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Sunglasses have been a popular choice for centuries to reduce the harsh light of the sun.

They also protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays which are known to cause damage to your eyes in the long run.

Polarised sunglasses took it a step forward with their ability to cut glare and give you clear vision even on reflective surfaces like water or snow. But now we can see the trend shifting towards mirrored lenses.  

Mirrored sunglasses also help you cut glare like polarised sunglasses but there are some fundamental differences between the two.

Let’s take a closer look at everything that you need to know about mirrored sunglasses. 



Do Mirrored sunglasses provide UV protection? 

Yes, definitely. Mirrored lenses are specially designed to protect your eyes from glare and have UV400 or 100% UV rays protective coating. It was initially designed for astronauts to prevent infrared rays.

And when we talk about infrared rays, you won’t believe that 50% of the spectrum of light has infrared rays. Mirrored sunglasses protect our eyes from these harmful lenses and keep our eyes comfortable even in bright light conditions. 

What is the difference between mirrored and polarised sunglasses? 

1: Mirrored Lenses

Mirrored lenses provide 100% UV protection. It has a mirror coating on the top of the lens which can be a mirror for a person in front. It helps to filter away all the extra light that may enter your eyes. The metallic coating also helps with reduced eye strain. Mirrored sunglasses, with their reflective coating, look pretty cool from the outside. But along with the cool factor, they offer a layer of protection against bright light. This coating is like a mirror, sending the sun’s rays away from your eyes. They are like a shield protecting you from harsh glare by bouncing off the glare and light from the object. 

2: Polarised Lenses

Polarised lenses perfectly match the needs of the people who spend maximum time outdoors. Unlike mirrored lenses that simply reflect light, polarised lenses have a special filter that blocks horizontally reflected light. The reflected light is harmful and may make it difficult for you to see the snow and water. Imagine yourself fishing on a lake.   Regular sunglasses would allow the blinding glare to enter your eyes, making it hard to see below the surface. Polarised lenses, however, act like a shield against it, selectively filtering out the horizontal glare. This helps in sharper vision, brighter colours, and a clearer view of what's beneath the water's surface, perfect to catch the target. While polarised lenses might not be as attractive as mirrored ones, they will perform all the functions effectively. Polarised lenses have the coating on the inside of the lenses while mirrored lenses have the coating on the outside of the lenses.

Benefits of Mirrored Sunglasses

  • Anti-scratch Coating 

  • Mirrored lenses are usually prone to scratches due to their shiny surface. But they come with an anti-scratch coating. It prevents scratches on the mirrored lenses making it durable like normal sunglasses. 

  • UV Protection 

  • Just like other sunglasses mirrored sunglasses also offer protection from harmful UV rays. The mirrored sunglasses have UV400 protection to give utmost protection against UVA and UVB rays.

  • Reduces Eye Strain

  • Mirrored sunglasses limit the intensity of light entering your eyes which makes them more comfortable for your eyes. Since the intensity of the light becomes weaker, you do not face any eye strain even after spending extended hours in bright light conditions. 

  • Fashion

  • Along with the functionality, these sunglasses also add a fashion element to your overall look. It may look good with every outfit you wear. People turn their heads to notice the shiny surface which ensures good attention wherever you go.

    Which colour tints to go for? 

    Talking about tints, you can select from different types of tints while purchasing a pair of mirrored sunglasses for yourself. 

    1: Brown: Selecting a brown colour tint reduces glare and doesn’t decrease visibility. Also, it helps to make the things appear darker in order to help you see clearly. 

    2: Grey: It reduces glare and helps to maintain depth perception which is perfect for your precise eyesight. 

    3: Green: The green colour tint is neutral and provides minimal distortion. This makes it perfect for conditions where there is too much light. 

    4: Yellow:Yellow-tinted lenses are perfect during uncertain weather conditions, when it is raining or when it is cloudy. However, yellow may distort colour and don’t provide better visual clarity. 

    5: Pink: Visually appealing, these colours over the lenses help you to get a brighter and clearer view of the surrounding environments. 


    Key Takeaways 

    It is always better to experiment. If you are someone who is looking for sun protection with a unique style, there won’t be a better choice than mirrored sunglasses.

    However, it depends on your style preferences. If you spend a lot of time outdoors battling intense sunlight or navigating reflective surfaces like snow, and water, or even driving around the city during the day, mirrored sunglasses can be the perfect choice.

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