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Every detail matters when creating a beauty salon. It’s a place where customers come for cosmetic treatments and find relaxation.

It is important to create an atmosphere that will combine style, comfort, and functionality.

In this article, we will look at how to choose and arrange mirrors, as well as other interior elements such as plants and lighting to create the perfect beauty space in which every visitor will feel especially cozy.

Flowers in Interior: Natural Elegance in Detail

Flowers play a key role in the interior of a modern beauty salon. They add some natural beauty and freshness to the space and raise the mood of both customers and staff.

Thanks to the variety of flowers and their combinations, it is possible to highlight the design and style of the salon.

To ensure the beauty lounge with fresh blooms, the perfect solution can be a bunch of flowers in a vase like the examples provided by  DJFlowers flower delivery.

You can arrange them in front of mirrors to create more space and magically reflect the flower vase in them.

Among the flowers that perfectly complement the interior of the beauty salon, can be highlighted:

  • Roses:Classic choice to create a romantic atmosphere and give the interior courteousness.
  • Lilies:Elegant and exquisite, they add a touch of luxury and charm to any room.
  • Chrysanthemums:Bright and colorful flowers for creating glowing accents and giving the interior a picturesque look.

These examples can be regularly ordered for delivery and provide the beauty salon with fresh bouquets that will please customers and create a special atmosphere anywhere in the world - from the cold snows of Norway to the hot dunes in the UAE.

Mirrors: Reflection of Style and Comfort

Mirrors are an important part of the interior. They serve to assess the performance of services, and for reflection to be qualitative, several important aspects of mirror selection should be considered:

  • Choice of shape and size: The variety of shapes and sizes of mirrors allows to create unique compositions and adapt them to the interior features. Mirrors with additional lighting will allow customers to better consider their satisfaction and the quality of services provided.

  • Quality of reflection: Quality mirrors will ensure a clear and accurate reflection that is important for customers. Low-quality mirror significantly reduces the interior cost.

  • Practicality: Mirrors should be functional and user-friendly for both masters and customers. The placement of mirrors also plays an important role — they should be arranged in such a way as to ensure the convenience of the procedures


Properly selected mirrors can visually expand space, add light and depth to the interior, and create an atmosphere of luxury and style.

Do not hesitate to consider the aesthetic qualities of mirrors combined with floral arrangements and their convenience in use for both masters and customers.

Imagine yourself as a client of a luxury salon somewhere, let’s say Dubai, entering the room filled with flora reflecting from every mirror - wouldn’t that make an impression on you? 


Lighting: Key Comfort Factor Stay

Lighting plays an important role in creating comfort in the beauty salon. The right lighting will help emphasize all the advantages of the interior. Quality lighting also plays a role in service provision.

The master must have a good view of the customer and all the details required for a particular service, whether it is a haircut or manicure. Every shade and dullness can lead to a deterioration of service. 

If possible, it’s better to make the most of natural lighting, which will create a pleasant atmosphere and highlight the natural beauty of customers. For southern regions like Dubai, it is easy to catch the right angle for the sun.

In cases where natural lighting is insufficient or impossible, it is important to choose artificial lighting correctly, taking its brightness, heat, and room distribution. An excellent option is to use mirrors with built-in artificial lighting.

They emphasize beauty and make it possible to see all the details of makeup, hairstyles, and other services.

And yet the ideal option is a combination of natural and artificial lighting, which will provide optimal conditions every time of the day or evening.


In the beauty salon, every detail matters, and the art is to create a harmonious and cozy space. Special attention should be paid to the details of the interior — quality mirrors, floral compositions, and properly exposed lighting.

Regular delivery of fresh flowers is crucial for the salon. Flowers give the salon a special charm and allow it to emphasize his style.

And quality mirrors not only reflect the beauty of customers but also add luxury to the interior. The right lighting is the final touch that highlights all the advantages of design and creates an atmosphere of complete comfort.

This approach to interior details allows you to create a beauty salon, which provides professional services and gives customers an unforgettable experience of staying in a comfortable beautiful location.

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