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Want to look your best, but don't have the time for a complete makeover every day?

You're not alone.

Many ambitious women spend their lives trying to find a beauty routine that's quick, easy and effective all at the same time. Fortunately, it turns out that you don't need to have unlimited time, or even unlimited cash to start each day looking like a movie star.

We've got 25 lazy beauty hacks perfect for making you like pristine, pronto.

The best news? With just a dressing table mirror, they all use items you can already find in your home. That means there's no need to splash out on additional makeup!


Top 25 Beauty Hacks to Try at Home

  1. Fix Clumpy Mascara with Eye Drops
  2. Make Your Own Salt Spray
  3. Use Apple Cider Vinegar as Toner
  4. Use your Hairdryer to Heat your Eyelash Curler
  5. Get a Glow with Olive Oil
  6. Take Care of Business with Your Eyelashes
  7. Try a Spot of Tea
  8. Thicken Your Lashes with Baby Powder
  9. Be Sensational with Scotch Tape
  10. Try Pepto Bismol for Breakouts
  11. Remove Teeth Stains with Baking Soda
  12. Smell Fresh All Day with Petroleum Jelly
  13. Upgrade Your Bath with Oatmeal
  14. Get Spooning
  15. Make Your Own Body Scrub
  16. Speed Up Your Manicure with Cooking Spray
  17. Use Eyeshadow on Your Hair
  18. Wake Up Your Complexion with Coffee Grounds
  19. Shave Time Dealing with Foundation Stains
  20. Turn Your Eyeliner into Gel with a Lighter
  21. Mix Up Your Pigments
  22. Lift Yellow Stains with Whitening Toothpaste
  23. Boost Collagen with Soy Milk
  24. Cure Skin Problems with Uncoated Aspirin
  25. Treat Your Zits with Cinnamon

1.  Fix Clumpy Mascara with Eye Drops 

Fix clumpy Mascara with Eye Drops


We all struggle with the problem of clumpy mascara at times. After all, every time you use your favorite mascara, you're effectively pumping air into the tube. If you want to make sure that your investment lasts a little longer, you don't have to just throw the tube away when it starts to dry out. Grab any eyedrops (non-medicated) that you have lying around and drop a couple into the container. Mix the solution inside and voila! You'll have amazing mascara again in no time.


2.    Make Your Own Salt Spray


Make Your Own Salt Spray


Salt spray can make your hair look fabulous in an instant, but it sure is expensive. The good news is that you can make your own spray within a couple of minutes by mixing about 20 ounces of seltzer with a teaspoon of sea salt. You'll save money, and you won't have to waste time rushing out to buy a new bottle when you run low.

3.   Use Apple Cider Vinegar as Toner


apple cider vinegar as facial toner


Does it feel like you spend hours every morning trying to make your skin look perfect? Cut that time in half with the perfect toner. Apple cider vinegar is an effective purifying agent and an astringent. You can easily use it as a toner for your skin, and it will help you to prevent blemishes at the same time. To add this to your list of beauty hacks, just apply a small amount to a cotton bud and dab around your problem zones.


4. Use your Hairdryer to Heat your Eyelash Curlerheated eyelash curler using hairdryer


Forget paying a fortune for a specialist heated eyelash curler. All you need for the perfect set of lashes is to hold a blow dryer next to your curler for about 3 seconds. The heat will warm the metal in the curler and give you flirty lashes that are strong enough to last all day. Just make sure you don't use the heated curler too often, as it can be bad for your eyelashes.


5.   Get a Glow with Olive Oil


Olive oil for Glowing Skin


Have you ever heard about the concept of "like" attracting "like"? This works very well with olive oil. Rubbing olive oil over your skin as you wash your face will help you to draw all of the excess oil out of your face, leaving you with extra clean skin and a gorgeous all-around glow. The chances are you already have plenty of olive oil lying around to try this trick with too!

6.   Take Care of Business with Your Eyelashes


eyelashes with Business Card Trick


We all struggle with little bits of mascara on our eyelids at times, running our overall look. If you have this problem a lot, hold a business card behind your lashes while you're applying mascara and carefully move the card along as you're coating each lash. This is great for when you've already applied eyeshadow, and you don't want to ruin it.

