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When it comes to creating a personal space dedicated to grooming, styling, and indulging in self-care, dressing tables play a crucial role.

From traditional designs showcasing timeless elegance to sleek and modern styles with a touch of minimalism, there are countless types of dressing tables to suit every taste and interior decor. 

In this post, we will explore a variety of dressing table styles, ranging from vintage-inspired classics to innovative space-saving solutions.

Whether you're seeking inspiration for your dressing table or simply curious about the diverse options available, we've got you covered!


What Is A Dressing Table

Dressing tables, also known as vanity tables, come in various designs and styles to suit different tastes and functional requirements. A dressing table is ideally meant to be in that part of your house where you'd normally get dressed.

Which in most cases is usually in the bedroom or hallway between the living room, bathroom, and bedroom.

Dressing tables are slightly different from a chest of drawers because although they both function as storage units for personal items, the dressing table comes with an additional item which is the mirror. Check out this article to find out other differences between these two pieces of furniture.

Without further ado, here are 25 types of dressing tables for you to choose from.

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25 Types of Dressing Tables For You to Choose From


1:Traditional Dressing Table

This type of dressing table typically features ornate details, intricate carvings, and a classic design. It may have a large mirror, drawers for storage, and often comes with a matching stool or chair. 

 traditional dressing table 



2: Modern Dressing Table

Modern dressing tables have sleek lines, clean designs, and a contemporary aesthetic. They may incorporate materials like glass, metal, or high-gloss finishes. These tables often prioritize functionality and simplicity.

modern dressing table 



3: Scandinavian Dressing Table

Inspired by Nordic design principles, Scandinavian dressing tables are characterized by their minimalistic and functional approach. They feature clean lines, light-colored wood, and simple shapes. Storage solutions are usually incorporated into the design. 

scandinavian dressing table



4: Vintage/Retro Dressing Table

Vintage or retro dressing tables evoke the style of a particular era, such as the 1950s or 1960s. Their main features include curved edges, retro patterns, and distinctive materials like Formica. These tables often have a nostalgic charm.

 vintage dressing table    



5: Mirrored Dressing Table

Mirrored dressing tables add a touch of glamour and sophistication to a room. They typically have a mirrored surface or panels and may include drawers for storage. These tables create an illusion of space and reflect light. 

  mirrored dressing table      



6: Wall-mounted Dressing Table

Wall-mounted dressing tables are ideal for small spaces or rooms with limited floor area. They are fixed directly to the wall and usually have a fold-down or pull-out mechanism. If you're looking for a functional dresser that saves you some space, then this is the one for you.

 mirrored dressing table



7: Multifunctional Dressing Table

Some dressing tables are designed to serve multiple purposes. They usually have built-in storage, a desk area, or even transform into a small dressing area. These tables just like the wall-mounted ones also maximize functionality in smaller spaces. 

 multi functional dressing table



8: Makeup Vanity

This one is for my makeup girlies. A makeup vanity focuses specifically on providing a dedicated space for applying makeup. It usually features ample lighting, a large makeup mirror, and storage compartments for cosmetics and beauty tools. The design can vary from traditional to modern.

 makeup vanity dressing table



9: Foldable Dressing Table

A dresser that looks like a simple tabletop at first glance? Sign me up! This type of dressing table is designed to be foldable, making it convenient for those who need to save space or frequently move their furniture. It typically has a hinged top that can be opened and closed as needed.

foldable dressing table



10: Floating Dressing Table

Similar to a wall-mounted dresser, a floating dressing table is an even simpler and cheaper option. Its main feature is that it doesn't have legs or a support structure. It appears to be "floating" in the air, creating a modern and minimalist look.

floating dressing table



11: Glass-Top Dressing Table

Common with Hollywood style or vanity dressing tables the only difference is that glass-top dressing tables feature a glass surface as the tabletop. The glass can be transparent, frosted, or tinted, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall design.

 glass top dressing table



12: Industrial Dressing Table

Inspired by industrial design aesthetics, these dressing tables often incorporate raw materials such as metal and reclaimed wood. They typically have a rugged and utilitarian appearance, with exposed hardware and minimal embellishments.

 industrial dressing table



13: French Provincial Dressing Table

This style is characterized by its elegant and ornate features. French Provincial dressing tables often have curved legs, intricate carvings, and a distressed finish that gives them a vintage and romantic feel.

french dressing table 



14: Mid-Century Modern Dressing Table

Mid-century modern dressing tables take inspiration from the design trends of the mid-20th century. They typically have clean lines, organic shapes, and minimalist details, emphasizing functionality and simplicity.

 mid century modern dressing table



15: Antique Dressing Table

Antique dressing tables are vintage pieces that are at least a century old. They often showcase craftsmanship from a specific historical period and can feature intricate details, decorative elements, and unique materials.

 antique dressing table



16: Art Deco Dressing Table

Inspired by the glamorous and opulent Art Deco era, these dressing tables feature geometric patterns, luxurious materials like lacquer and exotic woods, and often have a sleek, streamlined design. 

