skin is eyeshadow primer. This will prevent creasing and create a smooth base for eyeshadows which will help them adhere better.



3:Choose Matte and Neutral Shades

Opt for matte eyeshadows in neutral tones like taupe, brown, or soft peach. This is not to say you can't wear shimmery eyeshadow looks, but matte shades are more forgiving on textured skin than shimmer and are easier to experiment with when it comes to creating different looks from subtle to more sophisticated ones.



4: Focus on Tightlining

Instead of heavy eyeliner on the lid, focus on tightening. By this I mean, applying eyeliner to the waterline or between the lashes. This technique helps to define the eyes without emphasising fine lines.



5:Curl Lashes for an Open Look

You might not be a fan of false lashes but curling your lashes can give you the same effect, which is helping to open up the eyes, resulting in a more youthful appearance. All you have to do to achieve this is use an eyelash curler before applying mascara to lift and define the lashes.



6: Blend Thoroughly

At any age, whether you're below or above 50, you shouldn't be caught with sharp-edged eyeshadows. Make sure you're blending thoroughly to avoid harsh lines and prevent makeup from settling into fine lines or wrinkles.



7:Consider Hooded Eye Techniques

Having hooded eyes can pose quite a challenge when applying eyeshadow, but the trick is to apply the eyeshadow slightly above the crease to create the illusion of larger lids and then additionally, highlight the brow bone to lift the eyes.



8: Brow Definition

You can't have complete eye makeup without a well-defined brow. Take your time to groom your brows before makeup application, to make the process of filling them in a lot easier. Work with brow powders and pencils to fill out your brows following their natural shape. This will give you a more polished appearance.



9: Invest in a Quality Makeup Mirror

Great makeup starts from the comfort of your room with a trusty makeup mirror and your favourite makeup products. If you're serious about trying any of the eye makeup looks we've shared in this post then you'll need to invest in a quality makeup mirror that's distortion-free and lighted to give you a clear and crisp reflection of your face.

There are tons of makeup mirrors to choose from at Hollywood Mirrors. From small compact mirrors that fit nicely into your travel bag to full-on vanity mirrors. Either way, you're guaranteed a better makeup application.





Personal preferences play a significant role in makeup application. Feel free to adjust the intensity and style of any of these looks to suit your style and features.

Lastly, before you begin to experiment, make sure you have ruled out the option of any major eye defects that might prevent you from applying eye makeup. This is particularly important if you have very sensitive eyes.

And don't forget to throw away old expired makeup, as these can be bad for your eyes.

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