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Are you looking for a new makeup trend to try out? Coordinating your makeup with your outfit isn’t just a lot of fun; it’s a foolproof method of looking great. After all, your makeup is a part of your overall look, so it makes sense that you should try and be coordinated.

However, like with the majority of makeup trends, it can be all to easy to go overboard when it comes to matching your makeup with your outfit. So, keep reading to get more information with these simple and easy tips for matching your makeup to your outfit, and looking effortlessly stylish with it.

Stick with One Colour Palette

If you’re thinking of matching your makeup to your outfit, then the first thing to think about is what colours to wear. Check out some outfit ideas from Ganni clothes to find pieces that are going to be easy for you to coordinate your makeup with, without going over the top.

Ganni offer a range of bags, jackets, scarves, trousers and more that you can create a fantastic outfit from and coordinate your makeup with. It might be a good idea to steer clear of bold colours – while bright hues and colour blocking can look fantastic, matching your makeup with it may be just a little bit too much unless of course you are going for that stand-out, head-turning look.


Evenly Distribute the Colours

Matching makeup with your outfit can be a fairly easy trend to get the hang of. However, with that being said, not every item of clothing that you own is going to be easy to match to your outfit. It might be hard not to go overboard if you want to match your lipstick to your skirt or dress, for example. Working with colours and shades isn’t always easy, and even professional makeup artists
might have a hard time when it comes to matching a lipstick shade with a large fashion item.

Distributing the colours evenly is one good way to ensure that you avoid a making a faux pas when matching your makeup and clothing. Consider choosing an accessory, for example, your handbag or shoes, to match your eyeshadow or lipstick to. This can help you save time as you will avoid having
to find the perfect shade to match a large piece of clothing like a dress or coat, and offers a polished, coordinated final look.

Don’t Match Too Much

It can be all too easy to get really carried away when matching your makeup and your outfit. However, going overboard could mean that the look ends up being worse than you expected it to be. Don’t try and match everything. Instead, using coordinating colours that work well with each other can be a much better, and often much easier option that will give more depth and interest to
your look, while still making sure that it is polished and coordinated overall.

Take some time to plan out your outfit and your makeup, to determine which features you want to play up with it. If you like experimenting with eyeshadow, for example, then choosing eyeshadow shades that match an accessory like your bag or scarf can be an ideal choice.

Keep the rest of your outfit muted to that the colours don’t end up clashing and looking out of place.

Getting Your Makeup Right

Once you have chosen the items of clothing you’re going to wear and the makeup shades you will be using to coordinate with them, it’s good to keep some tips in mind to really make your makeup pop and look amazing.


1. Start with a Clean Base

It’s important to have a clean base to build any makeup look. Before applying makeup, make sure that your face is fully cleansed and fresh. You can do this using facial wipes, or a cleanser like micellar water.


2. Prepare Your Eyes

If you have decided to match your eyeshadow with your outfit and are planning to wear a bright shade, then it’s important to prep your eyes. Using primer on your eyelids will help the pigment stay in place and make sure that the colours are popping.


3. Use a Tester

If you’re going all out and buying new makeup to start matching with your outfits, then it’s a good idea to use a tester first. Before you start applying the makeup, test a small amount on your eyelid or face and hold it next to the fashion item you want to coordinate with, to make sure that the two look good together.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Don’t be afraid to experiment with mixing up different shades to get the look that you want. For example, you might want to do a two-tone or ombre lipstick look to get the perfect shade, or mix different eyeshadow pigments together.
Matching your makeup with your outfit can produce a polished, coordinated look. Keep these tips in mind for getting the trend right and looking amazing.

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