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Oh, it's an incredible feeling when your reflection in the mirror pleases the eyes and brings a smile to the face. Yep, you are gorgeous!

First of all, it's thanks to Mother Nature, of course. But let's not forget about your unique inner world expressed to surrounding people through the style and, in particular, the clothes which you choose to wear.

You could buy the right ones on theonline store  GotToShop to showcase your style in the best light. Honestly, every woman's dream wardrobe isn't just about having the right clothes.

It's also about a well-organized dressing room where each favourite outfit is carefully selected and beautifully displayed. Let's take a closer look at that perfect combination.

How to find your personal style

Are you one of those individuals who guess that only fashionistas and celebrities have their own style and the courage to shine infashionable clothes? It's a fairly common misconception.

In fact, everyone has a sense of style. It just needs to be uncovered. Here are some steps that could help with this issue:

  • Explore your inspirations. Start by looking at your favorite celebrities', style bloggers', or fashion icons' outfits. Besides, create a Pinterest board and get into the habit of taking notes of colors, patterns, and silhouettes that appeal to you;
  • Identify body type. Knowing it, you wouldbuy the clothes that highlight your best features and minimize areas you are not confident about;
  • Define your lifestyle. Consider your daily activities and the settings you frequent. Then figure out theclothes assortment that suits them;
  • Assess the current wardrobe. Identify the pieces you wear most often and that you dislike or never use. It could give clues about your preferences;
  • Don't hesitate to experiment. Make the first step out of your comfort zone and try new things, such as high heels or extravagant hats;

  • Identify your signature pieces. Analyze the results of the experiment. What kind of new stuff is felt the most reflected to your personality?
  • Experiment with colors. Add bright notes to the usual color palette. Stop your choice of those shades that complement your skin tone;
  • Use the accessories. Well-chosen accent shoes, a handbag, or a scarf can take a basic outfit to a higher level;
  • Stay true to yourself. Trends come and go while personal style is timeless. That's why try maintaining a balance between fashion fads and what truly resonates with you;
  • Seek feedback. Ask friends or family for their honest opinions on your outfits. Sometimes, from the outside, they can see what suits you better than you do in the mirror.

So, now it seems you are ready to doonline shopping.


How to create a functional walk-in closet 

After you have shopped at theclothes stores, it's time to create a functional walk-in closet for them and organise your new wardrobe. The several tips are as follows.

First, divide the space into zones for different types of clothing and accessories. It should include:

  • the hanging space for shirts, pants, dresses, coats, and so on;
  • the shelving for folded clothes, hats, and handbags;
  • the drawers for underwear, socks, jewelry, and other small items;
  • a shoe storage, if you like tobuy shoes as Carry Bradshaw does;
  • the accessory hooks for belts, scarves, ties, and jewelry.

Step number two is to maximize vertical space by adding double hanging rods and using the high shelves. After that,  properly light up the room. Place overhead lighting combined with task ones in specific areas, such as LED strips under shelves or spotlights overhanging sections.


Finally, install the fitted mirrors that allow you to check your outfits,  make dressing easier, and create the illusion of a larger wardrobe space. There are different types of fitted mirrors. The most common ones are:

  • full-length mirrors. These tall and narrow mirrors offer the perfect view of your entire outfit;
  • sliding door mirrors. They are integrated into the doors of sliding wardrobes to save space;
  • mirrored panels. They are installed on the surface of doors as a creative part of dressing room decor;
  • tilting mirrors. They are adjusted to different angles, providing a view of your outfit from various perspectives.

Now, with this information, you seem ready to create a functional walk-in closet.

The final summaries

Discovering your personal style is an essential step towards more intentional and fulfilling every woman's dream wardrobe and easy way of clothing shopping. Understanding your unique preferences ensures that every purchase will be thoughtful and suits you perfectly.

Moreover, creating a functional walk-in closet will help you understand how many items you already have and determine what you still need to buy. Now, you won't have items lying idle and collecting dust on the shelf.

So, enjoy your shopping time with  GotToShop

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