7.    Try a Spot of Tea

green teabags under eyes beauty hack


Green tea is fantastic for a range of reasons. Not only is it soothing, but green tea can also help you to lose weight and avoid illness too. If you've got bags under your eyes, two cold green tea bags will help to brighten up your skin. Additionally, you can use the same teabags to get rid of razor burn on your legs and soothe the skin!

8.    Thicken Your Lashes with Baby Powder


You probably already know that baby powder can be a great alternative to dry shampoo when you're in a rush and don't have time to shower. However, you might not know that many makeup artists also use baby powder to curl client's eyelashes and make them look as long and full as possible. To get the right effect, just curl your lashes, apply a single coat of mascara, and dust a little baby powder on top. Then, add another coat. Use a Q-tip to make sure the baby powder doesn't clump.

9.    Be Sensational with Scotch Tape



It's tough to maintain a steady hand when you're applying eyeliner at the best of times. When you're in a rush, it can feel impossible to get that perfect cat eye. Fortunately, a little piece of scotch tape can create a fantastic flick in no time. Place the tape in line with the end of your brow. Once you're finished applying your eye makeup, you can also use the same piece of tape to pick up any eyeshadow or glitter that might have fallen onto your cheeks. This is one of our favorite lazy beauty hacks.


10.   Try Pepto Bismol for Breakouts


pepto bismal beauty mask hack for fresh skin


Countless beauty bloggers commend Pepto Bismol for its acne-reducing powers. Slathering the substance on your skin and leaving it for a couple of minutes will help to soothe breakouts and leave your skin looking fresh - though you may smell like Pepto for a little while. The medicine contains beta-hydroxy, aspirin and salicylic acid - which are all great for your skin.


11.   Remove Teeth Stains with Baking Soda


white teeth with baking soda beauty tip


Baking soda is excellent for cleaning household items, but did you know it can help you to spruce up your pearly whites too? This substance is a mild abrasive, which means that it won't harm the enamel on your teeth as long as you rinse your mouth properly after using it. However, you should be able to use baking soda to get into some of those hard-to-reach grooves in your mouth, making it perfect for our list of beauty hacks.


12.   Smell Fresh All Day with Petroleum Jelly


Rub Vaseline on to pulse points for longer lasting fragrance


If your signature scent always seems to fade too quickly when you're rushing around at work or running after the kids, this is one of the best beauty hacks for you. Use a little petroleum jelly on the areas where you like to spray your perfume. The oils in the jelly help to stop the scent from evaporating too quickly, which means that your scent lasts a lot longer.


13.   Upgrade Your Bath with Oatmeal


oatmeal Bath


If you're nursing a little sunburn after a family vacation, or you always seem to have dry skin, then you're going to love this trick. Simply run a nice warm bath and add a cup or two of oatmeal. Oats contain plenty of healthy fats which lubricate and moisturize dry skin. What's more, they've also got complex sugars in them (polysaccharides) which help to deal with itchiness and dryness too.

14.   Get Spooning


Cool spoon over the eyes


A set of metal spoons should be on anyone's list of beauty hacks. These nifty little utensils come with a surprisingly wide selection of uses that you can tap into when you're getting ready in the morning. Place your spoon behind your lashes when you're applying mascara to prevent getting it on your lids. Alternatively, try chilling a couple of spoons in the fridge and holding them over puffy eyes in the morning to help reduce swelling.


15.   Make Your Own Body Scrub


sugar scrub


Brown sugar is a delicious addition to cookies, cakes and various forms of baking, but it can also sweeten up your beauty routine too. Add a little raw sugar to your list of beauty hacks by mixing it with body wash to create a simple exfoliator. If the sugar by itself is too harsh for your skin, you can always mix in some extra coconut oil or honey.

16.   Speed Up Your Manicure with Cooking Spray


quick dry nails using cooking spray


If you want to make a great impression with some stunning nails one day, but you don't want to wait forever for your polish to dry, just grab your cooking spray. It sounds strange, but cooking spray will help to seal your polish, so you don't have to worry about smudging. At the same time, a quick spritz can keep your cuticles moisturized and healthy too!


