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What better way to usher in the joyous spirit of Christmas than by exploring enchanting Christmas makeup looks that effortlessly capture the essence of the season?

In this post, we'll be sharing makeup looks that reflect the colours of the season which happen to be red, green, blue, gold and white.


We'll also share steps on how you can recreate each look, so get ready to adorn yourself with hues of joy and sparkle, as we dive into the world of festive beauty. And while at it, dont forget your makeup mirror so you can apply your makeup flawlessly.


Red Themed Christmas Makeup Looks


The Christmas holiday season is that of love and by default the colour for love is red. Red outfits and decorations are one of the telltale signs that the season of joy and love is upon us and you can channel that same festive colour into your makeup.


Here are a few red themed christmas makeup looks you should try:


1: Classic Red Lip & Gold Eyes

 classic red christmas makeup look

First on our list of Christmas makeup looks you should try is this timeless combination of golden eyeshadow and bright red lips which is the star of the show.


How to Recreate:


Eyes:You'd need a mix of gold and dark brown hues. Start by defining your brows with a brow pencil and clean it up with concealer for that sharp neat look. Spread some of that concealer or eyeshadow base all over your eyelids and blend out. Now go in with the gold eyeshadow, applying it to the inner corner of the eyes and blending out towards the centre of your eyelids. Take a light brown eyeshadow and start blending it into the gold. Take another darker brown and concentrate that on the outer corner of the eyes, blending upwards and outwards for that smokey effect. Apply a little bit of that brown shade to your lower lash line, and apply eyeliner and some fake lashes.


Face:We're going to keep our face makeup simple and minimal but you want blushy cheeks. Sweep a decent amount of your favourite blush across your cheekbones. Bonus point if it's a blush with a red undertone, as it will complement nicely with your red lips.


Lips:Now the trick to getting the perfect red lips is knowing your undertone. Red lippies with orange undertones look best on olive and pale skin while the ones with blue or cool undertones are perfect on darker skin tones. Another trick you want to try is lining your lips first with a brown or maroon lip liner before applying your red lipstick. It'll create the perfect ombre red lips.




2: Double-sided Red Wings

 double side red christmas makeup look


Red has always been Riri's colour whether it's Christmas or not and for this look, we'll be doing a simple yet unique double-sided winged eye look and nude lips.


How to Recreate:


Eyes:Start by tracing out the shape of your eyebrows and filling them in with any brow product of your choice. Apply eyeshadow base and blend out. Now take a soft matte shade close to your skin tone and apply that all over your lids. Next, go in with a small angled brush and deep red eyeshadow. Stamp this all across the lash line, as if applying eyeliner. Don't forget to wing it out. Do the same for the lower lash line and smudge it out. Tightline and apply a generous amount of mascara.


Face:Your face makeup should be dewy and soft with a peachy blush to your cheekbones and bright under-eyes to contrast.


Lips:Line your lips with a peach shade of lip liner and go over it with a slightly light shade of lipstick. Finally, top it off with one layer of clear gloss.



3: Soft Smokey Red Eye Makeup

 smokey eye red christmas makeup look

Just because we said red-themed makeup looks doesn't mean it has to be bright red. Try this mix of brown and berry shades to give you that subtle yet sultry eyeshadow look that'll have all eyes on you.


How to Recreate:


Eyes:Blend deep brown eyeshadow all over the crease and slightly above it. Then take a cranberry shade and apply right on top and of course the under eyes too. Apply a shimmery eyeshadow in the same cranberry shade to the centre of the kids and a little in the inner corners. Apply eyeliner, mascara and a pair of falsies for extra oomph. After you are done with the eyeshadow application, take a clean brush with a little bit of found or concealer and clean up the outer edge of your eyes, this will give you that sharp defined line.


Face:Sculpt your cheekbones bronzer and add a little bit of blush for rosy cheeks, because it's winter and we don't want to look ashy.


Lips:Put on your favourite nude lip liner and lipstick combo and top it off with clear gloss.



Green Themed Christmas Makeup Looks

One prominent colour you'll find during this holiday is the colour green. While not as bright as red, it can be used to create a bold statement makeup look.

Here are some ideas you can sample.


4:Smokey Emerald Green Eyes

smokey emerald green christmas makeup look

Earthy tones like emerald green will always look good no matter what, especially when it's the Christmas season.


