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There are very few things better than coming home to a cosy and tranquil bedroom after a long and busy day. For most people, it is the place they retreat to for mood-lifting relaxation and quality time with their partner, making it one of the most important spaces in their home. 

From choosing high-quality bedding and matching  comforter sets to injecting colour and interest with your favourite houseplants, your bedroom will become a peaceful and welcoming utopia, the perfect place to escape the chaos of everyday life. 


A Fresh Coat of Paint

When it comes to transforming your bedroom, one of the easiest ways to make a huge impact is by changing the colour of your walls. Keep your trim clean and crisp by using good quality painter’s tape, as a poor job can instantly ruin the tranquil effect you want. 


If you prefer to select a less permanent transformation, swap the paint for temporary wallpaper. It is the ideal solution for renters and those who regularly enjoy switching up the style of their homes. While soothing, light neutral tones tend to make rooms appear larger and more open, darker shades can deliver a compact but incredibly cosy setting.


Choose the Right Sheets

High-quality sheets make a huge difference in the quality of sleep you get each night and should be a big priority when creating your dream bedroom. The material you select is ultimately determined by the type of sleeper you are and the seasonal weather you live in. 


Flannel is largely considered to be one of the softest and most popular materials for staying warm in winter without the risk of overheating. Additionally,Egyptian cotton is a luxurious, year-round option that will leave you with a five-star experience. Alternatively, eco-friendly wool bedding is a leading option for cold sleepers. 

Adjust Your Lighting

Lighting is one of the biggest decor elements that is often overlooked when designing a home. It can significantly change the atmosphere and function of the room, making it an essential element for creating multifunctional spaces. 


Many experts recommend avoiding only one central lighting source, like a harsh overhead light and instead using layered lighting features fitted with dimmer switches, like table lamps, sconces and floor lamps, to improve both the function and the mood of your bedroom. 


Additionally, you should aim to choose the correct light bulb to match the fixture. As much as possible, select eco-friendly dimmable bulbs which will allow you to control the brightness and ambience of your room while reducing your monthly energy bills. 

Embrace Rugs

Whether you have tiles, hardwood, vinyl, or carpeted flooring, you can complement it with soft and cosy rugs to instantly bring warmth and comfort to your bedroom. Floor rugs also add texture and colour to tie the overall design together. 


If you plan to place a rug under your bed, you should be able to see at least three feet of textile on either side. For a more budget-friendly solution, you can select two identical runners for either side of the bed. When possible, choose sustainable and natural materials like wool, cotton, and silk. 

Choose a Scent

The correct scent can add an unmatched layer to the ultimate bedroom sanctuary, ensuring that all your senses are properly catered to. With an extensive range of soothing candle scents to choose from, there is the ideal option to suit anyone. 


If you are concerned about open flames around pets or children, choose an alternative method like scented room diffusers, essential oil diffusers, or plug-in scents that conveniently double as nightlights. 

Add Plants & Florals

No room will feel complete without a natural element. Houseplants and fresh flowers inject beautiful splashes of colour into your space and have been scientifically proven toenhance mental and overall health


If you are concerned about caring for a variety of houseplants, there are many species available that require little to no upkeep. Even if you forget to water them occasionally, they will continue to thrive. 

Layer Up

Alongside high-quality bedding, layering your bedding with comfortable textiles like down comforters, quilts and throw blankets guarantees to make your room feel more restful and welcoming. 


When done right, layering can inject a refreshing dose of style that feels homely and inviting. Select throws and pillows that match the season or holiday festivities, or choose a year-round option in a luxury fabric like cashmere or sustainable alternatives made from recycled cotton. 

Make It Personal

Don’t fall into the social media trap of believing your home needs to contain picture-perfect spaces to be the best it can be. Trendy designs may seem appealing to recreate, but they often lack the familiarity that makes your home feel warm and comfortable. 


Instead, create a room full of your happiest and most personal memories. Nostalgia is the easiest and most rewarding way to create the cosiest feeling, so include items like your favourite books, treasured family photos, an art piece that you love, or a priceless heirloom furniture piece that can be passed down within your family.

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