17.   Use Eyeshadow on Your Hair


eye shadow for thicker hair


Putting eyeshadow on your hair seems a little crazy but bear with us! Dusting an eyeshadow along the parting in your hair (use the same color as your hair, or as close as you can get) will make your locks look thicker. Not only does this trick work wonders in real life, but it's also fantastic for when you want to snap some super-effective Instagram shots. You can also use this hack on your hairline if you don't like to part your hair.


18.   Wake Up Your Complexion with Coffee Grounds


coffee face masks


Can't get by without your daily cup of coffee? You're going to love your java even more when you add this tip to your list of beauty hacks. Add one-fourth of a cup of warm coffee grounds to a tablespoon of honey or olive oil. Place the grinds on the skin you want to tighten up and wrap the areas with clingfilm. Sit for around 10 minutes before washing them off with warm water.


19.   Shave Time Dealing with Foundation Stains


foundation stain remover using shaving cream


There's nothing worse than finishing off your daily look, just to discover that you've accidentally left foundation or concealer smudges on your shirt! If you notice stains before you leave the house, grab some shaving cream to pre-treat the area before you throw the shirt in the wash. This will save you time scrubbing later on.


20.   Turn Your Eyeliner into Gel with a Lighter


eye pencil heated with lighter for eye gel


Ever wish you could get a smoother line with your pencil or kohl eyeliner? You can with this top pick in our list of beauty hacks. Hold a flame from a match or lighter carefully under the pencil for a second, then let it cool for a couple of seconds before you apply. The newly-made gel eyeliner will give you a much more smudge-able formula, for a professional look.


21.   Mix Up Your Pigments


Make your own lipstick with moisturiser


If you're looking forward to trying a more daring look one weekend, but you don't have the lipstick to pull it off - why not make your own? Grab your favorite eyeshadow pigment and blend it with a small amount of moisturizer or petroleum jelly. You can do this in a spoon, then simply use a brush or your finger to apply your new color.


22.   Lift Yellow Stains with Whitening Toothpaste


Removing yellow stained nails with whitening toothpaste


Worried about yellow-looking nails? They're not just a problem with smokers. Some people feel the need to freshen their nails after they've worn polish for a long period. Fortunately, all you need is an extra toothbrush and some whitening toothpaste to get rid of stains pronto. Scrub your nails gently and watch the marks disappear!


23.   Boost Collagen with Soy Milk


soy milk anti aging


Did you know that soy milk can actually increase your collagen levels and make your skin look firmer? It's a must-have for our beauty hacks. Soak a cotton wool ball into some milk and apply it to your skin like you would with any toner. Let the liquid soak into your skin for about fifteen minutes, then rinse it away with cold water to avoid any sour milk smells. The genistein in the soy will block the enzymes responsible for aging the skin.


24.   Cure Skin Problems with Uncoated Aspirin


Aspirin and honey face mask


There are plenty of beauty junkies out there today who swear by the power of uncoated aspirin for fixing a range of skin problems. This substance can help with getting rid of everything from dullness and redness, to acne, and dry patches thanks to the salicylic acid content. Take a few pills and mix them with water until they form a paste. Add a little honey, and spread the mixture over your skin, then sit for around 20 minutes. Rinse your skin and enjoy your fresh new look!


25.   Treat Your Zits with Cinnamon


cinnamon face masks for clear glowing skin

26, Drink Filtered Water

Just like the apple cider vinegar toner works so nicely with filtered water – so does your entire beauty regime!

Our tap water is often contaminated with all kinds of chemicals and bacteria that might not have an immediate negative effect on your health but might have an accumulative impact on your beauty.

A filtering system will let you drink clean, chemical-free water, but also use it to wash your hair and maintain your skin’s radiance.”   

Finally, add some flavor to your list of beauty hacks with a little cinnamon. Just mix a small amount of this delicious space with honey to spot treat problem blemishes. Various studies show that cinnamon is incredibly effective at dealing with acne, thanks to it's anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

There you have it! Hollywood Mirrors 25 easy beauty hacks that you can take advantage of every day - with just household items! Can you think of anything we've missed? Post your tips in the comments below, and share this article on social media! 

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