How to Recreate:


Eyes:Start by blending out a deep brown shade or black onto your eyelids depending on how intense you want it. Then take a shimmery emerald green eyeshadow and apply that to the centre of your lids. Take a little it for the brown or black shade and smudge out the lower lash line for that smokey look. Fill in your brows, tightline, and apply mascara and false lashes if you want to.


Face:Go ahead and do your regular face makeup, taking time to continue and sculpt the nose for a slimmer appearance.


Lips:For the lips, any nude lip liner and lipstick in the maroon and pink category would work just fine.




5: Festive Forest Green

 festive forest green christmas makeup look


Deep green eyeshadow embodies the enchanting spirit of a festive forest and depicts the perfect Christmas tree.


How to Recreate:


Eyes:Blend dark green eyeshadow on the lids, keep it close to the lash line. We want to mimic the motions of drawing a big green eyeliner but with eyeshadow. add winged eyeliner, and finish with mascara. You can also choose to dust on a little bit of light brown shade onto the eyelids and smudge out the lower lash line with the same brown shade to create contrast.


Face:A little bit of bronzer to the sides of your face and blush to your cheeks will help elevate your overall look.


Lips: Apply a creamy pinkish nude lipstick and you're done.



6: Glowy Green Grinch Glam

glowly green christmas makeup look 

Ever seen a sexy-looking Grinch? Well, you're about to become one with this shimmery green eyeshadow look.


How to Recreate:


Eyes:Define your eyebrows, then apply some eyeshadow base. Now take a fluffy brush and some dark green eyeshadow and blend that all over the crease. Take some of that eyeshadow base and a flat brush, cut your crease and apply a shimmery sage green to the areas you just cut. Go over that with the same colour of glitter and finish up with a winged liner and a pair of falsies. For the under eyes, you can swap that neon pink eyeliner for red to better mimic the mood of Christmas.


Face:Since we already swapped the pink under eyeliner for red, it only makes sense we do the same for blush. So instead of baby pink go for a more cherry-based blush.


Lips:Whatever your favourite nude lips are, they'll be perfect for this look. But according to Kylie, pinkish nude works best.




Blue Themed Christmas Makeup Looks

You might find it a bit awkward, but blue is actually one of the most worn colours of Christmas right after red and green.

You can easily rock a blue eyeshadow whether matte or shimmer and look absolutely stunning throughout the season.


7: Sparkly Smokey Blue

spaeky blue christmas makeup look 

This look is giving ice queen vibes and we love it.


How to Recreate:


Eyes:Start by filling out your brows, then take a black or brown gel liner and spread that all over the lids, keeping it at the centre. This will serve as our base. Next, take a matte brown shade and blend right on top blending upwards and into the crease. Now go in with an icy blue shimmery eyeshadow and apply this to the centre of the lids and also the inner corner of your eyes. For some extra sparkle, the same icy blue glitters to it. Repeat the same thing for your under eyes.


Face:Keep your face makeup simple and minimal, we want the eyes to be the main focus of the day.


Lips:Apply a peachy nude lip liner and lipstick, then go over it with a clear gloss.



8: Subtle Greyish Blue

subtle blue christmas makeup look

Similar to our sparkly smokey eyes, the difference is in the shade of blue used.


How to Recreate:


Eyes:First, blend a dark brown shade onto the outer corner of the eyelids and also in the lower lash line. Now take a greyish-blue shimmery eyeshadow and apply that to the centre of your lids and a beige shade in the inner corners. Line your eyes and apply a pair of false lashes to bring the whole look together. Don't forget to fill in your brows.


Face:Concentrate on sculpting the nose, forehead and cheekbones.


Lips: Abrown lip liner and gloss combo will be fine or my brown skin girlies and any other nude lippies for other skin tones.



9: Blue Wonderland

wonderland blue christmas makeup look

I know it's pastels, and it's not spring but hear me out, what's Christmas without a bit of colour? Plus it's just one colour and super easy to achieve.


How to Recreate:


Eyes:sleek down your brows with a brow tamer and gently mimic hair-like strokes for natural-looking fluffy eyebrows. Now take a powder blue or baby blue eyeshadow and apply this all over your lids taking it round to your under eyes. Smoke it out, tightline, and finish up with mascara.


