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When you walk into your bathroom every morning, what do you often do first?

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all?

You guessed it! You look in the bathroom mirror. It’s almost a reflex action to walk into the bathroom and check out your beautiful reflection.

Everyone has their reasons for looking into the bathroom mirror. Some people want to put on their makeup or skin treatments. Others want to fix their hair or have a shave.

Whatever your purpose, having an illuminated mirror in your bathrooms is both highly functional and elegant. Any bathroom deserves to be complemented with the perfect mirror.

With that, here are our top 5 picks of the best bathroom mirrors with in-built lighting. 

Favorite bathroom mirror

1. EDGE LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror With Lights

Edge LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror
Edge LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror

In the first position is the stunning Edge LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror. This baby is 80x60 centimetres and has a clean, ultra-slim minimalist look. It’ll look amazing in any decor space — traditional or modern.

The motion sensor allows you to turn this stunner on and off in an instant. All you need to do is put your hand under its right side to prompt the lights.

This feature comes in handy because it's super convenient and easy to use. Think about when you need to turn on the light but you have hair product all over your hands. No longer a problem!

This bathroom mirror stays free of shower fog because it has a built-in demister pad that keeps the mirror mist-free 24/7.

What’s more, the white lights have a lifetime of 120,00 hours and are energy-efficient, giving you their best illumination for many bathroom visits to come.

The Edge LED is the best bet in your quest for an illuminated bathroom.

2. Keenware LED Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

Keenware KBM-104 LED Bathroom Mirror Cabinet
Amazon | Keenware LED Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

This multi-functional mirror from Keenware is a unique choice for the bathroom. It functions as a cabinet, giving you the luxury of simultaneously storing bathroom essentials.

This mirror has an IR sensor, which simplifies powering on and off. This sensor detects when you come close to the mirror, prompting it on or off.

The dimensions are 60x70 cm and it’s double-sided, with light strips all along the border.

In other words, if the door is open, you can still use the mirror because the glass is mounted on both sides. Inside the cabinets sit three shelves — two of which are glass. Super handy!

The Keenware Bathroom Mirror Cabinet also features a power socket you can use to charge or power up your toothbrush and shaver. This feature is so convenient — no one wants a cheeky bald spot as they shave their head.

What’s more, the doors also have a soft close feature to prevent breakage.

All in all, this mirror is an excellent selection for anyone after a functional mirror with added storage and lighting. If you have an eye for aesthetics, you’ll love this sleek cabinet.

 3. Crystal Pro Mirror

Crystal Pro Vanity Mirror 80 x 60cm
Crystal Pro Vanity Mirror 80 x 60cm

The Crystal Pro mirror is a fresh, modern take on the Hollywood mirror. The Crystal moniker comes from the sparkling crushed crystal all around its outer edges. This thoughtful detail makes a huge difference, elevating the lighting to new dimensions.

The frame is aluminium steel, offering sturdy support for this 80x60 mirror. Bigger and heavier mirrors like this one need a thicker and sturdier frame to hold their weight and ensure they remain intact.

With a mirrored base, the rectangular-shaped Crystal Pro is freestanding. However, if you fancy mounting it on your bathroom wall, go right ahead. It comes with all the required fixtures and fittings you’ll need.

A great feature of this mirror: The cool white light emitted by the light strip can be dimmed to your preference, giving you the freedom to set the mood as you get ready or do your makeup.

4. Halle Round Hollywood Mirror

Halle Round Hollywood Mirror Freestanding
Halle Round Hollywood Mirror Freestanding

The Halle Hollywood mirror is as glamorous as the actress it’s named after. Unique, bold, and bright, Halle will shine in your bathroom.

Its round shape is quite refreshing and quirky, a departure from the usual square or rectangular mirrors. With ten white light lamps, it provides lighting like no other. The energy-efficient bulbs allow you to feel good about saving energy and the planet as you get ready in the morning.

Like the Crystal Pro, you can either have the mirror free standing or mount it onto the wall.

With a five-year warranty to ensure that you’re insured against any malfunctions, the Halle Mirror is a superb investment.

The lighting is studio level, bringing Broadway to your bathroom (a plus if you love to sing in the bathroom!). The ultra-bright light bulbs are also cool to the touch and eco-friendly.

A strong base and high-quality finish make Halle a strong contender as you shop around for bathroom mirrors. 

5. Rihanna White Edge Mirror

Rihanna White Edge Hollywood Mirror 60 x 60cm
Rihanna White Edge Hollywood Mirror 60 x 60cm

Acquiring its name from celebrated Barbadian songstress and fashion mogul Rihanna, this beautiful square edge to edge mirror is a sight to behold. Its glossy edges match the high gloss wooden white base, giving off a crisp look and feel.

It has ten golf ball lamps, providing ample light and energy conservation. They can be dimmed 

or lit up by the mirror’s sleek switch on the right-hand side of the frame.

This kind of light will level up your makeup game with ease to ensure you get that contour blending just right.

The Rihanna White Edge Mirror also comes with a handy 3-metre power cable — in case the power port is a bit far from where the mirror will be installed.

With that, the mirror can be affixed to your bathroom wall or fitted to the white stand that comes with it, depending on your preference. It can be used outside the bathroom as well, on a vanity table or in a walk-in closet.

Buy the Rihanna White Edge Mirror for your bathroom today and channel your inner superstar!

Here’s a Quick Recap of Why We Love Each Mirror:

Those are our favourite illuminated bathroom mirrors. Spoiled for choice, aren’t you ;)?

 Bathroom mirrors are an excellent investment to maximise both functionally and elegance.

Even better, we offer free UK mainland delivery across our entire selection. We even provide Saturday deliveries — just be sure to let us know at checkout.

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Trust Hollywood Mirrors to light up your bathroom — and your life

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