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“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

I’m sure you’ve heard of this fable.

And if you’ve watched the film (Snow White), you’ll agree with me that magical mirrors exist—even in our not-so magical world. And as Logan Pearsall Smith once said—“All mirrors are magical mirrors, and we never see our faces in them.

Now, let’s deflect a bit from fairy tales and imagine a hypothetical situation:

You’re walking along 221B Baker Street—the fictional home of Sherlock Holmes—on a warm Saturday afternoon. A London bus passes by, and you’re quick to see your reflection on it: Your make-up looks rather off.

“Not again, I thought I did everything right,” you utter a soliloquy. It’s happened twice this week. It must be the bathroom mirror, you think.

This is an everyday scenario that happens too many times. You think you did your make-up or shave right, but as soon as you step out into the world, a friend is quick to tell you something is off.

That said, your bathroom mirror can make a world of difference to your everyday appeal.

Whether you’re a 26-year-old millennial or a 50-something heading for retirement, everyone needs an illuminated bathroom mirror.

Here’s why:

What Stands Out In an Illuminated Bathroom Mirror?

LED mirrors have many benefits. These mirrors provide sufficient radiance to give you a lucent reflection as you pretty up.

Even better, a back lit mirror comes with unique features such as touch controls, shave sockets, and extra storage.

But the list doesn’t end there. Here are four reasons you want to choose bathroom mirrors with lights:

Better Lighting



Think about the many times you’ve had to use your smartphones’ flashlight to make the perfect shave. It’s a struggle between holding your phone with one hand and shaving with the other.

Often, this is tedious work and leaves you with mediocre results.

What if there’s a better solution to your problems?

Enter illuminated bathroom mirrors.

With an LED bathroom mirror, you’ll see yourself in a better light. Also, you’ll enjoy the circumfluous lighting in your bathroom the mirror emits. Simply turn off the key lights in your bathroom, have the shaving cream ready, and leave the warm glow of the mirror to guide you in your ritual.

That said, our full length mirror and Crystal Pro Vanity Mirror emits better light and is ideal for the modern bathroom. Even better, you can control the light features according to preference. This allows you to set the mood for your grooming ritual, just how you like it.

Crystal Pro Vanity Mirror


  • Width: 80cm
  • Height: 60cm
  • Depth of Base: 26cm
  • Length of base: 90cm
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Energy efficient

Besides better lighting, here’s what you’ll love about a back lit bathroom mirror:

  • Shadow-free illumination: An LED mirror is an excellent spring of front-facing light. It discards any shades of darkness derived from ceiling lighting. This way, you can see your facial features from all angles without tilting your head.
  • Balanced lighting: Back lit mirrors contain bulbs around the frame. This balances the light on your face, which is perfect for mirror selfies.

Extra Storage

A common issue many homeowners face with their bathrooms is the lack of storage.

Like the kitchen, bathrooms never seem to have enough storage space—and for good reasons. This can leave you with less space to store your grooming accessories.

If you have a small bathroom, you can buy an illuminated mirror as a mirror cabinet.

These mirror cabinets come in unique designs, which is great if your bathroom isn’t spacious.

And while bathroom mirrors are a woman’s domain, blokes too can leverage the extra storage for storing their shaving gear.

However, avoid filling your bathroom cabinet with too many accessories. Keep everything organised and within arm's reach. Here are some rules to live by when arranging your mirror cabinet:

  1. Prioritise
    Your Coco Chanel fragrances are best left out of the bathroom cabinet. Focus on storing the essential items.
  2. Group
    Group your items to reduce clutter. Use this table as a guide:

    Category Item(s)
    Hair Combs, brushes, products
    Dental Floss, toothbrush, toothpaste
    Makeup Brushes, cotton swabs, applicators
    Shower items Shower gel, shampoo, shaving creams
  3. Divide

    Use drawer dividers to keep your cabinet organised. Bamboo or marble trays can help keep your accessories in place.

  4. Downsize your items
    Sort items that come in oversized packages into smaller vessels. Place cotton swabs in an open container for easy access.

Illuminated Mirrors Fit in Anywhere

What’s the floor area of your bathroom? Too large? Medium-sized? Maybe too small for your liking?

Whatever the size, illuminated bathroom mirrors fit every space—whether large or small.

Some designs can fit a minimalistic bathroom. Others—more exotic mirrors with lights—can fit bathrooms with opulent and grandeur designs. A classic example is the Rihanna White Edge Mirror.

You guessed it right! The mirror takes the name of fashion magnate and R&B singer Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Here’s a sneak preview:

Rihanna White Edge Hollywood Mirror


  • Width: 60cm
  • Height: 60cm
  • Depth of Base: 26cm
  • Length of base: 70cm
  • Energy efficient

More specifications:

Feature Present Not Present
LED bulbs
Power Cable (3 metres)
Glass edges
Energy efficient

Bathroom Mirrors with Lights Add Prestige to Your Home

Does a visit to your bathroom feel like a trip in time to the ‘70s? Do you dread having visitors over for Britsgiving because your bathroom lacks an aesthetic appeal? Is all this pressuring you to do a complete bathroom remodel?

The good news is that you don’t have to go to the extreme.

Forget about breaking your bank to buy expensive artworks or overpriced faucets to spruce up your bathroom

Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter the most. And in your case, an illuminated bathroom mirror is an awe-worthy accessory worth adding.

That said, an LED bathroom mirror can help turn your bathroom from a wishy-washy vibe to a breathtaking feel.

With illuminated bathroom mirrors, you can add a Midas touch to your bathroom without having to remodel or spend a ton of cash.

If you think about it, your bathroom is an oasis—a haven for beauty, health, and rejuvenation. Treat it with the love it deserves. And remember— “What happens in the bathroom, stays in the bathroom.”

Bonus: Reasons to Choose Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors (for the tech-savvy person)

The first mirror used by humans was a pool of water—which they thought was magic.

Can you imagine that? Thinking a reflection in the water is magic?

It wasn’t until 1835 that the first silvered-glass mirror came into life.

Fast forward to today, and mirrors feature a myriad of technological features such as

  • Bluetooth connectivity:

    Illuminated mirrors support Bluetooth technology. This way, you can listen to music and take calls all from the comfort of your bathroom mirror.

  • Touch controls:

    Backlit bathroom mirrors often have touch control features on the mirror’s surface. The touch feature allows you to switch on the mirror’s light and access the features with ease. How cool is that!

  • Motion sensors

    Of course, you’re going to get wet in the bathroom. The last thing you want is to handle electrical gadgets via sockets and switches. Most backlit bathroom mirrors incorporate sensors that switch the unit on when you’re using it. They also switch off after a period if there’s no movement in the bathroom.

Why Not Choose the Best?

“If art reflects life, it does so with special mirrors,”—Bertolt Brecht.

Backlit bathroom mirrors are elegant and beautiful. A good bathroom mirror can make or break the look of a washroom. It’s one of the few accessories in washrooms people like to look at, even without thinking about it.

Hollywood Mirrors is your one-stop shop for an array of illuminated mirrors.

For more backlit bathroom mirrors, check out our stunning and sublime collection for various mirrors to choose from.

With anti-fog properties, better lighting, and more, the future is brighter when you have the right mirror.

Featured image: Pixabay by shadowfirearts

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