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Your wedding day is meant to be the most perfect and magical day of your entire life.

As you walk down the aisle, you want to look and feel like the beautiful bride you've always dreamed of being.

But how do you create a breathtaking wedding day look that wows your groom and guests? Where do you begin to craft your dream bridal style?  

The options may seem endless when it comes to dresses, makeup, hair, and accessories.

Not to mention,  72% of wedding planning is mostly done by the bride, making it extra challenging to focus on creating their dream wedding look alone. 

In this article, we'll explore tips for creating a dreamy bridal look from head to toe. So, get ready for the magical, memorable wedding style of your dreams!  


1: Find your dream dress 

Finding the perfect wedding dress is important, especially since it sets the vibe for your entire bridal look. So, take your time trying on different silhouettes, fabrics, and styles to discover what makes you feel gorgeous and confident. Also, make appointments at bridal shops way ahead of time to try on loads of dresses and bring your bridal squad for honest opinions.  

It also helps to get into each fitting with an open mind. After all, your dream dress might not be what you originally pictured. So, try on sheaths, A-line cuts, ballgowns, mermaids, and halter necks. Basically, try all designs and gown types to find your best fit. Ensure to fit each gown with different veils, too.  You'd be surprised how the right wedding veil changes the whole vibe. 

You can check out various bridal accessory shops, such as  Madame Tulle, for example, and browse multiple options of veils. Remember, your dream dress and veil should go hand-in-hand.  


2: Get your bridal beauty on point 

With your dream dress now picked out, it's time to talk about looking flawless on the big day. Book your hair and makeup trials early, preferably at least 2-3 months in advance. You'll want time to test different looks to nail down your perfect bridal glam.  

For makeup, go with a professional makeup artist who knows how to enhance your natural beauty. Warm, rosy tones and soft, smoky eyes are romantic and photogenic. But don't forget lush lashes too! According to,  false lashes are preferred by most brides as they're cost-effective and smudge-proof, ideal for brides who may cry a lot on their weddings.   

Now for your hair - go for a style you feel comfy in all day. Ask your stylist for loose curls or waves, a chic updo, or sleek and straight locks. And lastly, treat yourself to a mani/pedi for pretty polished nails that complete your look. With flawless bridal glam, you're sure to feel like a total knockout!


3: Bling out your bridal style 

Accessorizing should be one of your favourite parts of wedding planning! It's your chance to add some serious sparkle and personality to your look and take it from basic to completely fabulous! So, play around with different jewellery, shoes, veils - anything that makes you feel like the dazzling bride you are.  

Look for earrings, necklaces and bracelets that match the vibe of your dress. You can go for delicate pearls or crystals, which are timeless. But statement earrings and cuffs can add some drama too!   

Your shoes also deserve a moment to shine. Go for sparkling heels, floral embellishments, or a pop of colour like cobalt blue or ruby red if you want to stand out. Overall, with thoughtful bridal bling, you'll be dazzling from head to toe!  


4: Schedule for boudoir bridal portraits 

Every bride deserves to feel like a total smoke show leading up to her wedding. Enter boudoir portraits, perfect for capturing your inner bombshell.

Schedule a boudoir shoot a few months before your wedding with a photographer who knows how to make you look amazing. According to  professionals as well as some people who've done it, a boudoir photoshoot has helped enhance their self-love and body confidence – both things you definitely need to have on your wedding.  

So, wear delicate lingerie or wraps and channel your inner vixen! Get your makeup done all sultry and pose to highlight your gorgeous curves and features. Private boudoir photos are the ultimate way to celebrate your radiance as a bride-to-be. They make the perfect sexy gift for your partner too!  


5: Find your signature wedding scent 

Ladies, your wedding day scent is such an important final detail. The smell is so powerfully tied to memories, and you'll also want a fragrance that makes you feel like a total bridal bombshell. So, start testing  perfumes during dress trials and vision board making. You can go for lighter florals, fruits or soft musk and nothing too heavy or spicy. Spritz your wrists, behind the ears, and neck. When you find that perfect scent, it'll become your signature! 

On the big day, let your fragrance boost your confidence and remind you to enjoy every unforgettable moment.   

Wrap up 

There you have all the very best tips for crafting a dreamy wedding day look that will make you feel as gorgeous as you are.

Finding the perfect dress, nailing your beauty glam, choosing dazzling accessories, posing for boudoir photos - all the important details we covered.

Now go out there and sleigh on your magical wedding day, beautiful bride, and wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

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