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Wall mirror

Looking for a wide range of wall-mounted mirrors in various beautiful designs and sizes? You’re in the right place. Decorative mirrors are one of the most versatile accessories for any home and crucial to many rooms. More than just a way to add a finishing touch to a wall or dresser, a perfect mirror is a practical tool it can add light, designed to help us check our reflection at any point in the day.

Dressing table mirrors

The right mirror in your bedroom can help you capture the perfect look or apply your make up with precision and grace. A mirror in your living room ensures you can always check your appearance when you’re entertaining and enjoying time with friends.

More importantly, mirrors have a unique, almost magical ability to transform any wall space they’re hung in.

Elegant frames, unique shapes, lights, and designs can be focal points when you want to draw attention to a statement wall or a particular fact in a room. The reflective nature of your mirror also helps to distribute light evenly around a space, creating the illusion of extra space.

Wall Mounted mirrors

Whether you’re looking for a traditional, art deco, or ornamental mirror to showcase your sophisticated style, or you want something more modern for a contemporary room, you can find all the wall mirrors youmight need to be listed below. Our incredible collection is hand-picked to suit the preferences of all kinds of customers, so you’re sure to find something that suits you.

Large round mirror

Our range of bathroom mirrors, dining room, living space decorative mirrors reflect and add more light to your home décor. Made from the best quality glass, metaland wood frames and can be hung both vertically and horizontal on your walls.

Our stylish free, standing full length mirror is a fantastic accent for a hallway. Great for checking your outfit before you leave your house.


Shop these classic decorative mirror designs. colours, shapes and styles to match your room accessories, including blinds, cushions throws and rugs

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