October 11, 2023 6 min read

Shopping for new makeup products and trying them on to create new looks can be fun.


But what's not fun is having to clean up your beauty station after you're done.


Heck, most of us don't even have a beauty station. Our bathroom cabinet, wardrobe and nightstand all serve as makeshift storage for our makeup products.


If you fall into this category, then your room is probably a hot mess right now and I bet it could use a proper clean-up session. 


And how do I know this, it's simple!


You've probably at one point found yourself digging through a sea of lipsticks to find that one perfect shade or rummaging through a tangle of brushes in search of your trusty blending buddy.


We've all been there.


This is why in this post, we're unleashing a treasure trove of makeup organization hacks that'll have your makeup essentials in perfect order.


From DIY storage solutions to ingenious labelling tricks, that'll have you bidding farewell to makeup clutter and saying hello to a stress-free routine.



25 Makeup Organisation Hacks For Your Beauty Supplies


1: Set Up a Vanity Area

 setup a vanity area

The first and obvious step to get your beauty items organised is to set up a personal vanity area. And no I'm not talking about the bathroom shelf you share with your hubby or roommates.


You'll need a vanity area that's exclusive to you, where you can easily store your everyday makeup. This keeps your essentials organized and ready for use. Depending on how much space you have available in your room, you can get a full-on Hollywood vanity that comes with a dressing table and lighted mirror or you could get a customisable floating dresser if you're short on space.



2: Separate by Categories

One easy way to avoid clutter is to store your beauty products in groups. Group similar products together, such as foundations, lipsticks, eye shadows, and even your skincare products. This makes it easier to find what you need.


3: Arrange by Frequency of Use

Store products you use daily in easily accessible places, while special occasion or less frequently used items can be stored in less accessible areas. For example, your skincare products which you use daily can be kept at the top of your dresser, while your makeup products can be kept inside your dresser drawers that is if you only put on makeup occasionally.


4: Rotate Seasonal Products

We all have that one foundation or eyelash palette which we save for special events only. You can store such seasonal or special occasion makeup separately, and switch them out as needed. This prevents overcrowding and keeps your current essentials accessible.





5: Store Vertically

Storing products like brushes, liners, and lipsticks upright can help to save space while keeping them organised and easier to access. You can also use stackable jars or containers to help keep things in place.



6: Drawer Dividers

 drawer dividers

Many dressers come with drawers and if you've stored things in these drawers, you find that they always end up a mess no matter how much you arrange them. One way to keep your beauty items organised is to use dividers to create separate sections for different types of products within your drawers.



7: Clear Acrylic Organizers

 clear acyclic

Using storage cans to organise your beauty collection is all nice but what's better is getting clear acrylic or transparent containers instead of coloured ones as this will help you to easily spot and access your products. This way, you don't have to empty the contents of the container before picking out a product.



8: Magnetic Makeup Board

 magnetic makeup board

For easy visibility, attach magnets to the back of your makeup products and stick them to a magnetic board.



9: Pegboard Storage


Install a pegboard on your wall to hang brushes, tools, and smaller products.



10: Ice Cube Tray for Jewellery

 ice cube jewelry

Don't throw away your old ice trays, you can always use them to store and organize small jewellery items like earrings and rings.



11: DIY Palette Organizer

 diy organizer

Who said file organizers are just for holding documents in place? If you have one lying around somewhere in your house, you can also repurpose it to store and display your eye shadow palettes vertically.



12: Cork Board for Jewellery

 cork board jewelry

How many times have you picked up your necklaces from the storage only to find out they're so tangled up, then you end up wasting 15 minutes of your precious time detangling them? Before you know it, you're already running late for that event. The good news is that you can avoid this by pinning your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings on a corkboard. This will help to prevent tangling.



13: Shoe Organizer for Hair Products

 shoe organizer for hair products

You guessed it. Shoe organisers are also multi-purpose. Just hang a clear shoe organizer on the back of your bathroom door and voila, you have yourself a new storage space for your hair tools and products.


14: Label Containers


Remember when we said to group similar products? Well, you can take it a step further by adding labels to the containers or drawers to quickly identify the contents. This is particularly important if the containers are not transparent.


15: Rolling Cart

 rolling cart

You don't happen to have an unused rolling cart lying around somewhere in your garage, do you? If you don't, you can always get your neighbourhood supermarket to give you their old rolling carts which you can then repurpose as your new makeup storage unit. How will this work? Simply use the rolling cart as a drawer to store and easily move your beauty products.



16: Travel Bags for Essentials

 travel bags for essentials

Travel bags are always an important item to have. The tiny compartments for your powder and liquid products, slots for makeup brushes and built-in dividers keep everything in place while you're on the go. It makes the whole process of travelling your makeup products easy and mess-free.



17: Mason Jars for Brushes

 mason jars for brushes

Need a fancy holder for your makeup and hair brushes? Then get a bunch of mason jars from the dollar store, fill the jars with decorative beads or stones and arrange your brushes and other items in it like eye pencils, lip liners, mascara and lash curler.



18: Candle Holders for Brushes

 candle holders for brushes

Don't want to spend extra money purchasing new mason jars? You can always repurpose decorative candle holders to hold and display makeup brushes. They're an eco-friendly option compared to discarding the empty jars in trash bins. Once the candle wax has melted away, simply wash them and turn them into brush holders. Plus we all know how expensive some of these scented and decorative candles can be, so you'll be getting your money's worth by repurposing it to hold your precious brushes.




19: Tiered Trays

 tiered trays

For that fancy display of your luxury makeup, perfumes and skincare products, get yourself a tiered tray. These trays are a chic way to display your products without taking up much space in your vanity area.




20: Wine Rack for Nail Polish

 wine racks for nail polish

That old wine rack that's just sitting empty could be put to good use. For example, you could repurpose the wine rack to store and display your nail polish collection. Not only is it functional but can also serve as a decorative piece in your room.




21: Bamboo Drawer Organizers

bamboo drawser organizers

Instead of acrylic or plastic, try out bamboo organizers. They are both eco-friendly and perfect for keeping makeup items separated.



22: Rotating Towers


Perfect for my lazy girlfriends. This rotating tower not only holds your makeup essentials in place but the spinning features allow you to easily locate a product when you need it.



23: Removable Trays and Baskets

If your cabinet drawers are deep and wide, it may be difficult to find products in them even when you use drawer dividers. An alternative option is to get removable trays or baskets to store your makeup items. This way, you can simply take out a basket or tray containing the products you need and easily put them back in once you're done without messing up your drawer.



24: Lipstick Caddy

Lipsticks are a bit tricky to store, they always roll over when placed in a drawer and even when stored inside a jar, they can roll around when not tightly placed. A solution to this is to get a lipstick caddy. This will help to keep your lipsticks straight up with the names and colours exposed so you can easily pick out your preferred lipstick shade.



25: Get a Customized Vanity Area

If you're a professional makeup artist or just happen to own loads of makeup products, keeping things organized can be a real hassle. Your best bet would be to get a custom-built vanity area with storage options designed to suit your needs.




The key to keeping your beauty collection clean and clutter-free is what is to find what works best for you and your specific collection. Combine and adapt these hacks to create a personalized organization system that fits your style and needs. Happy organizing!

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