Face:For that dewy glossy finish, try a dewy setting and a liquid highlighter.


Lips:a simple bubblegum-coloured lip gloss is all you need to recreate these lips.



Gold Themed Christmas Makeup Looks

You already know that you can never go wrong with gold, no matter what time of the year it is, plus you can match your makeup to the gold accents and decorations in your home, channelling your inner goddess vibes.


10: Golden Goddess Glow

golden goddess gold christmas makeup look

Want to glow effortlessly, try this golden glam look.


How to Recreate:


Eyes: Lightly fill in your brows. Take a sparkling gold eyeshadow, apply that to the inner corner and slightly blend it to the centre of the lids. Draw a short-winged liner and finish off with mascara.


Face:We can't skip bronzer for this look, so be generous with that and also top it off with a golden highlighter to the high points of your face.


Lips:Apply your favourite beige nude lipstick and make sure it has a creamy texture.


11: Champagne and Cranberry Glam

champagne gold christmas makeup look 

Simple yet regal, the combination of champagne shimmer and cranberry shades exudes festive sophistication.


How to Recreate:

Eyes:Apply champagne eyeshadow on the lids, and cranberry in the crease, and finish with eyeliner and mascara.


Face:contour your cheekbones and apply a generous amount of blush right on top, for that snatched yet youthful look.


Lips:Go ahead and apply any nude lipstick of your choice.



12: Bronzy Gold Glam

 bronzy gold christmas makeup look

If you feel sparkly or champagne gold is too much for you, then try this bronzed-up makeup look.


How to Recreate:


Eyes:Apply matte soft brown shades all over the lids, and a bronze shimmery eyeshadow in the centre. Put on some falsies and fill in your eyebrows.


Face:Do your regular face makeup, while keeping everything subtle and clean


Lips:A beige or peachy nude lipstick is best for the job.




White Themed Christmas Makeup Looks

White dresses and snow-themed Christmas trees are things we're used to seeing just what if you added white eyeshadow to your makeup look?

Let's show you how to make it work



13: Sleek White Liner

 white sleek white christmas makeup look

Channel your inner snowman and match your eyes to your outfit with this simple sleek white liner.


How to Recreate:


Eyes:Apply a soft brown matte shade all over the eyelids Next, apply a black wing liner, then just above it, apply a white wing liner.


Face:Keep your face makeup at the bare minimum, we want to look like we have little to no makeup on.


Lips:Apply a coral peach lipstick with some clear gloss.



14: Winter  Sparkle

 white sparkle white christmas makeup look

Glittery silver eyeshadow paired with a frosty highlight gives an icy, festive vibe and is perfect for that gala night or end-of-the-year party.


How to Recreate:


Eyes: Start by blending a soft brown shade all over the crease. Now take your eyeshadow base and a flat brush and cut your crease. Apply silver eyeshadow, add silver glitter on the centre of the lids, and finally some deep brown or black to the outer corner, smoking it out and even to the under eyes. Draw a long sharp winged liner, and put on some mascara and false lashes if you want to.


Face:Apply contour and bronzer and finish up by highlighting the cheekbones and brow bones with a frosty shade.


Lips:Apply a brown lip liner and peach lipstick with some clear gloss for that perfect pout.



15: Green and White Combo

 green and white combo white christmas makeup look

If the whole white eyeshadow makeup look isn't your thing, you can try a subtler version of using a white liner in your waterline.


How to Recreate:


Eyes:Start by filling in your brows, then blend out some concealer or eyeshadow base into your eyelids. Now apply a matte green eyeshadow, line your eyes with a back pencil, and carefully create a short-winged liner. Then take a white eye pencil and apply that to your waterline. Finally, put on some mascarato both top and bottom lashline.


Face:Apply your face makeup as you normally would but with a little bit of peachy blush to the cheeks.


Lips:Apply a peach, pink or beige lipstick and you're all set.





Christmas is so much more than just giving and receiving gifts, it is also about sharing love and creating memories. You can create fun memories by trying out some of the looks we mentioned in this post. 

Remember to adjust them based on your style and preferences, and have fun experimenting with different festive makeup looks! 

Let us know in the comments below which of these looks you'll be trying out first.

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