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Living room mirrors are some of the most popular accessories in the home today.

As a practical, beautiful, and versatile accessory, the humble mirror can blend perfectly into the decorative theme in any room of your house. In fact, many of us have mirrors dotted all around our homes, from the bathroom to the bedroom, dining room, and even the kitchen.

The living room mirror is often a statement piece in many homes, placed above the mantle or fireplace to draw the eye to the middle of a room. These lounge mirrors serve a multitude of purposes, tying the various decorative elements in your room together, and helping to bring depth to a statement wall space.


Reflect Light With A Living Room Wall Mirror

Living room mirrors are also excellent for capturing and distributing light around a space, making your living room seem larger and more welcoming.

More than just a beautiful ornament, a gorgeous mirror in the living room can be a tasteful way to hide imperfections on your wall, and a fantastic solution for infusing rooms with good energy. What’s more, you get the added benefit of being able to check your reflection whenever you choose and create a focal point.


Living Room Mirror Ideas

Discover our broad range of living room mirrors in the collection below to find the option that’s perfect for you. We offer everything from free-standing full-length mirrors to above-mantle mirrors, round mirrors, and unique, eye-catching wall mirrors.


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