art deco dressing table       




17: Rustic Dressing Table

Rustic dressing tables embrace a natural and organic aesthetic, often showcasing raw or distressed wood finishes. They have a cozy and charming appeal, with elements like knots, grains, and rough edges adding to their rustic charm.

rustic dressing table




18: Oriental Dressing Table

Also known as a Chinese or Japanese dressing table, this style draws inspiration from Asian design influences. Oriental dressing tables typically have delicate craftsmanship, and intricate detailing, and may incorporate elements like lacquer, mother-of-pearl inlays, or bamboo accents.

  oriental dressing table





19: Hollywood Glam Dressing Table

Channeling the glamour of old Hollywood, these dressing tables feature luxurious materials like dressing table mirrors with light, mirrored surfaces, velvet upholstery, and gold or silver accents. They exude elegance and evoke a sense of star-studded allure.

hollywood glam dressing table 



20: Shabby Chic Dressing Table

Shabby chic dressing tables capture a romantic and vintage-inspired aesthetic. They often have distressed finishes, pastel colors, floral patterns, and ornate details, creating a charming and feminine atmosphere.

 shabby chic dressing table



21: Contemporary Dressing Table

Contemporary dressing tables encompass a wide range of modern styles, characterized by clean lines, simplicity, and functionality. They may feature innovative storage solutions, minimalistic designs, and a focus on practicality.

contemporary dressing table 




22: Minimalist Dressing Table

Perfect for those who prefer a clutter-free and uncluttered space, minimalist dressing tables embrace simplicity and clean design. They often feature sleek lines, neutral colors, and a minimal number of drawers or compartments.

minialist dressing table



23: High-tech Dressing Table

With the integration of technology, high-tech dressing tables offer modern conveniences such as built-in charging ports, LED lighting with adjustable brightness, and even smart mirrors that can display the weather or play music.

high tech dressing table     



24: Bohemian Dressing Table

Bohemian or boho dressing tables embrace a free-spirited and eclectic style. They often incorporate elements like natural materials, vibrant colors, patterns, and an assortment of decorative accessories, creating a whimsical and artistic ambiance.

 bohemian dressing table





25: Customized/Personalized Dressing Table

If you prefer customized or personalized dressing tables to suit your specific preferences and needs, you can simply contact the manufacturer to help design something unique for you. It'll be crafted according to the specifications you provide and you'll be part of the design process.

 personalized dressing table



Things To Consider Before Choosing A Dressing Table For Your Bedroom 

Now before you rush to place that order for your new dressing table, you need to consider several factors such as: 

  • Space and Size: How large or small your bedroom is, will determine the size of the dressing table you're going to get. So first things first, assess the available space in your bedroom and determine the appropriate size for the dressing table. Consider the dimensions of the table and ensure it fits comfortably within your room without overcrowding the space. 
  • Style and Aesthetic: Think about the overall style and aesthetic of your bedroom. Do you prefer a traditional, modern, vintage, or any other specific style? Ensure that the chosen dressing table complements the existing decor and furniture in your room. 
  • Storage Needs: Would you like a dressing table with multiple drawers or just a single drawer? The answer depends on your storage requirements. Determine the amount of storage space you need for cosmetics, jewelry, accessories, and other personal items. Then choose a dressing table with an adequate number of drawers, shelves, or compartments to accommodate your belongings. 
  • Functionality: Do you require ample surface area for grooming and applying makeup? Would you benefit from a mirror that can be adjusted or tilted? Think about the specific functionalities that are important to you and choose a dressing table that fulfills those needs. 
  • Lighting: Adequate lighting is crucial for a dressing table. Consider the lighting conditions in your bedroom and whether additional lighting options are required. Look for dressing tables that come with built-in lighting or those that can accommodate a mirror with adjustable lighting. I feel dressing tables should have built-in lights, it makes everything brighter and better. 
  • Material and Durability: Take into account the durability and quality of the dressing table. Assess the materials used, such as wood, glass, metal, or a combination, and consider their longevity and ease of maintenance. Opt for a dressing table that is built to withstand daily use and will retain its functionality and appearance over time. 
  • Comfort: Think about your comfort while using the dressing table. Consider factors such as the height of the table, the accompanying chair or stool, and their ergonomic features. Ensure that the table and seating are at a comfortable height and provide adequate support for extended periods of use. You wouldn't want to suffer a back or neck ache because of a poorly positioned dressing table. 
  • Budget: Lastly, determine your budget for the dressing table. Prices can vary depending on the material, design, and brand. Especially when you start looking at antique, french, and mid-century designs. Set a realistic budget and look for options within your price range that offer the desired features and quality.




Each type of dressing table we've listed offers a unique style and functionality to suit various interior design preferences and personal needs. You can also create something unique by choosing two different designs for the dressing table, drawers, and mirror and create your very own customized piece.




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