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Finally a vacation! You are planning a road trip to, for instance,  Las Vegas and are considering your future itinerary. When you go on a journey, you are in a state of euphoria. After all, adventures, amazing acquaintances, and bright emotions await you ahead! But your skin, unfortunately, faces big shocks and severe stress. Therefore, we recommend that you think in advance about what your care will look like at all stages of the journey. 

How to carry out long-lasting makeup care? What about cosmetic tattoo aftercare? Take the following steps to enjoy your holiday and keep looking great!

Before the trip 

No matter how tempting it may be to visit a beauty salon in Las Vegas before your tour, refuse this idea. First make sure you keep your travel mirror in your handbag. Try not to use heavy makeup a couple of days before you hit the road. Instead, opt for light moisturizers and serums. Also, avoid peelings and other skin-traumatic procedures. Finally, watch your diet: reduce your intake of salty snacks, spicy foods, coffee, and alcohol, as these retain water in the body and can lead to unwanted swelling during the ride. 

During the trip 

The skincare routine for permanent makeup during a car trip comes down to performing simple steps. They consist of both the use of external care products (creams, masks, fillers, etc.) and other procedures aimed at maintaining healthy skin. Review the major points below.

Start drinking more water 

The best way to prevent possible dryness and dehydration of the skin is to drink plenty of water. Statistics show that modern people drink very little  clean water. Meanwhile, a study published in the “Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology” journal found that increasing the drinking regime to 2 liters of water per day hydrates the skin from the inside, which makes it younger and healthier. At the same time, the daily norm for an adult is 0.33 ml of water for every kg of his body.​ 


Also, consider the influence of the air conditioner. The climate control is not friendly to skin and hair. What to do? Drink water, spray your face and hair with a mist of essential oils, and solve the problem of increased sebum secretion using mattifying wipes.


Take care of your lips 

After you applied for permanent makeup in Las Vegas, the experts probably focused your attention on lip care, especially on a road trip. Whether on the beach or in the car, the skin on your lips is the first to suffer from dryness. Fortunately, you can prevent this using special means. We recommend purchasing moisturizing, nourishing, and sun-protecting filler serums. However, approach your choice responsibly and look at the composition of the product.  Tripeptide-29 in the composition is responsible for elasticity and hydration, stimulates collagen production, and enhances the activity of fibroblasts. 

In addition, phospholipids must also be included in lip products. These are natural skin components that are responsible for maintaining the cellular framework. If the skin lacks phospholipids, it becomes dry and vulnerable to external factors. 

Use sunscreen in any weather 

Car windows don’t protect against ultraviolet radiation. Thus, first of all, take a seat on the shadow side if possible. If you have no choice, prepare for your ride the same way you would prepare for a trip to the beach: apply sunscreen, paying special attention to your face, the area around your eyes, and your hands. Don't forget a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses. A bottle of still water is a must as well.

Don't experiment with makeup

No matter how tempting it may be to buy a jar of face cream or peeling product on vacation and try it right away, don’t do it! In addition to a possible allergic reaction and therefore ruining the pleasure of your vacation, a new treatment can neutralize the efforts you have made at home to keep your skin youthful and healthy. 

So, take vitamin C serums, light peels, and  day face cream with you. Moreover, beauty brands offer special compact travel bottles. If necessary, contact makeup salons in Las Vegas to assemble the right set with the advice of professionals.


Prepare for acne 

Even if you follow all the recommendations of the experts voiced above, no one is immune from surprises. Increased outdoor temperatures and dry air are triggers that can cause acne. Moreover, even skin contact with any surface can contribute to acne. For example, if you lean your cheek against the car window. To quickly and effectively eliminate acne, take anti-acne ointment or gel on vacation. 

Don't touch your face often

Permanent makeup aftercare guidelines say that you should try not to touch your face. Keep your hands away to minimize skin rashes. Observe this rule especially strictly when traveling. This is because you may pick up unknown bacteria that can cause a variety of skin problems. Also, remember to wash your hands as often as possible with an antibacterial hand wash or sanitizer.

Maintain proper nutrition 

Refill your drinking water supplies at gas stations. If you're lucky, buy fruits, vegetables, and light yogurts without additives. Keep your cool in front of the coffee machine, ice cream refrigerator, and past the candy and junk food counter. You still won’t be able to get rid of extra calories in a narrow car seat but your thirst and conscience will definitely torture you.

Summing it up, a road trip is an excellent way to enjoy a vacation on your own schedule. You can pick up a  7-passenger SUV rental in Las Vegas and hit the road with your family or friends. A 7-passenger car rental gives you freedom of movement and a private setting. However, maintaining the health of your skin is no less important. Therefore, before you drive a rental car for 7 people in Las Vegas, take into account our simple skincare tips!


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